🔶 HiFiMan Susvara

Companies pay AND give $6000 headphones away?

Companies pay AND give away any headphones?

Please share some stories.

I got THX, a Marantz reciever and a Headamp GSX so my sources can go from borderline (THX) to no prob (Headamp) to speaker taps. (Marantz)

Just an unbox

Man…change the damn crap cables
Box could be Pelican type in this range.

In hand it is like a well worn classic.
Recs for an affordable Reciever to tap sought

I picked up the Hifiman speaker adapter when i bought my 6SE a few years back. Works well enough for $100, but apparently they used to include it


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Wait. Pendant powers susvara? Cause that is cool as hell if so. I didn’t expect it to handle them well at all given the crazy current demands

Yeah. With gusto. Just looking at the power specs, I didn’t expect Pendant to be such a workhorse, but I don’t need to push Susvara past 12 o’clock on the dial. It’s a fantastic pairing, too. I still like solid state for orchestra music (classical, scores, etc.) because the timbre is so spot on, but for most other genres I really enjoy the tubey goodness.


I’m circling a pair of these like a hifi-hungry shark. A shark with ears.


@SpeleoFool has had success driving these with a Pendant which is really encouraging as I also have one, but I’d also like SS options. I have the GS-X Mini, and I have a Jotunheim 2 on the way when Schiit get production back underway, but you do often hear how a speaker amp is the best way to go with these (after all, the Jot 2 is about as powerful as the Mini). Just how essential is it to use a speaker amp? If it really does take them to the next level, could anyone point me towards some options I should be considering?

Thanks as always.

So, here’s the deal–I picked up an A90 around the same time as I got my Susvara based on reports from several people that it does justice to Susvara. I can confirm, it’s good–bass quantity and control is excellent on A90 (anemic, poorly controlled bass seems to be a common symptom of underpowered planars).

So, you don’t need a speaker amp for Susvara. But if you’re going to go for Susvara, are you really looking for “adequate” amplification? More likely, by the time you go to the trouble and expense of no-compromise headphones, you’re going to want a no-compromise playback chain.

Mine is Holo May → Goldpoint stepped attenuator → McIntosh 8207 (zone B) → Susvara

The difference between that chain and A90 is both unmistakable and extremely minor. On the big chain the bass is ever so slightly tighter, and separation seems improved. Essentially, it’s the best version of Susvara–but Susvara on A90 still pretty much trounces everything else, anyway.

There seems to be quite a following for Benchmark AHB2, and I have seen several people championing the Bakoon 13R. I haven’t heard either.

The main requirement seems to be an amplifier capable of delivering as much current as possible, and with enough headroom that you’re not pushing the amp to its operating limits to drive Susvara, which are tremendously insensitive.


Thanks for such a comprehensive response, much appreciated.


If I may, which tubes are you using with your Pendant?

No Problem. :slight_smile:

I ordered the optional NOS tube upgrade when I ordered my Pendant. The actual tubes vary based on what’s available, but they’re basically “picked by Zach” to pair well. At the time I ordered (spring, 2020) that NOS set was some green-label Baldwins (12AU7, 6BQ5, and EZ81 in the back).

I’ve been catching grief recently for not tube rolling more, lol, but this set has sounded perfect to me, and I haven’t been inclined to mess with “ain’t broke.” :slight_smile:

Seems kinda sus…

If the ZMF pendant has a 12AU7 swap it all together for a E80CC and never look back. Electrically the same as the 12AU7. E80CC Tungsram’s can be picked up for around 25USD and its an incredible upgrade even over the NOS tubes provided.