Higher end speakers/10' sub

I’m currently in the market for a high end powered speaker that excels in playing strings and excels in instrument separation. However I also would love to find a very good subwoofer which could bring up the low end and could just create some of the most fantastic bass.

My currently budget I would prefer to stay at $350 to $400, and given the fact that I have a small desk I would prefer compact size over a gigantic monster. However I am also willing to go up to around the $600 to maybe $700 dollar range if it’s hard to find a good power speaker and sub combo for around 400 dollars.

This was one of the subs I was looking at, think the largest I would go for is a 10’’

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In no offence. Everything you mentioned just do not exists together in my mind. ​

Unless its a monthly pay amount / 6mo.

ok, what would you recommend then?

I really just want something with good instrument separation and good acoustic sound. But it would also be nice to find speaker that excels in bass.

I heard Q acoustic 20M are fairly good for 600 dollars

Genelec or Adam Audio products.
Like and at least on the following level of products:
-Genelec 7350A and Genelec 8330A + GLM KIT .
-Adam Audio A7X and Adam Audio SUB8

You would have excellent or flawless separation with detailed bass and low end.

ok, and if I were to only look for something with good bass extension (doesn’t have to be the best, just have to be able to feel it and not have muddy bass)/ low end would you know of anything a little cheaper if I would for go the instrument separation?

how are you planning to set these up? I’m assuming nearfield at your desk or something? if so, buy the best speakers you can get and add a sub later if it’s needed as a good 2.0 speaker system will outperform a mediocre 2.1 any day of the week.

also, is there any reason why you would prefer not to have an amp with passive speakers? powered speakers are more convenient, but you can usually get better sound from passive and a dedicated amp at a similar price point.

REL Acoustics have a good rep here in the UK and I think they have a US distributor, not cheap mind….

I would take a look at vanatoo if you want small and good bass with great imaging/separation. You should be able to add a sub later.


Have 1, its awesome cheap thrill and it makes me feel fancy that i own a euro brand.

I will second Vanatoo. You can pick up a B-stock or used pair of T1E’s for around $500. Toss in a $150-200 sub and you will have a great time. The Vanatoo’s automatically sense when you have a sub connected and apply a crossover which makes it super easy to integrate. I have the JBL Sub 550P with mine and it’s great.

Another option can be a pair of studio monitors and matching sub (or non matching sub). I have the Fluid Audio FX50 in my bedroom. I am surprised with the bass from them. You can check out Zeos video on the Fluid FX80 + FC10S (matching sub). You will need a DAC with this option, but you can pick up a $100 DAC that sounds great though.

If you want high quality you will have to push $500+ imo.


Yes, these will be near field on a desk, and the reason I wasn’t originally looking for an amp was to cut back on cost and all the amps I keep getting recommended by people are 400 plus dollars.

The speakers I really want are the Q acoustics 3020I but I was told those require a lot of power from a pre amp order to run properly.

They are so called passive speakers so you would need just a amp to power them.
The recommendation is 25-75w. So near the upper end is safe.

Preamp’s (in most cases = volume controlled dac’s and better ones are just volume controlled preamp’s with digital connection) usually are those that are used with powered speakers since they already have amp/amps. The good ones have own amp / panel per speaker.

may honestly just get amp that’s 100w just to be safe. may also grab 3010i because their a lot more compact and I have a really small desk.

I will also note that I’m trying to upgrade from the jbl 104b

On a desk not alot of power is needed nice to have though. How big is the space behind the chair ? Nothing like pushing 6ft from the desk and turing up the volume.

25w-50w real power is alot on a desk.

did you look at iLoud?

I’d like to advance the JBL Sub 550p if it ever comes back into availability at $179.99-$199.99 for a great 10" sealed sub. I don’t think you can out-do it for music at this price. I finally bought a pair late last year.

One could buy a Loxjie A30 for an affordable all-in-one near-field solution.
When considering power requirements of speakers, keep in mind that you’re near-field and will ultimately not be looking for the speaker to play sub 70-80hz.

I’m not hip on what the deal-of-the-moment in passive speakers are. I know Sony SSCS5 are well regarded, but don’t seem to be on their sale pricing right now. I bought a pair used for nearly nothing because a cross-over board came unglued. They seem detailed and reasonable in limited auditioning.

When the JBL deals come on-board, it is hard to refuse those.

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very small amount of space

nope, I have not checked out Iloud yet.

I was thinking more long the lines of the S.M.S.L SA300.

Also worth noting, my current set up isn’t bad, as I’m rocking the the jbl 104b pair of studio monitors. However I’m looking to get better compact speakers or wanting to get more.