How are you holding up?

Me? I am just trying to be alive and sane for the sake of my family regardless of the circumstances been happening to all of us lately. It seems unlikely that things are going to be fine sooner or later, but I wish that all of us can hang on to this, despite life can be a cruel mistress and abuse us like we’re married to them.

Please stay sane, always be with your families and make sure to stay safe as always for we have a lot of things to get and we have lot of goals that are yet to be fulfilled with our lives.

Let music and high-fidelity audio keep us stronger and keep on hoping for the coming times.


Very upbeat post!
I am holding fine except for having a hell of a time trying to find a job. There’s not much out there and it is uber competitive. I have always been a hermit (seriously), so isolation is not a problem for me.

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Holding up decently alright. I had to disappear due to some very unfortunate happenings involving the virus which has me a bit torn up. Hanging in there while trying to find a new job, things are relatively rough here. Using my gaming, love for audio, and friends / family for closure and as quite a distraction from all the negatives. Things are tough for a lot of us. All we can do is push onward.

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In some aspects, things have improved in others, well it’s just difficult to see the impact (health, financial, anthropological) and potential lasting effects. The social and economic divides have grown larger still while the reality is that we’ve put a nice facade on a house of cards.

Silver lining, I’ve spent so much time enhancing my music library, discovering new artists and migrating all of my music to FLAC or better where possible.


I can’t really complain at all specially when I look around. Took a hit financially compared to 2019, but enough to be fine and also have my reserves. Wife has a steady job, health wise everyone is fine (my family). As to isolation I already worked alone so it wasn’t that much of a difference. Just added time to enjoy music. However I do feel for all the rest out there.

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Funny I should see this thread right now. My SO just finished giving me my 3rd haircut of the pandemic in the backyard. She’s way better at it than she gives herself credit for. Professional? No. Perfectly fine though. Right now she’s cutting our 13yo son’s hair and they’re mixing like oil and water. He has that early teen vanity and impatience going on she has that lack of confidence :grimacing:

Otherwise we’re doing fine. She and I are both in pretty good employment shape and we’re healthy. We’ve tried cooking lots of new recipes and such. And the only issue there is my only problem with food is I don’t have problems with food.

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Been better, been worse. I find the easiest way through is to accept and adapt. If you don’t adapt, you go extinct.

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Feeling less Stir Crazy since I really went out today and found Toronto (or at least the places I frequent) tend to actually treat this with an appropriate level of seriousness.

To be totally serious though, being home literally all the time is starting wear me down.

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State of the world considering, i’m holding up pretty good. Just as this whole Covid-19 disaster started i was starting to look for a new job (even had a interview, but ended up as their second choice) as i’m pretty tired of the one that i have now (head of support for a Point-Of-Sale system the company i work for develops and sells). It seems next to impossible to find another job though at the moment, but at least i do have a job.

Also, today is the last day of my summer vacation, and i think this has been the most uneventful vacation in ages. Except for taking my mum’s dog on walks in places i usually don’t (due to time constraints when working) i’ve been at home during the vacation. Had a lot of time to listen to music though (and youtube, lots of youtube… i swear all those 10-15 min videos on youtube are giving me ADHD!)

Guess things will eventually turn around, and even though it might get worse before it gets better, i firmly believe it will get much better. And, so far everyone i know have stayed healthy, so that’s a positive :slight_smile:

I bought a “cutter”, so after the pandemic started and hairdressers closed down for a while i decided to go for the 4,5mm “crew cut” (i’m starting to go a bit bald in the back anyways). Love it, though i know not everyone would be comfortable with that kind of hair “style” :smiley:

Also, even though every day “hair maintenance” is a non-issue, i do have to go over with the machine every 2 weeks for it not to grow too much (the in between “crew cut” and a normal hair cut is not that great of a look on me)

Speaking about hair cuts, I just went for the straight crew cut for it has been efficient and also I am getting sick of the constant barber’s hair cut that I have been doing for like a decade lol.

Also here I am sitting on my ass, still waiting for my damn diploma or any announcement from our university and maybe after getting my diploma and other important things to get a job, I would probably immediately look for one so I can gain money and as well as waste it more for this hobby of mine for I have a LOT of audio stuff that I would like to have for some I have not owned for a long time.

Right now today is the day fellas, my Starfields are almost here and I cannot wait to use it for I am excited to use it, in order to know if it’s true that if I like the T2s so much, I would love the Starfields even more.

By a Thread…lots of em, thank God and all contributors here.
I worked with specialized music in a hospital for a while, but now using it on me! My Klipsch speakers are getting dusty since I dove into this headphone thing. Every new thing raises the level of qualit and enjo ment for me. (missing a letter,lol) Current newer items are e30>Atom>Sundaras and Primephonic streaming. Wonderful and great for the mental health. We will get through this, gang! Hang in and appreciate the level of audio we have available today!


By a thread.damn it, beat me too it.:point_up:

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I just spent two hours in a marathon listening session, high volume, subwoofer impact, the staging the imaging all music in its full glory. Evey song was 9 minutes long or more, allowing me to just sit back and feel. It was an uplifting couple of hours spent and that’s why I love the community here.

A year ago I didn’t have a stereo system, today while listening I had an experience that made me forget about all the shit in the world and just simply be.

So a big thank you to the community here, especially @M0N whom I’ve bothered incessantly over that time and whose sage advise allowed me to put together a stereo system that enabled that experience, while not missing mortgage payments or my kid’s college tuition.

Yeah it’s expensive but it’s way cheaper than drugs. :slight_smile: and the high is pretty good.


Sounds like you need to update the “Listening to tonight” thread!

But also, glad to hear it. Music is a wonderful escape.

Nice to see you still holding up. Unfortunately aside from. Having to be extra careful and wear a mask everywhere I went life didn’t become different for me. Unfortunately got more busy. I’m at a state where I feel very detached from what’s going on cause I live in a very peaceful area with maybe 2 cases of covid the past 4 months. Otherwise when valorant came out it gave me something to look forward to when I got home and distracted me from browsing audio and anime stuff.


I became a hermit about 19 yeas ago…so all the isolation / social distancing hasn’t bothered me much.


Well as for me, here I am in my home listening to music all day while trying to find some games to play that can hook me up. But for now, I am listening to music while wasting my days playing gacha games (no worries, I have not spent a single dime on those games, I only do them for audio or computer related things.)

Also it kind of sucks that I am one of the students that are soon to be on the work force still waiting for his fucking diploma and other things required in order to find a job. I am graduating from my university but yeah this has been a pain like just give me my fucking diploma already lol.

I may get it eventually but it’s going to be a pain in the ass for me to find a freaking job in the middle of the pandemic and most of the economy here are still closed or put into hold, so it’s going to be a challenge. Overall though, I am still sane, calm, staying safe and while here I am still being with my family and causing them trouble.

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My family is driving me nuts. Father, sister, and future brother in law are loud, selfish, and petty. I either have to use closed headphones or IEMs or just hide in my room all day. Isolation would be a blessing right now. At least my mother is managing to keep it all together.

Other than that me and my family are fine. No jobs lost or anything like that. I was/am not really effected by the quarantine since I was already fine with online courses and didn’t have a job to loose. I may be going crazy but overall I’m rather lucky.

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Go crazy audio wise please, don’t go crazy with your sanity waning down though it has been crazy in terms of the people I am surrounded with. Most of those people are freaking idiots and goddamn some believe this virus shit is a conspiracy.

Would have been a conspiracy if only people would stop dying, but yeah I am still sane because of my family without them, I won’t be able to handle the people’s idiocy here in my country.

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