How do I make sure I am not getting scammed when buying headphones?

The title says it all. Thanks for reading.

That’s not very descriptive honestly… Depends where are you looking at buying. Many seller sites will have feedback for other sellers so I would look there… amazon is very good for their word and if someone rips you off on Ebay you have every right to contact ebay explain the issue they will step in and you get your money back. If its through 3rd party you can’t really make sure… you take that risk. When I bought my carbons off someone here on hifiguides though I requested him place it on Ebay instead as there is more protection there

Like the other member mentioned earlier, your question is incredibly vague, so you might not get the answer for your situation. That being said, if via paypal, never ever pay using the friends and family option. If you do, don’t be surprised that you will never hear back from the seller. Always insist on using the merchant payment option, even offer to pay the small PayPal fee if you want the item. If the seller balks, then that is an immediate red flag.

Also, make sure that your item gets shipped insured.

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double check the site, do a web search for it. odds are if it is scammer someone will have said that already and your search engine will find that. when it comes to sites like ebay, read seller reviews is about all you can do. make sure to really look at pics if you are worried. i would not advise buying used without a site return policy or local to see. if you buy from craigslist for instance, its all ways going to be a gamble. but most listings are honest.

Doesnt Paypal offer protection? If i buy a headphone for 2000$ And i never get it wont they refund me?

Yes but they take a cut, so if you buy a headphone with protection for $2000, the seller might only get say $1750, you’d have to increase the price you pay if you yourself are paying the protection; which is the most likely scenario.

yeah like felix said they do take a hefty cut for that. Always make sure you cover bases on buying stuff… I just go through ebay because they actually have good policies and if your already selling something I don’t see why you wouldnt post an ad on there to begin with… your not really losing out on anything

Ebay would be better if they didn’t take such a hefty cut. Seller’s tend to price higher on eBay than other websites simply because of that reason. So, if using eBay @Antpage2, expect to pay slightly more than second-hand price

I see it as paying for some extra protection to your purchase… as buying third party over the internet you only have hear say…

granted, but still annoying that both PayPal and eBay take a cut if paid through PayPal. When I sold my gaming computer for instance it was on sale for £875, beau we’re only going to give me £580. That’s offensive.

I eventually sold it on Craigslist and got the full £875. I wouldn’t advise that though.

yeah… big oof going through both ebay AND paypal… ebay isn’t the bad one they don’t hit you anywhere near as hard as paypal will.

I can only speak from buying new, but look in multiple places. I always try my best to mind multiple listing both from major outlets and independent sellers.

To my understanding, PayPal has 3% fee and Ebay is 10%

is it that way? from my experience it always looks like paypal was the bad one… never looked at the hard figures though.

Always see as well if you can get smaller shops, maybe local ones, to match prices that you can find online

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Great call out Felix,
Small shops will also be better with support/returns/exchanges.
They will spend extra effort to try to make you happy and keep your business.


exactly, if they get to know you they might also allow some home trials of products. It’s always better to buy from independent shops in my opinion. You get treated better


if they’ve got a trench coat and say they’ve got headphone deals…beware!

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yeah, as long as you use something like paypal i wouldn’t be too worried. PERSONALLY i’ve only done buisness with people here that i’ve seen communicating with others everyday or people that i have communicated with. Since i know i can fully trust many members of our community. In addition, reddit seems to be good too if they have history of posting because you can tell it’s a real person with some sort of progression that makes sense.