How do you find new great songs? Where/how do you look for new/old music?

Hi guys.

Just wondering if you like to share how you find new (or old) great songs. I tend to use Apple Music and Spotify and go by their suggestions.


I browse audio home theater sound mixer forums and their podcasts on youtube than it branches to reaction videos.

Apple and amazon is straightfoward whatever is in the spatial audio offerings.

The Listening to tonight post is also a good place to check in from time to time


I would say, that after some time of using spotify the “discover weekly” really has started giving some great suggestion. Mind you, of the 30 weekly songs, <5 usually are really good suggestions, but those songs makes me listen to the band to see if i like other songs of them… and then i look at the “fans also listen to” if i like the band/artist.

The “listening tonight” topic on this forum is also great for discovering music.

I also sometimes browse the “Steve Hoffman music forums” although that forum has just too much traffic to keep up with :slight_smile:

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I check iTunes every Friday, as that is where I buy most of my music. 2nd up would be YouTube. And third would be Band Camp. I love the quality of Band Camp (ALAC AND FLAC), but not the selection.

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Some video games that provides a lot of music whether it would be from its original soundtrack or any licensed tracks that they get from each artist. That is pretty much how I discover new great songs and it’s rare for someone like me to get into modern songs particularly the mainstream radio for in my opinion most songs there are not that good.

I have been binging Cyberpunk: Edgerunner’s track list, especially the song I Really Want to Stay at Your House by Let’s Eat Grandma. (If you have watched the anime, then you already know why I am/even you are into it.)

I personally go through Rateyourmusic yearly rankings filtering out the genres I don’t find particularly in my interest (like metalcore, emo, -cores in genral) to be on track - then check that up on Spotify or Apple music.
On top of that Discover Weekly from Spotify is generally great source of new artists in my case (a bitworse since my daughter started using Alexa’s spotify for her music like baby shark and cocomelon messing my recommendation lists :smiley: )