How does impedence work

not electrically inclined at all
is impedance a setting your AMP has to adjust to or a feature of the wiring?
Asking because I want to run 4 headphones thru a switch with input from a very very powerful amp which in hindsight seems like a real fuckin bad idea altogether but when you plug in a 32 ohm headset and a 600ohm headset everything else knob and stuff the same it is outputting the same current, voltage, amps etc right and it’s just the wiring of the cable and or headset that actually adjusts how that power is used to power them?

honestly I am saying i probably wont do it but maybe if it’s super safe besides the obvious user error since it’s one amp and 4 headphones I might be scared hooking two up to input but… well I will stop rambling plz halp

Impedance is resistance in an AC-circuit (Audio is an AC signal). It depends on inductance of all components in the signal path.

For example if your amplifier can deliver 7V peak voltage, it would push 220mA through a 32 Ω headphone or 45mA through a 150 Ω headphone.

I have a more detailed write up on impedance and power here:

What is wrong with unplugging headphones and plugging different ones in?

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that’s exactly what I am going to do upon realizing if anything happened from the aux switch or even not from it I would have a DT1990, DT990, Sundara, and 6XX all bought within the last 3 months hooked up to the thing… honestly I solved the implementation part of the problem while I was writing this thread but I still want to know. thanks for the link i don’t usually like reading those but I will def. come back and read it man! very cool you happened to have written it up!

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