How many of you are working remotely now?

anyone here forced to work from home rather than the office because of COVID-19?

I already work from home, so nothing different for me.

My school in the Uk might be forced to close in the coming weeks, but apart form that, no.

your school…where you’re a teacher or a student?

student, which is annoying because we have major exams in a few weeks

would you go to online training? I see a lot of uni’s and college’s doing that in the US and wreaking havoc on students as they seem to be kicking out anyone living on campus, sending them home.

Well I have almost finished the course for the subjects I take now, so I shall be just revising for the next few weeks. However, the people in the younger years of my school that don’t have exams coming up will have to move to online classes if we do get shut down. Boris Johnson however is very lacklustre and is trying not to worry about Coronavirus. Idiot. But perhaps he will be forced to close schools soon.

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France is on total lockdown, Germany is just one step away from that.

My wife had to start working from home this past Friday, and was told at the time she should expect to do so for 6 weeks (yikes!).

I’m guessing I’ll be forced to work from home beginning tomorrow. At least I’ll be able to keep a close eye on how much toilet paper :roll_of_toilet_paper: we’re going through :wink:.

well, the ball on infections has just started rolling here in North America, so I suspect many will end up working from home a lot longer than just 4 weeks. likely 2 or 3 months…

I work at a grocery store, we are still open hahah

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yeah, I suspect grocery stores will remain open as long as possible. like hospitals.

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I sure hope not! But I guess there’s more questions than answers right now.

I wish, those who can work at home though are in my company its an odd transition for everybody right now

My department has been told we can use our own discretion for now. I will opt to work from home more often than not.

One of the many, here. Our office remains open but we are heavily encouraged and need to notify the department lead if we are to go into the office. Supposed to be this way through the 27th, but expected to remain this way for much longer.

With my job I am unable to work from home. I am working on an IT project that deals with people directly in-person. Because of security no remote.

I am just biding my time waiting for them to send us home with no pay for an extended period. Fun times.

r u in Canada CO_C?

I live/work in Colorado

ahhhhhh…then the money Trudeau’s injected into EI to help with income loss from COVID-19 doesn’t help or interest you then.

I’m in North Carolina, and it seems I will have start working from home in near future. Our county just started having cases and they’ve closed the public schools for the next two weeks minimum.