How many of you have more than one sub?

in a single setup…not in two systems, LoL. you know…like 5.2 or more.

I have a 2.2 lol, a left and right channel for subs

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that’s very cool. what are they hooked into? my YU6 don’t allow for that I don’t think. :frowning:

They are hooked up to the back of my preamp. They are running single ended and the speaker power amp is running balanced

So are the subs place symmetrically in the room or are they asymmetrical?

They are positioned next to the speakers on the sides, like how you would place a speaker

Sometimes, i’ll role the second sub into the music room, xlr out from SU8 dac direct directly into each L/R. I’ve rolled the second one all around the room, i happen to like it behind me, w/ the other up front. Shape of the room funnels the bass to my seat. It’s allot of bass, and i like it for techno, rap, stuff like that. I never use it for real music just too much work to tune properly and honestly i’m fine w/ 1 sub for blues, jazz etc and many times don’t even need that depending on which speakers and amp combo I’m running…
I like how multiple subs sound but they take allot of work to set ip correctly and take up allot of real-estate. If ever i consolidate to 1 HT room or 1 music room i might possibly take the time to properly set up multiple subs…maybe, it really is allot of work.
What were you thinking of doing?

I have 5.2 in my “entertainment” setup. The subs are 175w 10" active subs that are integrated into the front speakers ( ) - and for movies they really work great as they provide a lot of rumble… In stereo with music, they are a bit boomy, but that is probably mostly due to the placement of the speakers (but i have a hard time placing them different due to the room). Also, i used to have turned the subs a bit up since 90% of the usage is movies or tv series,. That said, the speakers them self are pretty good, with nice treble and midrange.

Placement is very important with subs, i actually had to turn the bass levels down a bit again after replacing the coach i had with a chair that was placed less than a meter further back from where my coach where (also i sit a few cm higher with the chair). The difference in bass was huge, and by sitting further back the bass got a bit too loud and dominant. :stuck_out_tongue:

One more here. 5.2.4 setup in use, from a AV-preamp and some “magic”.
Got two 12" active sub’s, with room corrections, delays and all the good toys.

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in my case, this would be for music only. I have the Kanto SUB8…wonder if a second or dropping to two SUB6 would help in any way.

I would say 1 better quality sub, but stereo subs are nice, you can tell the difference with well recorded music

my primary concern as it is would be lousy placement options. I could fit my sub between the wall and my desk but pulled away from the back wall, as my speaker stand will be there. I suspect that would cause a lot of reverb tho. other option would be to place it in the center between the two speakers, under my desk…but again, I suspect there would be reverb as I can’t have it as far forward away from the back wall. lastly, I may have the space to put it beside the other speaker, pulled away from the wall. that last spot would give it some room to breath, but I guess in the end, I’ll just have to put it in each spot and see what happens.

Yeah just mess around with placement until you think you got it right

/'me takes sub apart and places pieces here and there…complains about no bass with his music.

Agree with M0N on this one.
The location is very important with 2 subs (and even with 1). If you cannot get them in the “right…ish” location. No point of going for 2, instead go for 1 good or better that you have. Better location with more settings and options for getting it sound better.
Also if the location for the 1 sub aint good… that would be first place to start.

Pick from Harman pages.

Also of course depending of the sub also and how it works.

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I have my subs similar to the two subs alternate position and it works out very well, adds a better sense of depth, soundstage, and more realness imo (although I have more than enough bass output with one tho lol, went a bit overkill there)

That is also the same setup i use, alternate position or 1/4 room mark.
With some diagrams aint the Best location but it is Very good location.
Since i can blend everything together with the rest of speakers, under one adjustment gear. They work very very well.

Once you get the subs properly integrated in the system, it’s pretty awesome lol

I have 5!
MiniDSP is the king of sub integration.

Are all 5 same make and style? do you use any in a tower array?