How to place my speakers

Hi all,

Tomorrow I’m getting my Wharfedale Diamond 220, and I plan to just put them on the ground right now. My SO vetoed speaker stands, since she thinks they’re ugly and doesn’t want them too prominently in view. I saw some things that don’t raise the speakers, but angle them upwards.
I was wondering whether this is a good idea and if it’s worth actually spending money on.

I saw something like this:


Bookshelf speakers on the floor? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And then angle them upright?

You’d get angled stands for on a desk, and probably better go for foam for better isolation if they’re that low.

Why not some mixed-wood speaker stands?

Because she didn’t want speakers to begin with, so I really don’t think I’m going to be able to convince her to get stands in the near future.

where are you putting them? on a desk or other scenario?

what I do know is from M0N who says the tweeters should be at ear level.

then of course, toe them in as much as they need to for the nearfield effect you’re probably after.

To the left and right of my TV. Getting them at ear level is not going to happen, I just confirmed with my girlfriend that I’ll need to find another home before I’m getting them on ear level. I might be able to get those very low stands I guess, but I’m not sure how much use that’ ll be. The couch is relatively close to the speakers, that’s why I figured maybe its good to angle them.

What about something more like 2 small side tables or ‘nightstands’? Unfortunately these are no longer available, but I use a couple of them for my rear speakers. you could find something that matches well with your current furniture and would serve more use than something speakers just sit on top of. Just a thought to maybe get around the speaker stands and still get at ear level. I feel the struggle as I had a hard time finding something my wife could live with that were not typical speaker stands.

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My girlfriend’s main problem are the speakers themselves, not the stands. She dislikes how speakers in general look, so that’s why I need to keep them lower, that way you don’t see them as much. I’ll probably try to find soon janky way to tilt them, or put them on spikes to at least get them off the floor a bit.

I get it. Non speaker stands was our compromise because she does not like the look of speakers either. Good luck.

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Seems like we’ve got some WAF, Wife Acceptance Factor issues.

I know the speakers are arriving, but have you considered asking her what’s acceptable in terms of speakers? The looks and whatnot? Smaller, beautiful speakers with nice grills can be quite appealing.

Also, you can mount speakers on small hanging bookshelves with the wires run under a cover below them.

It’s all just a shame to put bookshelf speakers on the ground, acoustics and sound, how terrible they’d look just on the floor… especially if you think about accidentally kicking them. What’s the point of high quality speakers then?

why won’t the gf let you have the speakers where they should be? if it’s either side of the TV, I don’t see the issue.

Hmmm. How cute is she?


What about screens? Can you get or make some blinds with acoustically-transparent fabric to visually cover the speakers (and, ideally, stands putting them at the appropriate height)? I’m picturing speakers camoflaged like High-WAF not-Magnepans…

A trick or way some audiophiles handles this.
They give their own selection of good speaker options to the judge and executioner.
Then you will only have good options available. It’s a win win situation.

Then you let the best side pick the best WAF what they like to look.
In the end. Both get what they like. Good speakers and looks. :slight_smile:

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Well she didn’t want any speakers but use the sound of the TV or the soundbar. Kicking them won’t be an issue where they are placed fortunately.

@Marzipan because they are quite large and noticeable in the living room. If they are on the ground, you don’t see them unless you are sitting on the couch, while you can see them from everywhere on eye level and we live in a two room apartment (so s bedroom an a living room).

Quite cute, and I’ve had her for a long time so I’ve grown quite attached unfortunately ;).

Hmm, I can try to figure out a way to hide them maybe. I’ll look into this.

That’s why I didn’t get the JBL 305p mk2, though I have to admit even I wasn’t sure I wanted those eyesores in my living room.

Tbh I didn’t quite think it through. My dad always had this speakers on the floor, so I didn’t really think it was a big deal and that stands were only a nice to have. Maybe if she gets a new dresser and lamp she’s been looking for I pitch the stands idea again :P.
Would spikes do anything, sonically?

Hats for bats. Have an idea, instead of build a bear why not dress a speaker? Predict its the next big thing. Looking for investors. Whose with me?


Do you have a media center or credenza under your TV? If not, maybe look into getting one wide enough to place the speakers on? Have you ever watched any of Andrew Robinson’s review videos on YouTube? He and his wife change the listening room’s décor to suite the gear they’re reviewing and it always looks really nice. Maybe just click through some of his videos for ideas.

Unfortunately, if speaker stands are non-negotiable, maybe you should have went with floor standing speakers instead (although it sounds like that may have been a challenge in itself).

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Got the crate idea from another forum member but instead of just two i bought 4 and stacked them. not only serves as a speaker stand also doubles as shelves fill it with some books so the girlfriend will think youre fancy.

Not ideal though the crates cannot support a heavy speaker like RP600m.


Respectfully… Your girlfriend telling you that you cannot have speaker stands? Really?


  • Both sides are somewhat happy
  • Everyone looses

Pick your defintion