How wide apart can speakers be placed before it's not nearfield anymore?

I’ve got a desk that’s about 5.5ft wide and 2ft deep. if my speakers are about 6 - 6.5ft apart, on stands besides the desk ends, is that still nearfield?

I’m trying to figure this out myself. My desk is 72 inches long and Demands may put spearkers I plan to buy on stands off to the side

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I am currently running one pair at 80" apart center to center off to the sides of my desk and the imaging and soundstage continues to be excellent. The V angle to my ears is at 48" length per side w/ almost no toe in, maybe 1/2"…

how can you have a V angle with no toe in? :face_with_monocle:

I clarified there is a tiny bit and my head is the tip of the V weather or not the speakers are toed in or not at my desk…

see the V?


can I get a face on view from where you sit and a backside shot for coming towards your desk?

Room is 12’ deep by 14’ wide, 8ft ceiling.


very cool, thanks.

how does the sub feel with the back of the desk in the way?

Cool setup! :+1:

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@Marzipan, there are actually 2 subs in the room and I vary the connection/output just because i can. There is REL hidden in the corner too (under the coin collection). I am currently only using the Big 12" you can see and honestly the bass feels extremely musical. The vent is plugged and I have the sub crossed over way high to blend in and reinforce the low and mid bass frequencies of the smaller speakers. Honestly just depends on the genre how “hard” or “musically” it hits. As far as “presence” of the sub and can you tell where the bass is coming from? No neither the corner or dead center is a problem in this room. It is pretty small and easy to tune…

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Ok, I forgot to mention, I do have the floor loaded sub on a large wooden base, That made a nice difference in the sound, i stopped feeling the vibrations down below the desk at my feet and legs and also no more vibrations in the floor.

You know there’s a thread around here somewhere titled show me your back side, where I specifically ask members to well…

Get to it.

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Nooo, i’m in the middle of a teardown and re-build…I’m aslo still waiting on those cute little tie wrap thingies in different colors to come in. To top it off i still need to move some of the power conditioners and big cables around. This was just a quick fix set-up while i was figuring out what to do next😜 The room is a mess…ugh

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LOL you ordered the tie wrap thinggies? They’re pretty awesome. My wife ordered some more and I stole one from her pack.

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wrap thingies? what wrap thingies?

There are different sizes and package configurations available. I think I ordered a multi pack…

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Seems like a fun room Nick =). I know you probably do a lot of busy work there, but still, must be nice to destress too.

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indeed…but does he have a well stocked humidor?

It’s just a really comfy place I can unwind and be surrounded by fun stuff I have collected over the years. The pandemic has forced me to actually work out of here when I can, might as well be in a room that keeps me calm and happy :hugs:
Also, after the divorce I had this massive house with empty rooms and no nagging yenta to tell me how silly my toys and stuff are and why I can’t have them out. Believe me, many a girlfriend has been shown the front door a short while after making a face :face_vomiting: or uttering negative words about my silly man child room :exploding_head:


after the 3rd heart attack i laid off the cigars finally. i think there are still a few cubans and other nice select cigars in there drying away… :cry: I should have given them away to someone.