I am running into a big problem

So I got the MTX 2-way components for the front of my truck and the 2-way coaxial for the rear.
I’ve got the woofer hooked up in the front, as I really didn’t have time to do the crossover and mod the door panel for the tweeter before work.
The rears are where I have a problem… while it fits, there is a plastic ring moulded into the stock grill that impacts the rubber surround. For now, I’ve left the rears uninstalled. I see three solutions:
A) trim down the plastic of the stock grills
B) make a new mount, probably using plywood and leave them open face
C) same as B, but try to find grills that will fit.
What would y’all say is the better way to go?

TRIM THE PLASTIC THATS BEHIND THE DOOR PANEL. The less holes the better if you got pics that’ll help. I’m a autotech and do car electronics for a living lemme help you fam

  1. not the door panel, it’s this thing:
  2. it’s the plastic ring moulded flush with the mount points for the driver.

B) Making a new mount is a easy option with open face. More clean sound to cabin.

A) You could try guesstimate will the trimming of plastic be enough. Usually there needs to be some space infront of driver when it’s pounding hard. How much space you have behind the driver?
Longer screws and washers to lift the speaker from plastic and go more inside the car.

If you mess the platic they probably like 5$ from scrapyard. Not much anyways.
Or back to B)

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I’ve always been into the whole “stealth” install, so if it were me, I’d get a dremel and trim down that stock grill. Fairly easy, quick work and it still looks stock… Because it is still stock.

Just my two cents… From the new guy. :wink:

The problem I see with using the stock one is how off the hole spacing is.

When the holes are lined up on one side (the side mountaing point touching the plastic to it’s side) the holes on the other side are about 1cm off.

Meaning, even perfectly centered, it would be 5mm to the side, going through the side of the plastic screw points.
It’s too much of an issue personally. I’m gonna hold off for a bit on that part of the project and buy a 2’x4’ sheet of probably .5" thick MDF, cutting it into 4 pieces as identical as possible, cutting the hole to fit the driver and use an epoxy to adhear them together before shaping the piece to similarly resemble the stock one, only with either:
A) open driver
B) use an aftermarket grill like this :

Sorry, should have gotten back on that. B is probably the route I’ll be going. I’ve got the front speakers set up and wired with the cross over, with the rears removed. Sounds freaking incredible. A little bright with the tweeters not hooked up to the -3db, so I may do that tomorrow. A fix with some music seems to be turning the volume down and applying the first stage bass boost from the head unit, though even then, it throws off some tracks, and the highs are still a bit sharp. Will probably make the adjustment tomorrow and see how it turns out. Even so, they are much clearer, handle more, get louder, and go lower then stock ever could. I’m incredibly impressed and very happy. Can’t say how anxious I am to get the rear situation worked out rather then have these speakers sit around in a box.