I don't understand how anyone can say the KZ ZS10 Pro IEMS are good

I just ordered the KZ ZS10 PRO IEMS based on the great Z review and all the other amazing reviews.
I know that cheap equipment will only ever sound so good, but I find that the highs at any decent volume are ear-piercingly harsh. The snares and high-hats in rap music make me feel like my ears are going to bleed, and the voice and guitar in metal sounds like tinny garbage.

Also, I have to use an EQ to bring down the rather harsh high-end on my Philips SHP9500s, and I had the same problem with a set of the Samsung Gear IconX bluetooth earbuds. Unless I put them on the bass-boost setting everything sounded like a compressed waterfall.

I know that all this gear I have described is rather low-end stuff. (Also, The DAC/AMP i’m using for the SHP9500s and tried with the ZS10s is the Schiit Fulla 3). But still, I don’t understand how so many people aren’t hearing what i’m hearing.

Do I just have hyper-sensitive ears? Do I just listen to music twice as loudly as everyone else?

pls help


I feel you I’m not into them as well cause the treble to me is also to harsh. And the shps are known for sharp treble your not alone. Just seems like you have treble sensitivity. I would suggest just trying to return them and go for something smoother sounding

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Thanks for the response!

Glad to know there isn’t some sort of global conspiracy against me.
I’ll pay attention to keywords like smooth and warm when looking at reviews in the future.

Much love

I have the KZ Zsx which is the next similar model and they sound quite decent. Sealing problem maybe?

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@smoketreez If you want something with less sharpness in the treble, I highly suggest the Guideray Gr-i. $50 gives you the complete package with a nice wire with a button and in line mic, and lots of tips. The bass is really good, they are only slightly V shaped, and the treble would be way less sharp than the pair you just got.


I’ll check them out, thanks!

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I’m treble sensitive like you and despite of having around 15 pairs of headphones, I mostly use only Sennheiser ones. Even their V-shaped IEMs like IE 80 S and MOMENTUM In-Ear have veiled treble, but at the same time have enough clarity, so I don’t listen to them as loud as other pairs.

My recommendation is to go with Sennheiser and if your budget allows it - especially HD 600.

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M0N really likes them. Super comfortable because of the shape conforming to the ear.

The Guideray Gr-i IEMs might be a cheaper option here. Just saying.

Maybe. Can’t say anything about them since I’ve never heard them.

They’re pretty great for the price, not sure why Zeos hasn’t found them and reviewed them yet.


Probably because he has a gazillion iems waiting…there are soo many.


I am heavily considering the HD58X from Drop as a cheaper alternative to the 660s.
I’ve used the HD6XX too and was unimpressed with the lack of clarity in the midrange, but it might be worth it for the more recessed highs.

I’m happy to pay $150 or more for some more hi-fi stuff as long as it will actually suit my needs,
but for IEM’s… not so much. I will absolutely look at those Gr-i ones once payday comes along.


Really? That’s interesting. The 6xx actually have good midrange from what I could tell when I tried them.

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It’s definitely good, but vocals with the SHP9500s (to which I compared the 6xxs) were just so detailed and pronounced

Hmm… It might be that you are hearing the lower treble. The SHP9500 have really good low treble, and there is a lot of vocal detail that happens in that range.

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I think you’re right there

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Okay but… What iem’s are you comparing them to? Cause i have them, and i’ve had my fare share of plugs and these… for 60$ are quite INSANE… Just sayin

@MichaelRyan The sound signature perhaps isn’t pleasant to everyone’s ears though. Some people are very sensitive to the frequencies these accentuate, so they probably aren’t for everyone, even if they are amazing.

I would definitely recommend the HD58X. The bass is the most of all the HD600 type Senns and the treble is detailed but NEVER sharp. The mid range is probably similar to that of the HD6XX but just give it some time to adjust.

Also nice Abbacchio profile pic. You are a true man if culture.

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