I don't understand how anyone can say the KZ ZS10 Pro IEMS are good

I can be treble sensitive depending on the gear and frequency range. That being said, the Guideray GR-i series are very inoffensive and comfortable. only $50 on amazon. hard to beat that deal.

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A lot of people say the KZ ZS10 Pros are hit or miss from what I’ve seen. the KZ ZSXs are pretty much the only one with near ubiquitous appeal from those who like Chi-fi, and stack up against a lot of the others in the category. I watched a lot of videos comparing the earbuds in the $50 profile (probably too many, but hey downtime at work so ah well) and the ZSX was what I came up to. It worth saving $5 or $10 over going cheaper, and I’m enjoying them a lot. They’re at least as good as my over-ear headphones, my V-Modas. I got em on ebay for like $46, added Spinfits, adding better cables from Aliexpress (yinoo 8c and 16c)

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I also prefer the ZSX over the zs10pro, not as much treble and doesn’t have that metallic sound that the pros sometimes had at higher volumes.

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If you can go to a store and demo some higher priced IEMs, it might be worth the try. (Of course of budget allows) … Just from my experience, up until a certain point, the quality of sound does rise as the price rises. There’s a significant difference of sound in the different tiers but it’s all what you’re willing to go with. I had honestly got tired of trying the sub $100 stuff after being disappointed over and over and just started saving to buy in the 500 and up tier and don’t regret it one bit. As long as budget allows i don’t think we should ever go with “sounds good for the price”. Most of us know the quality of sound we want and deserve lol… Just sharing a thought though. Not trying to sway opinions or anything


Don’t give up on them just yet. I was in a similar with the KZ E10’s TWS. Same driver set up and a bit too bright for my taste. I did a “Booger Mod” where I took booger sized cotton balls and stuck them into some Comply ear tips with wax guard to act as a damper. It calmed everything up top and actually added some stage since I can turn up the volume without my ears bleeding. I forgot the style of the Comply’s I ordered, but the ZS10’s might be a style 400 (link below). Plus, I’m sure peeps in here who own them can chime in on finding the right fit. I hope this helps!


I’m afraid he’s left them pile up so much that the thought of going through them is too imposing.


Please tell me where these mythical stores exist. I live in a top 5 big city in the US and mine has zero that I’ve seen downtown. I just do the Amazon buy and return thing and and put “it was defective, didn’t sound as it was supposed to, loose cabling, etc.” since they’re already screwing over other businesses and employees enough as it is, and they pay practically nothing for shipping.

They aren’t really common in the us, and with iems it’s also even harder to find a store. With iems, realistically you will have to buy online and try. With headphones, you might find a few HiFi shops with headphone demos, but it’s not super common. There are still a fair bit of higher end audio stores in larger cities, but with iems you might be hard pressed to find a store where you can actually demo

Probably the best place to demo stuff is somewhere like Canjam if you don’t have a decent local audio store.

Yes, making large shows is a good idea, or looking for local meetups around your area

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Why not try to search for a store for yourself? Why limit your search to “downtown?” Why does someone have to do it for you?

Are the ZSX comfortable in the ear? I have a pair of ZSN’s and I think the sound is alright but they’re so uncomfortable that I only use them for live monitoring

They are big, and the stem is long so the whole thing protrudes a bit from your ear but, they are quite light. Not the best but not bad…

You need the Spinfit 360s on the ZSX earbuds. The stock tips are unwearable for me, but I’ve slept with my ZSXs in, deeply into the ear canal. They’re the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever worn with these tips. The difference is night and day. Go with a small/medium or medium/large set from Amazon, and just return it if it doesn’t work on your KZs.

I’m half kidding because I know there already aren’t any music shops in my city, and I never indicated where I was from. My city is a sh1thole and the only thriving businesses are downtown, and the shops down there have no equipment to test and only Bose and Beats priced at 2x market value. It looks like I’d have to go to New York as someone mentioned to even test out equipment. I’ll stick to the Amazon buy and return game for now.

I have not owned the ZS10 Pro, but I did own the ZSX. I was pretty happy with the ZSX until caught the BLON BL03 on sale and bought it on a whim. I listened to those and never went back to my KZs. It’s not that the ZSX was bad at all. I just much preferred the sound signature on the 03. It is a warmer, more natural sound to me, not as analytical. I did have to change out the tips so keep that in mind. I picked up the Dakoni bulletz off Drop for $8. Those give a great seal and then the 03 really shines.

Have you tried changing the tips? It makes a massive difference from the hard plastic (silicone?) ones they come with.
Personally I am really enjoying these (and I’ve never really liked iems) and have started carrying these around instead of my portable headphones.

I got my pair of ZS10 Pro yesterday. After listening to several styles of music I found them really nice. I’m no bass-head but the bass here is really pleasing with detail and not getting in the way of the other frequencies. Since I’m a video editor I’m used to monitor style headphones and the often compared Tin T2 are more on the “monitoring”, clean side. The ZS10 Pro are more “fun” if I can use that expression. It’s like you can feel the multiple drivers doing their work. Really pleased with the purchase.
I don’t understand how anyone can say the KZ ZS10 Pro IEMS are BAD… :slight_smile:


Yeah, so my title was an initial confused reaction to what what was a good pair of headphones, but, to me, sounded tinny and very sibilant and harsh above about half volume. I didn’t realise since I am just now getting into the audio world, but I suppose I am very treble-sensitive. What you might percieve as just clarity or cleanness I percieve as pain.

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I didn’t try it because it seems like, while tips might bring it down a little, I would need a massive change in sound that only different tuning would do to make these usable

Warning: “cleanness”, for an amp or a DAC, just means quality without distortion, and has nothing to do with treble. :slight_smile:

For the ZS10 Pros:
-Big comply foam tips will add a ton of bass and get rid of a bit of the treble
-And with a decent cable you’ll actually hear mids. Yes, the standard cable sucks so much you don’t hear all the mids the KZs are capable of doing.

Still, I used my KZ ZS10 Pros a bit, but even with all that, the treble could get annoying, and I gave em to a friend.