I don't understand how anyone can say the KZ ZS10 Pro IEMS are good

Okay. amp-based clarity or whatever @piffa was talking about aside–In terms of the frequency response (which I am an amateur at reading) I am seeing that the ZS10 Pros have a large peak around 13k Hz. Could that account for the sibilance and harshness I was hearing in hi hats and electric guitar?

Are changing tips (or pads for headphones) the main way people fit frequency response to their own needs, rather than finding the right pair of stock headphones?

This harshness would be like 8k or even less (especially for electric guitar). Hi hats… maybe but that’s mostly 10khz I’d say. Even a 6khz peak can get annoying for me, and yes, it’s considered treble.

You can change pads, or tips, to change the feequency response… but I’m afraid the ZS10 Pros are not for you anyway. This won’t make the enormous difference you’re looking for.

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That makes sense to me. Having just gotten into the audio world when I made this post I had no clue how different people’s ears could be in this way (hence the hot take in the title) Thanks for all your help.

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I agree with @LeDechaine every ear responds differently and is for that reason that there are so many flavours to choose from. @smoketreez Do you have the same problem with over ear headphones?

I have these and I now have the BLON 03s I have to say I prefer the BLONS, treble is much harsher on the KZs, now don’t get me wrong I think the KZs are great, I prefer them and the Blons over my sure 215s. I brought the Tripowin cable for the KZs and that fits on my Blons. I love the Blons I will be buying another pair for backup, they are small sleek and sound fantastic. I paid 30 bucks for them.

They are great but they are BRIGHT, I prefer my KZs to my Sure 215 and they shit on my Samsung Buds.

Yeah, my Gear IconXs sounded tinny unless I put them on the bass boost setting. The ZS10s I mentioned sounded harsh and bright and my SHP9500s sound similarly unusable at higher volumes. Naturally, since I am a noob, I assumed it was because all my tech was cheap.

I am trying to figure out if the 58X Jubilees and the BLON03 or Tin T2s will suit me better.

I think the 58x is a great choice if you find the shp harsh and want a better sound overall imo, you really can’t go wrong with it for most people. I personally find the shp’s treble harsh and unrefined, and lacking some detail. The rest of the headphone to me is just alright (but the comfort is good at least lol)


Okay, great.

They aren’t bad the but they certainly aren’t anywhere in my list of favorites

I have the T2´s and I think they will have the same effect on your ears. I assume is the in ear canal type of earphone that doesn’t suits you, if you are considering the 58x you can’t go wrong with that.
Go for it and tell us your experience.

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I’m treble sensitive and I love my HD58X. Too bright? Leave them over something for a few hours to crush the pads a bit. Still too bright? Adjust the “clamp” force (metal headband).

But I liked my ZS10 Pros, and he hated these… I’d suggest dark, closed-back headphones instead maybe? Meze 99 Noirs? I don’t know.

P.S.: Maybe you listen to your music way too loud, too… if that’s it, getting dark-sounding headphones would be perfect… but you’ll be deaf in one week lol. Be careful.


sounds like your treble sensitive to me, what do you think about Klipsch speakers? BTW just plugged my KZ ZS10 Pro’s into my little bear b4, it really smoothed them out, high’s are a lot less harsh.

Yeah, that is what I have gathered too. I never knew that before I got into hi-fi. I now own Audioquest Nighthawks and they’re great for me lul.
But no, I don’t have any experience with Klipsch speakers, but any speaker recs you can give me with smoother tweeters would be much appreciated.

Also, would you recommend the little bear b4? I am trying to find the cheapest way to get the most out of a pair of 6XXs


I have specific sensitivities I love my 990 hate the m570 and the t3 it seems to be that 8k bothers me most and agressiveness is a big minus in the treble for me

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I actually originally bought my little bear for my HD6xx, it doesn’t have enough power for those headphones in my opinion. Klipsch speakers are very bright because they are horn loaded if you thought the KZ ZS10 PRO had too much treble you’ll absolutely hate Klipsch. I ask if you’ve heard Klipsch before because they are a known very bright speaker brand that a lot of people have heard and I was trying to figure out if you where treble sensitive or not.

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The new Klipsch speakers actually aren’t that bright they are fairly smooth in the treble imo, but older Klipsch are pretty bright

My THX Ultra’s are bright as fuck, only Klipsch speaker I have a lot of experience with.

Yeah those are going to be fairly bright, stuff like the rp600m has really toned it down and smoothed it out

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Ya, I need the hear the new stuff, I personally really like the bright nature of them, but I understand it’s not for everyone.

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