I finally got the BLON BL-03s today

Well hot damn! These ones are better than I expected to be and for the damn freaking price it sounds so good. These ones are a steal like wtf?! though the stock tips and cables from these I must say I am not so much of a fan, but for friggin’ $38? Oh yes I love it.

P.S. I just tried it on today and the sounds coming from these are a good first impressions to me, so I would have to listen to a lot of my songs to see how it goes for me.


Well that’s great that you like them, hope they get even better for you :+1:

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I really want that blon acronym logo on a t shirt


just make up anything you like…makes about as much sense

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I’m jealous of the bag that came with urs. Mine is just black…

Interesting, my carrying bag just says blon in blue and has a rectangle around it. There weren’t mentions of a year either.

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Everyone’s is better than mine lol. Hate you guys

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Mine dosent even have letters!

WHAAAAT!? So they just have a bunch of different little bags lying around and stuff a random one in each bl-03 box??? Did we all get the same bl-03? I got the silver one.

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I still think they are changing stuff by factory or production run.

That’s possible I guess, what with the hype for them and all, they probably sold a ton and a half. And have to keep churning them out. I like the thought of them being mystery boxes too though. :smiley:

Yeah mine is silver too. I thought since I got the one with microphone it might be different but then someone had the same. So yeah they seem to have 3 different bags actually. Based on batches

I want a new one for the bag

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I wonder what order the batches were in then? I got mine pretty quick after BGGA uploaded his vid about it.

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Someone should buy up a bunch just so they can see if they can collect all the bags ^^

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So I believe yours is from the first batch indeed. Then their later batch was mine and the most recent one seems to be k4sh1ma. A YouTuber mentioned it. That’s where I got the info from

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But I am not sure if it’s just watercooler talk spread through the grapevine

I feel like we solved a great mystery in the space of about 20 minutes.


Hahaha there you go! Future detectives