I got the Moondrop Starfields, and they are AWESOME!

Jesus freaking Christ in a pogo stick, I love the sounds of these and my God they really are the improved version of the T2s. I gave this one a listen the whole day with some songs that I love playing and hoooo boy I have heard some sounds from those songs that I never knew were there. Good imaging, wider soundstage than the T2s, good dynamics and of course that Neutral sound signature improved and better than the T2 in my opinion.

I also did a comparison between this and my BLON BL03 and to be honest I don’t know what to choose as my main daily driver for usage xD. and yes these replaced my T2s that goes neck in neck with my BL03s. It’s the same still, if I want more fun and energy, BL03s no question, but if I want to just chill and relax, Starfields all the way.

I love the unique blue/purple color for blue is my favorite color and this IEM is made for me. I think the only downsides that I can think on these IEMs would be the cable first, sure it has a unique blue look but when it comes to durability I am quite worried for I have a feeling the cable is fragile. Also the stock tips are not really to my liking that much but they do the job well, and right now I am using the CP145s which are better tips for these lovelies.

Overall, I love it and this has to be one of my best IEMs that I ever got so far and it’s all thanks to my father giving me this IEM as a graduation gift (he gave me some budget for this and I ordered it).


Highly reccomend a cable change, and final audio tips worked best for me with these :+1:

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I’ve been using them with the stock cable for the last two months. I’d keep using them. They don’t tangle and are very comfortable around the ear even with glasses. No durability issues so far. Just make sure you actually hold the IEM and not let them dangle cause they’re quite heavy.

Also, the paint chips easily. But for less than $20 you can get a more comfortable cable without it feeling plasticy, and will be more durable.

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I’ll be make sure to keep those in mind when some of the issues addressed by the reviewers actually happen, and man I really am enjoying these so far and the waiting for it was worth it.

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I did a revamped tier list of my IEMs and yes, the BL03s and Starfields are neck-in-neck for me.


Hello, the Tin T2 were my first ones. Then i get Starfield, and tought it was different, not a huge improvment. Some weeks later, i can say that Starfield sounds better end better. They don’t “lack” anymore the punch on bass that i loved on T2.
I don’t know if it is a burn in, tips, or my ears, but they are my favorites. They sound just right, wide, deep (and punchy), clean (and agressive when needed), whatever i’m listening. Trebles are realy accurate (even on cymbals…).
Imaging is realy good, for example: listening ACDC live at Doninghton and i know where all musicians are. Brian at the upper front front, Cliff and Chris on a larger front, and when Angus comes to the front when playing a solo (and going back to the left after, Malcolm keep staying on the right).
That makes a fairly large soundstage.
It is like something happended after a few dozen of hours, i thought they were good and now i would say very very good!


I think I can safely towards the Starfields is this, “How the hell is this even $110?!” Yeah man, in my opinion I think they are the best set of IEMs that I have ever own in terms of the sounds and that look as well, beautiful to my eyes.

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Just saw a sale post in my local community. Might get it well under $60. Should I get it?


Yes for that price I would :+1:


Sold out :pensive:

You should have been quicker, man that sucks and I know that feeling when you finally have the money to buy something that you’re saving up for, for a long time only to have that one item sold out in the end.

I’m thinking of giving the Starfields a go after returning my FH3s over fear of potential DD death. In the context of sweeping generalizations, is the paint finish coming off still pretty much the only “common” QC issue with these? Any functional issues with the Starfields that have concerning numbers of reports?

Paint will chip off.
I applied some clear nail lacquer ( making sure not to fill in the air holes)

Has helped them not to chip, but i will eventually forget to do that and they will probabaly chip.

Bought Starfields in June, no paint chipping issues at all. I take good care of them and I’m very careful handling them. If you want extra protection, put a layer of clear coat nail polish wherever you can.

In terms of sound, they still sound brand new! Haven’t had any drivers die on me. No issues whatsoever

Lol I’ve actually had bad dreams of me dropping my Starfields and chipping the paint clean off.

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I was think of getting these or the thieaudio lagacy 3, tin p1 or cca c16 during the 11.11 sale.

All options that you have there are good, if you have a high budget then I would go for the P1s or the Legacy 3s. But if you want to save up a little bit more and have a good set of good sounding IEMs, Starfields no doubt but I am not sure about the CCA C16 since I have never used or owned those before.

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@K4sh1ma: I haven’t heard a cca period, but I got a kz zsn pro, and cca c12 coming that I got during the AliExpress sale.

I think the ZSN Pros are ok to some but as for me, the treble from those were a bit murderous for me for I used to own one. I think the ZS10 Pros are much better than all-around and more refined than the ZSN Pros. So far though, my Starfields are currently my go to IEMs if I want that relax and chill sounds, but my BL03s are with it as an alternative if I want more fun.

@K4sh1ma: Zs10 pro’s, Blon 03’s tin t2’s and cca c12’s were my first considerations. Blon 03’s are a definite must with trn ba5’s, and possibly cvj cs8’s.