I just got the KZ ZS10 Pros today

I got these today and so far I am impressed with the sounds coming out from it. It’s true that Zeos said that the sound signature of it is a little bit on the V-shape side and the sounds from it are much louder than my T2s. I think the only issue I can find with this right now is the slight hissing I hear from these but it’s not so noticeable once you play some music. What do you guys think about these ones and I think I can say as well that the T2s are no longer the ones who are at the top at the category for IEMs for the budget.


I really like mine too. I use comply foam tips, otherwise, with the stock tips there’s way too much treble (and not much bass/drum kicks). They’re quite neutral, some people even use these for monitoring. :slight_smile:

I also ordered the KZ AS06 (3x balanced drivers for each ear – I wanted to know what “full balanced” sounded like, also more laid-back treble).

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Well yeah I will plan to get some tips for it as well but right now I am having a dilemma which cable should I get for it. I saw a cable that is 2 pin right? But what the hell are the differences of the A, B and C pin cables?! The only available option I can get for these are B pins. A bit of help would be appreciated.

Yup, it is the “B” cable. The plugs are a tiny bit different, but B will fit for sure.

Edit: It’s a “C-type” cable. “B-type” pins are 1mm longer. Don’t force the last millimeter if you get a “B-type” by mistake (or, well, simply, just cut 1mm from the pins).

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I was hoping I can find some Dekoni tips here and as well as some Comply tips but the problem is they are not so common here to get. Also Comply is a bit pricey here, I might as well stick to the current tips I got for now until I have all the cash again for those tips.

I know at least for me comply tips worked great for a little bit, however, they get cumbersome to put in each time and i ended preferring the sound of the silicone tips anyways.

Also the sound isolation from those one are better than the foam ones in my opinion and experience with those tips.

I think massdrop still has Dekoni tips right now for $9? I ordered mine earlier this week. Today might be the last day for it. I’d have to check.

Yes, I just checked and you have 20 hours left and they’re $8.

oh right, Massdrop. Unfortunately we don’t have much access with Massdrop since my country is not locally near to them. Sure I can order online but the shipping fees would be a problem for me.

That’s kinda how I feel with most iems, is that good silicone tips sound better

For the ZS10 Pros, a good seal really boosts the bass. If you ever feel like there’s too much treble, different tips will help a lot.

For me it was like +5dB kick/bass and sub-bass with Comply tips.

I also had the same dilemma and the correct cable is the QDC connector ,visually the pins aren’t bare they have a plastic to them so “c” is your cable ,trust this stranger I commited the same mistake of choosing the wrong cable

i can confirm that this cable works with them

also a really good balanced cable for the price

Yeah I saw that one, that is actually the cable that Zeos is using for his KZ ZS10 Pros and I agree it is a good cable.

So “B” cable is the same as QDC then.

KZ ZS10 Pros are sold with a B cable.

Edit: Nope. C-type. It’s a “C-type” cable. “B-type” pins are 1mm longer. Don’t force the last millimeter if you get a “B-type” by mistake (or, well, simply, just cut 1mm from the pins).

Well I ordered a cable online and I don’t know what type it is because it only says 2 pin…I am screwed.

It will fit. :stuck_out_tongue:
2-pin is basically becoming a chi-fi standard, lol.

Someone on youtube was testing a lot of KZ headphones and said the cable was a bit hard to push in, and someone in the comments said “that’s because you’re using the “A” cable and for the ZS10 Pros you need the “B” cable”.

I ordered a “B” cable (the cheap AF, 2$ cable, but without mic) for my KZ ZS10 Pros, and it fits perfectly. It’s the exact same connector. And now someone tells you you need QDC or “C” cable…

So… 2-pin “A” will fit if you push hard. 2-pin “B” will fit perfectly, and apparently, “C” is the same as QDC, and will fit too. So, no worries anyway. Worst case scenario you just get a 2-pin “A” cable that will never ever disconnect when you don’t want it to.

Edit: Get a “C-type” cable. “B-type” pins are 1mm longer. Don’t force the last millimeter if you get a “B-type” by mistake (or, well, simply, just cut 1mm from the pins).

I don’t have an “A-type” cable, so I don’t know about this one.

I will take your word for it, thanks. Also I ordered an 8 core one braided, there is a 16 core one but I am not so sure what is the different between the 2 also it is more expensive than the 8 core.

Just saw a 200-core on eBay… lol.