I might be doing something stupid here

For my next trick I’m looking to get a dedicated DAC. I’ve been looking on Amazon for my country and the selection is quite… Poor.
Amazon only carries the cheap D10 copy from Aimpire, and other unbranded Chinese products which I’m not really too fond of…

However, I did notice they have the GSX1000 for about 100 USD. So I thought to myself “maybe get that and plug the line out into the Liquid Spark”.
Not sure how good it is as a DAC. Hell, not even sure if it’s the best option, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

So personally that wouldn’t be my first choice, going to guess no smsl products available either? Also check for a topping d30 or e30 as well if that’s there

None of them are available sadly

Just wondering what country/what amazon are you using?

Amazon Mexico, of course country would be Mexico, heh

This is pretty solid, recently came out too, should be pretty nice


Oh… There’s two different SMSL shops on Amazon… Huh, ok. Thanks for the heads up!

Yeah I noticed that and was surprised to find this one lol

FWIW, I use the GSX1000 on my work desk so i can easily switch between a headset on webex meetings, and the line out, which runs to an alternate amp for harder to drive headphones. It’s served pretty well so far, but I’m sure there are better solutions, like M0N’s, for straight sound quality. If it weren’t for the convenience, I’d probably be running something more like that.

I have to be honest, with this whole Coronavirus shenanigans part of the reasoning behind getting the GSX was the same, the ability to just plop in a microphone into the DAC while still being able to use the external amp, and using it in meetings and what not.
I’ll have to consider pros and cons of each one I guess

Hey M0N, since you’re the guy who has a ton of audio equipment just hanging around, have you tried the Project USB Box S? Found it on Amazon for just 100 USD (https://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B01M4HOHV6). Wasn’t able to find many reviews about the darn thing, but it looks like @ZeosPantera recommended it in one of his lists… And it’s cheaper than the Sanskrit 10th

It’s pretty ok to me, it’s been out for awhile and I think it’s performance is ok but has definitely been surpassed by stuff like the toppings and smsl dacs. I don’t think you would be doing yourself a disservice by getting one, but it’s really hard to recommend in the current market imo

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And the Topping/SMSL vs the JDS OL DAC?

Hmmmm. The ol dac is solid, but again I do think that the current chifi is hard to beat at this price range. That being said this really is nitpicking, the differences between these dacs are smaller than I most likely make them out to be. I would prefer the ol dac to the project usb box s tho

Alright then, I guess I’ll go for the SMSL SK10 or a Topping D10 off Aliexpress

Watch out for the Aimpire clones :grimacing: I’d honestly just get the SMSL instead to be sure to get what I ordered.

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I still wonder how the clones sound. im still suspicious that topping shared their D10 design with them.

They did not share anything. Topping is actually furious with Aimpire.

The link below is to the response from Topping official TP Wong and he covers the whole scenario.

Chinese companies don’t really share shit they steal and manipulate existing patent laws.


Wow unbelievable. How can they get away with this? Amazon should ban their products.