I need a break from gacha games, like for real

To the folks who are having the same case as me, like playing multiple types of gacha games due to boredom, lack of interesting new games and because of the “plot”. It’s safe to say that I am burned out from playing all of the games I have in my phone, and you should do the same too for I don’t think I can play all of them anymore with my sanity intact.

FGO EN, FGO JP, Azur Lane JP, Azur Lane EN, Arknights (used to play that one but I stopped a long time ago), and Nikke. So yeah, I must have been so god damned bored to have played all of these games. However, I got a new game to play and that would be Need For Speed Unbound, it’s really a fun game and I hope EA will just let Criterion handle the upcoming NFS titles, focus more on the development of a great game than monetization bullshit.

So yeah, I think it’s okay to do so, unless I get bored again I guess.

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Are you limited to Phone games only? Because if not, there is a gigantic pile of great games on PC.

Also, the Steam Deck can play most PC games, so if you want a great way to get PC games on-the-go, consider a Steam Deck! It’s pretty awesome. I use mine frequently when I want to play games away from my PC. yeah it’s big, much bigger than any phone. But it’s basically the same as carting a Nintendo Switch around, but it gives you a much larger and better library of games to play with than you’ll find on a Switch or a Phone.

If you are considering a Steam Deck - get the cheapest version and grab a 512gb Micro SD card to put games on.

I suggest this one - the steam deck is a bit picky with it’s Micro SD cards, and this one will give you good performance at a pretty good price.

I also very strongly suggest you only install games onto the Micro SD card and leave the entire primary drive empty so the OS can use it. On the cheapest steam deck you will need that room over time for the needs of Steam OS. And Micro SD cards will perform just as well for games, and they are cheap and easy to swap out once one gets full.

Here is a good video to learn a bit about the Steam Deck and see if it’s for you.

Also, the Steam Deck hardware is great even now. Price-wise it’s still impossible to even build something for yourself that will win against the Steam Deck in the price-to-performance war.

I am not really limited to phone games, but I am lately due to some Steam games that are not my cup of tea. Also I have not been hyped lately on upcoming new games, due to the bullshit I had experienced back then, for there were a lot of games that just plain out disappointed me, and that excitement for a new game that I used to feel back then, does not exist anymore.

Lately I have been playing NFS Unbound, it’s really good but there are some drawbacks. It’s good to revisit a series that I used to play back then as a kid, it’s not a masterpiece but it’s at least heading to a better direction (I hope, since it’s EA)

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Ahh ok, game suggestions then - I pretty much only do PC games, it’s one of my primary hobbies, so I can suggest a lot of things from there.

For Fantasy RPG’s try a game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s pretty awesome.

For Science Fiction RPG’s look at the Deus Ex series, those are pretty much all great. (The Deus Ex Collection is 11 dollars on Steam right now, so you can buy them all for the price of 1 fancy sandwich.)

For racing, I don’t really get into racing games much, so I can’t make good suggestions there…

For Giant Robot/Mech games the new Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is quite good. (it’s DLC helped expand the original game into a very full and enjoyable title)

For Post Apocalyptic adventure games, try Metro Exodus, the previous games in the series are good, but are more linear experiences, Metro Exodus throws the player into the same world but it’s much more open and non-linear feeling.

For FPS games a nice little indie game called MotherGunship is very enjoyable.

If you like Fantasy style games and MMO’s, Final Fantasy Online is a very amazing experience, definitely worth playing if you like those massive multiplayer RPG’s at all.

Nier Automata is a great action game with a very interesting story (which I refuse to spoil) give it a try if you haven’t.

If you enjoy Souls-Like style games, then Nioh 2 is great.

For the Space Exploration/Action genre, No Man’s Sky is actually quite good now too, they actually fixed the game and it’s great fun. Even if you had a bad experience when it first came out, you will very likely enjoy it now, it’s almost totally different these days from it’s original release.

Another enjoyable Fantasy RPG is a game called Outward, give that a go sometime.

A space/sci-fi adventure/action rpg is PREY that came out in 2017.

For a simple but very enjoyable Space Combat, try a little game called Rebel Galaxy from 2016.

If you enjoy old style side-scrolling action try Shovel Knight

A surprising indie game from recently is V Rising. It’s difficult to easily describe, better just take a look at it for yourself if you are curious about this one.

In the FPS Survival genre you’ve got Valhiem (fantasy). That one is also quite great.

More FPS just boot stomping gun slinging action you have titles like the new Wolfenstein series, which are almost all great.*

  • *(except for the Wolfenstein Youngblood - avoid that game like the plague, which you will very likely catch for real if you play it. - It really is that bad - even though the rest of the Wolfenstien games are amazingly good. Youngblood is horrid, an utter travesty…)

And if you want a massive Space Exploration/combat/building epic, give X4 Foundations a try (don’t bother with the others, just get Foundations and it’s dlc, the others in the X4 are not nearly as good)

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Thanks for the recommendations, maybe at some point I will give those a try. Have to finish Unbound first though. Also when it comes to the Deus Ex series I already played them maybe except for Mankind Divided, and it sucks on what they did to it when it comes to the ending. It’s currently on limbo as well, since after Square Enix decided to sell it, and I hope it receives a new game soon.

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Glad I could help a little! It’s difficult to avoid monetization these days. And most games these days are honestly pretty terrible, with only a very-very few exceptions. That’s why most of my game suggestions are older titles.

Oh - and I should probably suggest Cyberpunk 2077, it’s actually fixed now. And the new Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime series is very good.

An exceptional game that gives me those 2010 vibes, would be Evil West. I don’t understand the backlash from some people on it, to me it’s just a game that is not trying to be innovative and groundbreaking, it’s just a good game that is straightforward and fun, wild west with vampires and you go kill vampires. It’s really fun

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I haven’t played that one yet, i’ll have to give it a try. =D

I just spent about 120 dollars on games for the current steam sale, so i’ll wait till evil west goes on sale before picking it up I think.

Did we have a gaming burnout topic?
We did and you started that topic as well. :slight_smile:

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I initially took this thread as a cry for help, and tossed in suggestions to assist.

But Yeah, games are generally horrible these days. I have theories on that, but i prefer not to go too deeply into them. But it is fairly accepted that modern games are mostly terrible. Much worse than it ever was before. What’s going on now makes the Atari game crash look like a passing shower. AAA games are practically all garbage these days. And i’m noticing a lot of indie games are bad too…

I think the gaming market is only surviving because it’s so huge that there are still a few good ones here and there to keep things going. And because TV and Movies are much worse off than gaming is getting - so people don’t have many other places to go. If it keeps getting worse, eventually people may start going outside again, and unplug entirely from gaming and shows. (That could be interesting! Imagine people actually ‘Touching Grass’! as the kids say.)

I didn’t know there was another thread already! But that there is, certainly doesn’t make me feel like i’m wrong about the terrible state of gaming today.

Yeah, I totally forgot about that one. But I don’t think a lot of people here would consider mobile games as true games anyway, and I can get them from what they are coming from, and I do agree with their sentiments.

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I love how this started with “long time no see” from an account that has literally never posted here before. I suppose that does qualify though. :rofl::joy:

Yeah no thanks I am not clicking that link, also making some quick money to unwind? Too good to be true, so not really a trustful source and far from reality.

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