I need some serious help please

Hey guys

I’m highly competitive and I play Overwatch almost all day every day. But my problem is that I can’t hear footsteps or make out where the enemy is. I’m looking for a new pair of either headphones or a headset. I’m stuck between the following though after tons of reviews I’ve never gotten a solid response about what I’m looking for. Also, I’m a bit hard-at-hearing which kinda affects what I’m looking for maybe idk.
I live in South Africa so shipping is a bitch.
Budget: 200 USD (shipping included :frowning: ) Roughly 3500 ZAR

Sennheiser PC37X
Sennheiser HD599 (I would’ve looked at the 598 but I can’t find them anywhere in my budget)
Sennheiser Game Zero
Logitech G Pro X headset

I really wanna hear the footsteps (my coach yells at me for never hearing them)
I also want to be able to pinpoint where they’re coming from and have a rough idea of how far they are. Like, I want that distance to be semi-accurate. Overwatch is generally close to midrange distances anyway so it doesn’t need to be perfect but I don’t want it to feel like my opponent is next to me but really he/she’s like 10m away.
Having a mic isn’t a necessity for me because I have a desktop mic that I can just set up no problem but it would be nice because I like my desk space. I’m worried about the Zero because of its closed-back nature. I’m worried about the 599 because it is quite narrow. I’m also worried about the PC37X because it is said to have more base than the zero and I’m worried that it’ll hide the footsteps or something. I don’t know man. I want to have detailed and accurate audio so I can hear the sound cues and still get the footsteps so that I’m able to make use of the information.

Please help me

Hi Ontiablo, great options listed there. My honest opinion is that the Phillips SHP9500 would be great for gaming, in a competitive way. I had the 9500 with brainwavz pads on and it was amazing. Imaging was spot on for gaming and the neutral/ not bloated bass makes footsteps nice and clear. Anyway just my two cents.

Also from SA, south coast

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I Agree with @Deon here shp 9500s may be the way to go. I find foosteps in overwatch in particular one of the harder games to hear cause there is so much happening in the heat of the moment granted I play tank and healer for the most part. I used to play pertty competitively locally and always had a difficult time sound whoring in that gae the sound engine is great but the foosteps sounds can be a bit varried and depending on surfaces stepped on you may actualy benefit from the bass the pc37x has. my main game is siege which is a much slower game and has great sound design Ive also played it to the point where in the head t of the moment I can decode what sounds are happening and whats happening if Im flashed to an extent . I like to use a v shaped headphone for this the dt 990. dont be afraid of bass in this overwatch if you listen to a lot of sounds think about how the gunfire sounds even some explosions and most sound effects happen across the spectrum. like junkrat as a character his bombs have high pitched as well as low frequency sounds. even if your footsteps are your maing focus they are just inheerently ahrd to hear in that game I found cause there si so may things to distract you especially in fast games. when you get into 1 v 1 situations though the shp 9500s or ppc 37x or even the hd 599should be able tell you where they are regardless

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I thought we were getting a confession that this was your problem lol


Don’t get me wrong the 9500 has bass when needed but not to the point where it bleeds into the other frequencies. Any decent headphone will beat a gaming headset imho

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I’ve listened to the Logitech G Pro and don’t particularly like it myself. Sound isn’t offensive to me, but the comfort on almost all the new Logitech G-series headsets is near horrendous in my opinion. I would take Sennheiser any day over them.

The HD599 or 590-series of Sennheiser are great for the price. But I don’t have any personal experience of the latest revisions. But both comfort and sound are good in my experience. I do love the accuracy that Sennheiser brings to positional audio and they have been the king in that department to me, having used Sennheiser headphones for near 20 years. I’ve not been much of a fan of their gaming headsets though, at least not the PC37X series. The Game Zero or Game One have great comfort and great audio with probably one of the best gaming headset microphones out there outside of a studio setup.

I have heard much good of the SHP9500 but have never been able to demo them myself. They’ve always been out of stock or overpriced by re-sellers. Now with the new stock and the 9600 being around, getting a pair should be easy. They’re also very price / performance competitive. From what I hear, everyone is praising them for their soundstage and being great as gaming heapdhones.

Anyways, just my five cents. Hope you find something that fits the bill!

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Currently just read your an aspiring pro. Alright well it depends here then. If your someone who just plans to attend online tourneys and what not then an open back will work. Otherwise you definitely want more practice with using a closed back as in person tournaments make use of this. Closed backs won’t give you that huge open 3d sound benefit mid gameplay especially with the garbage your given to keep things balanced amongst players during the tournaments as your given a pretty lackluster headphone usually.

Works just fine, no its not bassier than the zero as zero is closed and naturally has more bass however this is an open back.

skip and replace with the potential MH751(or 752 if you want to equalize your sound a bit more which is handy).

skip it has too much bass

skip its outright garbage, multiple inaccurate sound placements, breaks easy, comfort is a huge hit or miss, and in terms of sound quality its just horrendous. So many “reviewers” or “magazines” give this thing such a good review when in reality… its trash. I would tell you to buy a $50 closed back headphone over this even.

SHP9500 are great but could due to use some modifications if you find them needing some more clamp, better pads, and a microphone. Usually it can cost a maximum of $200 for a massive modification to them so not bad at all as this price is considering the pad purchase to be the upper $60+ which isn’t really necessary. It’s an open back without bass getting in your way, great imaging, and large soundstage. I just think you may stand to lose skill with this being in use depending on venue vs non venue.

Narrow? It has an average soundstage for an open back. Definitely not narrow. The 600 series of sennheisers are the narrow ones not the 500 series.

Completely innaccurate and the zero has quite a bit more bass and rumble. The issue is the rumble not so much your bass that hides your sound.

This could be a deal breaker for you as an aspiring pro. Sound is everything to us and speaking as an ex pro I have seen a many retirees having to stop due to this. Do what you can though it’s not easy making it to the top.

Alright so. In your price range?

Closed backs. MH752(has equalization, closed back, can adjust sound, good size soundstage, good imaging, can place things fine and is generally one of the best gaming headsets for competitive gamers)

Takstar pro 82(the original form of the mh751 has a bass slider… gives you a bit more fun option. though I would recommend the mh751 over this for a gamer only if you can’t get the mh751 would I say this ones alright.)

Beyerdynamic DT 770(you mention a desk mic so I assume your on pc. Downloading Peace APO will allow you to adjust this particular headphone accordingly as out the gate it has a touch too much bass however the best imaging in this bunch and largest soundstage which beyers are pretty known for amongst gamers. The issue with this is its a power demanding headphone meaning youll likely need an amplifier. 250 ohm is the best sounding variation but 80 ohm still works fine… you can find these on the used market by searching around from $80 minimum up to the maximum new of $200. if you can find this around $120 region try to find an amp/dac such as FIIO E10K for around $60-$70. This setup provided you turn down it’s bass will probably be the most ideal in this price range next to mh751 for your budget).

Open Backs: only for the purely online comp gamer as tournaments are sometimes online as well

SHP9500: pretty much one of the best budget friendly bright headphones. Large soundstage, good imaging, and a signature that can really cater to fps sounds. Can really do well with some modifications which will drag the price up. Modifications include swapping pads, swapping headband materials, implementing a microphone such as v -moda, implementing a bluetooth connector through a 3.5mm dongle. Swapping pads involves either cutting the glue off the original adapters, buying it post modded, or buying 3d printed adapters such as from Modhouse audio then purchasing the pads.

Sennheiser HD 599: brighter than the 598 same large soundstage and good enough imaging. 58x is a bit better in sound quality and really just depends on the price. these really aren’t the end all be all but they suit pretty much anything you can throw at them. Can be replaced by the PC37x

DT 880: this thing is a monster for competitive gamers. Semi open backed. large soundstage, extremely good imaging for gaming, built like a tank, great comfort, and can place sounds from very far away while separating gunfights. Beyers are really good for a gamer provided you can handle treble(only if you can handle treble as they are fairly quite bright. sibilance is a huge concern. if you don’t know what that is or how it sounds… definitely look into it). Can use the same setup recommendation as the dt 770 above however this does not need a bass adjustment. Can be found around $120 as well if you dig around at 250 ohms(600 ohm while sounds better is not necessary and will cost more than your current budget). You can also substitute this headphone for the DT 990 however thats even sharper and may be a huge issue on sibilance… it also needs a bass adjustment like the 770s.

Beyerdynamic Tygr 300r: hard to get and has to be ordered through beyer if you can get your hands on one. Good alternative to the other beyers if you can’t handle brightness. Laser imaging, very large soundstage. Usually at $200

Something to keep in mind. Headphones require more power than gaming headsets. If you do not have ample power they will not sound right or do their job effectively. Depending on your motherboard will depend on how much power you can use. This is also why I mention an amp with the beyers. This same issue could pop up even for the sennheisers or shp9500 depending on how weak your motherboard is. Please keep this in mind as you may need to do a bit of personal research to figure out whether you can drive any of these… if you cannot afford these as they require more power. go with the MH752 or PC37x depending on your needs of closed or open

Hopefully that helps you a little. If you have more questions feel free to ask, Welcome to hifiguides, and happy gaming.


In a tournament setting, you are not allowed to install any software.

yeah, but you can’t take your own gear to the actual tournaments. They give you gear to keep everyone situated

only the online tournaments do you use your own stuff of which… you probably should use an open back for that as you stand to gain more

Lol definitely not a problem. It’s a passion :smiley:

Thanks Deon! I appreciate the advice on the SHP9500s. I’ve heard they’re really good! I’ll look more into that as an option especially because of the price point. Really good value from what I can see so far. Thank you!

So true. I find that I get snuck up on super easily and I can’t stand it anymore. I also like the idea of the base that the PC37X has because like you said, certain surfaces change the sound signature, but even roadhog in general just has base heavy footsteps. Partly why I am leaning more towards the PC37X with what I’ve listed.

Awesome that sounds great. I appreciate your help! This has been quite insightful. Thank you!

From what I’ve seen in the many videos I’ve watched in the last week or two, this is seeming more and more true lol.

Fantastic. Good to know!

I really appreciate your input! Definitely helpful. If you wouldn’t mind elaborating a bit about the PC37Xs that would be fantastic please. Unfortunately the HD590-series are all either out of stock for me or way overpriced for my budget at the moment. The 599 doesn’t ship to my address either from Amazon and if I try get it from somewhere else the price is just waaaay to high. Especially the 598 even from Amazon for me. Pity. I’ll definitely be looking more into the SHP9500 though, thank you!

This response is… amazing! Very informative. Thank you!

Luckily with Overwatch pretty much everything is online until you actually get to the Tier 1 / Tier 2 level. Even a lot of the Tier 2 level tournaments are just online. I’m currently top tier 3 where we’re contending to make it into Tier 2 where literally all of our tournaments are online other than only 1 local tournament where it’ll be at a LAN. But even then, it’ll be with our own equipment because… well, because South Africa. That’s mostly why I would love to go open back because I can stand to gain more from that from what I can gather.

Fantastic to hear. This makes things quite easy for me as I can now completely negate the Zeros especially with what you said next. Awesome!

Seems quite nice, not something I expected from Coolermaster lol. I’ll look into it but I’m not 100% driven towards it especially because it’s closed back, doesn’t look all that comfortable either but then again I’m not sure.

Cool, screw marketing. Damn liers.

The problem with all of the modifications is definitely price. I don’t really know of any local place that has pads but I can look into it. If I had to get everything from Amazon, just the headphones and pads would fill my budget because of shipping. I’ll look more into it though. What pads would you recommend I look at getting because I have no idea about this.

I watched the Z Reviews video and I thought I remembered him saying it’s a tad narrow but nevermind then lol. Sounds damn amazing and this makes me feel even more like I want to get the 599 because I literally can’t get the 598 no matter what as it’s way out of budget for some reason. I can’t get the 599 either due to it not shipping to South Africa and there are no used ones in South Africa either.

Ahh that’s good to know, thank you!

Luckily in my case, it’s not too bad perse. I’ve lost about 60% hearing in my left ear but I’ve become accustomed to feeling vibrations. I handled footsteps on CoD when I was on console this way with my previous headset and I became one of the best in the country. So, not too bad. I’ve definitely got the drive to make sure I make it. In just a year of getting on PC, I’m already in the top 1% in Overwatch. Literally rank 74 for my hero specifically.

I’m having a tough time locating this anywhere where I can get it shipped to me so I’m not sure. Glad to see that it can at least be replaced by the PC37x lol.

My coach actually uses the DT990 and told me that it’s been amazing for him (he’s basically deaf on the left side so more hard at hearing than me lol.) So this seems like a good option. I’ll see if I can locate this and find the DAC you mentioned. Hopefully, the total will be at least around my budget. What do you think of the GSX300 from Sennheiser? It’s currently on a sale on one of my local stores for less than the selling price on Amazon. Would it handle the DT880 on 250 Ohms?

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll find this lol.

I think my motherboard should be able to supply enough power to the headphones. I have the Rog Strix Z390-E.

With all this said though. I’m very much so leaning towards the PC37x as it seems like a great overall option and quite simple as well as I don’t have to worry about too much. But I am thinking about the DT880s and the SHP9500.

If the DT880s with the dac are out of my price range do you think I should go with the PC37x or the SHP9500? Let’s think about the SHP9500 as stock though.

Thank you very much! I definitely feel welcome!

Not sure if you know Carbonite, there is a guy selling a new par for R2000

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ah okay, I wasn’t sure as some tournaments eventually have you travel to being in person which is where the in person closed backs come into play. Makes sense that Tier 1 is the more in person higher up competing.

That would be correct. However, when it comes down to going in person you could lose some of that skill as in person you have to switch to closed back for pure isolation so you will lose most of those benefits and rely on your own hearing, whatever crap headphone you are given, and your own skill.

if you need/want an open back you can freely skip the mh751. Even more so in the case of pc37x or shp9500.

you will get this quite often as they are paid advertising to hype up the gaming products as the “next fantastic thing for gaming” or “Top 10 gaming headset” or whatever. Razors advertising is cringe at it’s best.

In your case? 100% velours. Use Brainwavz or if possible with budget Dekoni(the pad size is that of beyerdynamics DT series). The pads themselves stock are a velour style and you want to keep the brightness to the headphone so that it maintains the ability to locate your fps cue cards. Technically, SHP9500 can be bought for roughly $50 and fully modifying it costs anywhere between $100 - $200 just depending on how much you want to throw at it however you live in South Africa so that’s a bit of a complication.

It really just depends on how you look at it. Personally, I see it as more average for the 500 series and definitely narrow in the 600 series. PC37x is alright too for its soundstaging. Also, be wary of reviewers. Even in Zeos’s case he can hype something up that you may hate.

only technically. 58x sound wise can crush pc37x in my opinion but just really depends on what you have available to you.

Skip those amps from Sennheiser of the GSX series, they are dreadful and weak. I can’t speak precisely for the 300 however, I did own the GSX1000, a step above, and it is just a let down yet horridly expensive. There are quite a few amps out there that may be available and able to drive the Beyers. I think the others may definitely be able to help you more so if they are from your area.

Something to keep in mind here. I am not even remotely surprised he uses the DT 990(open back) however, the dt 990 has a bass issue for competitive unless you can get around that. It has extremely superb imaging and very large soundstage with bass being the only issue for competitive use. However, it’s a huge hit or miss headphone just like DT 880(semi open back) and DT 770(closed back) due to brightness and is going to depend on you as a person and your hearing. Sibilance is the common concern amongst headphones categorized as “bright”. If your wondering what sibilance is or sounds like to a very large degree, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-07flDfK4Q get to around 30 - 40 seconds in and you will hear what Sibilance is however, that’s cranked like all the way up. The other issue of course for beyers is that they can be quite demanding of power

The GSX series will not handle beyers at 250 ohms you will need a seperate amp choice. There are quite a few but I fear it may be quite expensive for you. If your okay with tweaking your budget slightly you should be able to swing one though. Among a huge variety of headphones I have tried in competitive Beyerdynamic headphones are a breed apart. Beyerdynamic DT 880, AKG K702, and Sennheiser 58X Jubilee are all fantastic but I definitely believe the beyer and akg to be fantastic for this use case with beyer being better than the akg for its imaging and sound placement.

didn’t think so. Beyer has made it hard to get as it is plus it always goes out of stock. No worries if you can get one of the others.

If I recall correctly that uses the SupremeFX S1220A combination meaning it should have some small built in amps onto its ports… if that is the case it should be able to run the 250 ohm beyer(definitely no higher) granted you won’t have the “best” audio quality, only cause you would need an amp, it should work. I would definitely ask the others though for definitive clarification on this. Most very high grade motherboards for gamers come with those high grade audio chips so you may be alright here. It may be something to create a seperate post about if nobody can relay information on the motherboard here in particular. I think that may be something to look into for consideration. If your motherboard can power the beyer then I immediately would point to saying buy the Beyerdynamic for your use case and just get an amp/dac later on when you have a comfortable budget to do so just so you get a better sound out of it. You can of course also use like your coach the dt 990 if you feel thats more up your alley. If your coach lives nearby perhaps also consider asking him to borrow his 990 for a moment to check it out for yourself and see if its right for you. Keep in mind of course whatever ohms of impedance hes using on his 990 as there is different variations.

pc37x would be the hassle free option. SHP9500 would be a larger soundstage option but it can really do to need some alterations to it and DT 880 stands above both of those quite easily with 990 being just ridiculously overkill outside of its bass issue.

hmm, I think pc37x would be alright but you wouldn’t get the most “optimal” or “ideal” performance out of them at your playing level. SHP9500 I would be very concerned in stock as it has next to zero clamp force and the pads are a bit gritty so they can be uncomfortable. I think pc37x would be the better option for the sake of comfort less your okay with a more loose headphone on your ears than it would definitely be shp9500s

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Oh nice, yup I know Carbonite. I’m actually selling my current headset there lol. Are you talking about the SHP9500s? Also not sure if it’s worth because I can get a new pair for R2100 from Amazon lol.

You are too cool man. Honestly. I wish I found you sooner and I wish I could have a face-to-face conversation with you but this’ll do.

Yeah, here you would have “Overwatch league”. Tier 2 “Contenders”. Tier 3 “Contenders trials”.

Luckily in my case, they use the fricking David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset so at least it wouldn’t be crap at least which is pretty fantastic. Even then, when I do get to that stage where I’m in Tier 1 or tier 2, I’ll likely make the move to the best-closed pair that I can get my hands on so that I can get used to it. But for now, I’d just like something that can help me as much as possible so that I can make up for other areas that are lacking, like ping for example.

True he did seem to really make the PC37x seem like something amazing in his review ngl but luckily you’re here to set me on a better path :D.

Ok so I don’t think Sibilance will be a major problem for me. After watching that video that you linked to me at full volume it wasn’t too harsh for me so I think I can handle it, I didn’t flinch or anything but I can hear that it’s there but I don’t think it’ll annoy me too much. The DT 990 is actually cheaper than the 880 by quite a large amount on Amazon for me so I’m quite keen on that especially with what you said later about the motherboard. I’ll look more into what it can do though to be sure I don’t need a DAC right away but if I do I’ll look into expanding my budget by maybe waiting for a month but I’ll look into that then no worries. Rest assured I won’t look anywhere near the GSX DACs then, thank you for that!

for reference:


Not sure if the price is the same on your side but the DT990s are R3500 incl. shipping where the DT880s are R5100 incl. shipping. Am I looking at the wrong headphones maybe? Not sure to be quite honest as this says premium and stuff and not just 880 but maybe it’s just their marketing. Also, fixed wire? Oh boy. If it breaks it’ll really screw me. You mentioned they’re built like a tank. Would that include the wire’s durability? From all you’ve said I’m basically looking at the checkout button on the DT990s but I wanna be 100% sure by next week Saturday if I’m making the best feasibly and practical decision for my competitive advantage.

Sorry, but would you mind elaborating on the bass issue? Does it have rumble or is there something more to it that would be of a concern to me? I’m okay with a bit of bass because one of the heroes on the game has quite bass-heavy footsteps but the rest of the heroes are more on the normal end I suppose.

Unfortunately, he lives in the Netherlands and is moving to China so trying out his audio setup is definitely not an option… RIP. Would’ve loved to do that though.

Is this like in a good way or a bad way? My coach said the same but I didn’t ask him to elaborate on it because there were a lot of other things to go through. But please do tell me more about this bass issue.

Crazy to think that the SHPs are so good at such a low price that you’d even recommend it in stock if my own preferences aren’t bothered.

OK so as it stands right now. (I can’t find any HD58x that’ll ship to South Africa)
Hassle-free option: PC37x ~R 3,300.00 ~192$ (incl shipping.)
Best option: DT990 ~R 3,500.00 ~204$ (incl shipping. excl DAC which’ll come later)
Budget-friendly option: SHP9500 ~R 3,000.00 ~175$ (incl shipping. ~R2,100.00 stock + pads)
(Oh btw I saw on Amazon there’s a SHP9500S and a SHP9500, were you recommending the plain 9500 or the 9500S? I can’t get the S as it doesn’t ship to South Africa but the 9500 is on a nice sale right now on Amazon.) https://www.amazon.com/Philips-SHP9500S-Precision-Over-ear-Headphones/dp/B00ENMK1DW/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=SHP9500s&qid=1601234164&sr=8-2

Also, my bad, I’m using the ROG STRIX Z390-F mobo. Whoops.

" SupremeFX S1220A teams with Sonic Studio III to create an aural landscape that draws you deeper into the action " so you were right on the money with that one. I hate the software though. A real pain in the ass.
" All SupremeFX audio solutions provide decent audio amplifiers with an impedance sensing feature to maximize the potential of most headsets from 32 ohms to 600 ohms for exceptional gaming-audio and music-listening experiences. " Like I said though, definitely looking at getting a DAC to help out regardless because getting that extra audio clarity would be great if the motherboard isn’t the best. I mean, sure, it can power the headphones from what I can gather but the real importance is if it can deliver the headphone’s quality audio. More like, is it good enough to give me what I need until I can buy the DAC?

If the bass issue isn’t so bad and we have all of this in mind I’m quite interested in the DT990 right now to be quite honest. It’s looking like one hell of a solid choice but more advice would be awesome.

Again, thank you so much for all of your insight! You’re a fricking blessing. I appreciate it. Getting a response like this is perfect and honestly makes me happy for my birthday lol.

oh those? yeah, those aren’t to bad.

sounds good. You could just move to mh751 or DT 770 at that point.

Don’t take my words like a gospel lol. Very opinionated but I have learned some trial and error in gaming at least.

huh, you may be a little like me then. I love bright headphones and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Good thing for competitive too

keep in mind there are different editions to 990 and 880. The pro and premium(or in some cases I believe its labeled “edition”). You want the “edition” as it has the straight cable(and a carrying case which is nice too) the other has the coiled cable which is more for studio users.

oh most definitely, if your willing to just wait a bit even then I highly recommend it. I personally play competitive(ex professional so no longer really in the scene lol) with the DT 1990 beyer but I started my more audiophile route using the DT 990(courtesy of Riceguru who first got me into them) and can vouch for it outside the bass its absolutely fantastic even in games like Escape from Tarkov where sound is everything. Granted the 600 ohm sounds smoother and is definitely more musical but you can do just fine with 250 ohms on either 990 or 880 not a huge deal breaker for a gamer in my opinion.

I really wish they would drop the price on those. They are so not worth it.

Do not go with the Black 250 ohm DT 880s they have a different tuning. Keep it the original. Black 990s are aesthetic only the 880s black 250 ohm edition was strangely a separate tuning.

switch those to Premium(or edition whatever it says).

going to be very different in price due to reasons I listed above. Suggest switching those out then comparing price point.

lol yes

Beyerdynamics are built like tanks. Unless you rip that cable or jerk the hell out of it it’s not going to detach. You also can mod it to have a detachable cable or pay someone else to modify it for you later if you wish. Otherwise just later down the road upgrade to the DT 1990(much more expensive but in another league and a potential “end game” for a competitive gamer) which has a detachable cable already.

yes it’s fine… people have used Beyers products and they last for years just actually take care of it. The only thing you should really worry about is the pads themselves. After a while velour loves to grab onto grim, dirt, etc. If you have a pet or something definitely get a cheap lint roller. Store your headphones away when your not using them. You will probably need a pad change after about a year or two but they aren’t too expensive.

get verification on your motherboard(you definitely need to make sure you can power them.), change around the edition and what not, then make your decisions

I will do one better for future reference I did write this in my own write up guide on here but I will elaborate it again. So, to explain bass the main issue for competitive is the rumble that deep bass sound can rumble and block out very light sounds such as footsteps. Raised bass is usually a negative for a competitive gaming(provided your going for the most ideal). That isn’t to say you can’t equalize it out but you need extra amplification power to equalize it. This is one of the reasons people will opt for DT 880 as it has more neutral bass without the rumble issue however you lose that larger soundstage, better imaging, and even brighter treble. It’s a toss up on what you feel is better for you between these two. However, if you wanted more bass on the 880 you can also equalize them or switch their pads later.

There are some headphones that are practically the polar opposite of the ideal… it definitely takes a bit of looking into to find that out… Good example is something like an Audeze or Nighthawk Carbon as these have practically the absolute opposite of what you want. Very large amounts of bass and rumble plus a Dark sounding treble and under neutral upper mids. However, the polar opposite are more “fun” and engaging typically for the more casual gamer as its very immersive.

As for the rest of the signature to look for next to neutral or recessed bass. Upper mids are important as is the treble being raised as these are what you use to essentially highlight and bring the more subtle sounds forward such as the footsteps, breathing, glass shatter, grunts, reloading, etc

Soundstage is how large your headphone can place a sound out. The bigger the soundstage the further out you will hear. In large FPS this could cause you to even be able to place sniper shots in some cases(i have done this a few times honestly when they aren’t using a silencer). However, something to be careful of is that in some headphones while there may be a “large soundstage” it could also be more left to right or a strange oval shape so it won’t be very good at certain directions of placement. PC37x is one of those that isn’t great in certain directions… those that are more above or below or diagonal are a little rough to track while still possible its a bit iffy from my experience with them

Imaging is your accuracy of placements. Without your imaging your not going to place any sound at all… hell you could hear a sound and he’d be right next to you in your hearing but he could be all the way down a hall. The more accurate the imaging the better. (beyers tend to have extremely accurate imaging plus a 360 degree soundstage even on closed back).

in the 990s case the bass isn’t like horrendously in the way it just rumbles in some case which can screw you up every now and then depending on whats going on. It’s still respectable enough though for proper use.

ah thats very unfortunate. I am thankful to have family and friends who are in this hobby so I get to try stuff a lot.

The headphones overkill because for overwatch you don’t need a massive soundstage the game really can’t use it and you will always hear the maximum range the game allows. Plus the imaging is ridiculously accurate for a game where everythings alright loud with the characters yelling and firing loud weapons. It’s probably one of the least demanding competitive games for a headphone user lol

As for bass like I mentioned above, it’s fine to an extent it can cause some issues… but you do gain some from going that route. Plus if your okay with getting an amp/dac later on sometime you can just fix it later without much hassle on your pc. Keep in mind that use of programs in tournaments is of course forbidden.

that headphone has a legendary status on it for a good reason. It punches above its price point and sounds great but it does have some drawbacks mainly in the overall build and to be honest its not the “best” sounding bright headphone… it just really destroys most in its price point least till you get to Beyers dt series.

no big deal skip it

those are so insanely close in price I would tell you immediately get the beyer if you can drive it with power. That’s rather high in currency though for any of those. Over here shp9500 can go for $50, PC37x can go for $90 - $100, and DT 990/880 can go for $125-$200.

oh yeah that. Same headphone just some minor differences like the cable was changed in S. don’t worry about that. Not that big of a deal.

then yeah, you should be able to run the beyer. It does indeed have the duel op amps on the board.

this is always a good idea… for when your doing something else like music or whatever an amp and dac will give you better sounding audio… which is always nice in my opinion as it lets you really bring that headphone to it’s fullest.

is it going to give you amazing superb audio quality? No, is it going to drive the headphone and sound the way it needs to generically? Yes it should. I still highly recommend making sure others agree that it will power it… Recommend you create an alternative thread to this and ask. I am sure someone like M0N or one of the others can definitely verify this… just make sure to let them know you plan to get an amp/dac later on they will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction for it.

I won’t lie that I am a bit biased towards that headphone in particular. It was my first entry into good sounding audio alongside my entry level amp and dac I had at the time. I haven’t found another headphone that sounds quite like it so it’s very unique in sound characteristics. However, that unique sound can be a straight up curse due to that glaring brightness. Either headphone will work just fine for you, I don’t think you will have much issues with either just keep in mind that 990 has a lot more bass than the 880s. The 880s are more mid centric and bright which technically means they are more ideal in signature. At that point between those two? It depends on use case, and your own preferences. I definitely can’t make that call for you as both will work just fine.

Of course, though I am sure a lot of others could help you just as well as I can. I just happen to be another gamer who used to run professionally so I find it nice to help out a aspiring future pro. Also, happy birthday.

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