I want new headphones that sound like the focal elex

love my FOCAL ELEX but the driver now making lite rattling noise. are there any headphones that sound simular or better the then the Elex,price around 700 or do you guys think i should buy another ELEX

Before you do any of that, have you tried taking off the pads and opening them up to see if they have any hair or debris that has gotten to the drivers over their lifetime that you can clean or blow out? Or perhaps something like mounting screws that have come a little loose? The hair/debris thing is a common reason for driver buzz that can be pretty easy to fix. I would start with these steps.

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Thanks, ill check it out if it is a easy fix.

Blowing out any hair or debris with your own breath or a can of compressed air/duster/keyboard cleaner can be an quick and easy fix if that’s the problem. I’m not familiar with how the drivers are mounted and secured in Focals and I don’t own a pair at the moment to check, but making sure everything is tight and secure would be the next thing I’d take a look at.

After that, if you decide you’re gonna replace them, I don’t know of anything that sounds exactly like the Elex’s. The Emu Teaks come to mind because they have some similarly punchy, dynamic bass, but the treble profile is different for sure. More laid back. Plus, they’re closed backs. Some Denon and Fostex models can be close, but since they’re all closed backs based around the same dynamic driver as the Emus, they have similar issues.

Aside from grabbing another pair Elex, I’m not sure what you’d be best off doing, though I’m admittedly not super well versed in the bassy dynamic driver headphones available in that price range either so maybe someone else can chime in.

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This might help.

Mentally im prepared to go for Focal Clear if the bad day comes with Elex and are not fixable. :slight_smile:


The Clears are pretty close in price and have a three year warranty. AND you can get after warranty service, for a price of course.
Keep an eye on headphones.com for open box, etc.

I paid $839.00 a few months ago and traded my beloved Elex’s in on an amp.


i unscrewed and brushed off all of the dust and debris and the buzz is gone. thanks for the tip :+1:


No problem! I’m glad the problem has been fixed. That’s one of the most common ways to pick up driver buzz and I found that out the same way you did when a pair of my headphones started buzzing so I’m glad I could pass on some useful advice.