🔶 iBASSO IT00 Single Graphene DD

This is the official thread for the iBasso IT00

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO

[:red_circle: http://ibasso.com/cp_xq_dy.php?id=10790


Z Reviews…

I’ve just ordered a set of these, they’re in stock with a UK iBASSO dealer so should be with me next week, it’ll be my least expensive IEM since letting go of the Blon 03’s, wonder how they’ll compare to my other sets :thinking:


Look forward to hear what you have to say about them. As the one that is pushing it the hardest over at head-fi gets a lot of stuff for free from them…


Will do buddy…it’ll be honest as I have no particular allegiance to any brand and use all my iem’s weekly :+1:

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Some interesting comparison here espec the Starfield and T4…


With the way people are taking about it, I’d expect the frequency response graph to not look nearly identical to the IT01 until about 5k. Interested to hear comparisons.

In coming… got nowt on this weekend so I’ll give them a good spanking :+1:


What other iems do you have?

Final E4000
Reecho & Peacock Spring 1
Tin P1
CF Andromeda
FiiO FH7
and did have a pair of 03’s

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What do you think about the build quality? It looks pretty good on pictures but it seems it is plastic?

Seems good, they’re very light, the MMCX is v tight which is good in my book :+1:
The cable is a bit meh (tangle and…) you also get driver flex/crinkle when inserting a well sealed tip…doesn’t effect the play back sound though…
Been messing with Spinfit, Final and Spiral tips so far as they’re my go to’s…Oh btw this set doesn’t come foamies :open_mouth:

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Most iems don’t come with foams lol.

Really? I think most of mine did :man_shrugging:

Just a coincidence :joy:

There are only a handful out of my 50+ iems that has foams included.

Out of interest what out of the 50+ had foamies? :joy:

They’re available to order on Amazon now for US people. Not in stock for a little while unfortunately. Placed an order just in case they take off and sellout haha. Plenty of time to cancel if other reviews come out and say they’re crap.

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Well… It is a bit hard to remember all of them.
But here is from the top of my head.

Shozy form 1.1
Lz a6
Final audio f3100
BQEYZ spring 2

Probably some more have them. But as I don’t even use foam tips they aren’t exactly something I need to remember lol.

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and FIY the Final Audio F3100 sucks more than a black hole :joy: