IEM Cases/Storage

How do you store the IEMs in your collection?

Zeos gave me the idea of looking into a watch case to hold IEMs. It was a great idea.


In the past and until I receive my new case I have been using those wonderfully odd old Tupperware containers that nobody ever uses because of their mostly useless size… They actually work quite well and over the years my wife had collected a lot of them. I just kind of dug around in the back of the cabinets to round them up (never used) and discovered we had more then we would ever need.

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Nice collection there… I see many that I also own… Andro’s kind of stand out !

A tool case from Stanley, it’s not as pretty as a watch case but it’s very durable and they can be picked up at most hardware shops.


Yall have problems. Whether is money problems or hoarding problems, I’m not sure, its its probably one of them

and your point is??


Or Envious? :pray: Sorry :wink: :grinning:

It reminds me of Tupperware, this is how you keep them fresh and they last a long time. :+1: :smiley:


They arent collecting dust at least lol. :joy:

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agreed and with all the money tied up…just not worth the dust bunnies

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I use two of these for all of my IEMs

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Nice! I’m following in your footsteps.

It’s great seeing all of these storage options.

Reckon this would be good too?..

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