IEM discussion thread (Part 1)

Any recommendations for budget all BA set? I just want to dip my toes in this sea after seeing all reviews of Dunu SA6

Edit: perhaps KZ AS06/10?

Audiosense DT100/DT200, Aiderlot M5.

Anything below that and I would just tell you to forget about BA iems and just go for a DD/hybrid instead.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at them

No problem. :+1:

would like to trade my Thieaudio Clairvoyance for somebody’s Monarch if anyone is interested (within the EU) :slight_smile:

Looking for thoughts on the JH Angie ii if anybody has heard it.

Tin T5 review by Prime Audio Reviews


Maybe you should fix your ridiculous 4PX shipping instead of spamming social media.
This forum isn’t your discord.


Is this your revenge on us that we are stopping to provide review samples to you? I haven’t shared any spam link at this forum, just keep active, anything wrong? I’m sorry if there’s any offense.

No. I bring it up because you use a ghetto delivery service without giving buyers an option and we were talking about it less than 24hours ago

Interesting you would flat out say you stopped since you never said that to ME directly.
A8<<< I bought and praised
S8<<< I bought and praised
KxxS <<< I bought and praised
Kanas Pro <<< I bought and praised
SSR <<< I bought and SLAMMED
I paid express and you shipped 4px.
Review posted before your snail mail reached me.

You were never of any support, don’t insult my wallet. I paid. Your crap item sits wrapped (see above pic with your comment in background)
LOL at a company rep trying to shade an influencer who did not kiss their ass.

Not only are you one of the few companies to SPAM HiFiguides (This is not Headfi)
You also shit talk reviewers not on your team.


It’s illuminating enough when fellow hobbyists vet sellers for me (and reveal it in forum discussions), but it’s equally as nice when a vendor shows their ass on the forums and makes it even easier for me to decide with whom I will NOT be doing business.


Listen, we are here to share knowledge about our audio hobby with other people. One thing I (and most users here I guess), DON’T want is companies to try and sell us their products.

The only thing you can get from this is a bad reputation. My suggestion is to close your account and stop selling your products here.

@M0N FYI as one of our admins here; I think it would be beneficial, if companies were told to stay away by you guys.


Whilst I agree that company reps should only really be available in a helpful capacity rather than sending links/suggestions/images to people to promote a product. I disagree with being aggressive in how to respond to them, if you don’t like the way they are in the forums, flag it to the mods rather than tackling them head on IMO. (Not saying that Shenzhen wasn’t wrong in their response either btw)

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NEVER!!! :slight_smile:

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If someone is willing to trade, do it! Monarch > Clair.

Wouldn’t know, haven’t heard the Monarch. I legitimately LOVE the Clair, I just wish they had more of that sub-bass rumble. Everything from the midbass above is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

Or maybe I should just buy another - cheaper - set of IEMs just for bass-indulgence
The Mangird Tea? What’s the consensus on sub-bass kings (that are ~300 or below)?

The Monarch is my favorite IEM out of my collection. It is also my bass king. At times with certain recordings I’ll even admit it’s a bit much at times but it becomes addictive. I miss it when I listen to anything else, so it’s ruining me for other more balanced IEMs. The Monarch has a clearer and much more detailed midrange than the Clair and a perfect treble FR with no harshness, all with an impressive soundstage. My only gripe is the shell size. I’m thinking about having my ears surgically altered to match the Monarch shell. :wink:

The Tea is IMO a mini-Monarch, but it doesn’t have as extreme of a sub bass shelf. It does the mid clarity with a sub bass focus with non-offensive treble like the Monarch but not as extreme. If you already have the Clair, I’d hold off for the Monarch and I’d skip the Oracle. My 2 cents.

The Monarch & Clair are not as similar as many might think. I feel they are quite different.

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Not selling my Clair. There’s not as much hi-fi buyers within the EU (thanks, brexit!) and the customs gamble is always gruesome. I can wait around another six months, there’s bound to be a new bass king in the coming months
There always is

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That sounds like a great idea. I know the urge to want to hear something different just for the sake of getting to hear it is huge, but if you enjoy the Clair as much as you do, you’d probably regret letting it go when you no longer had it in hand.

I learned that lesson years ago heavily regretting selling some guitars I owned.