JH Angie (and ii) Anybody Heard It?

I’m entertaining the idea of a trade for the JH Angie ii. Not much info out there other than a big Head-Fi thread. Looks like the Angie ii came out about 5-ish years ago and retailed around $1,200. (I think.) It’s an 8 BA config in a metal shell. People say it’s got a warm tuning that is somewhat elevated through the bass and midrange, and that it is really great for vocals. Seems like it could potentially be a good complement to my Sarda if that is the case.

Looks like they typically sell for around $500 - 600 these days, but don’t come up often. If I get them I would also want to know I could offload them relatively easy if I decided I wanted to put that money toward something else. So that’s a factor.

I’m not sure whether to take a gamble on them or not. Curious if the higher end stuff from a few years ago compares to some midrange stuff today or not. So if anybody has some experience with them I would love to hear your thoughts!

Not familiar with the Angie, but I had the Roxanne which was also an all BA config from JH. I learned to appreciate them after some brain burn-in, but mostly for electronic and heavily produced pop sorts of music. I found the timbre a bit off and just not my preferred tuning for really anything else, which is most of what I listen to.