IEM discussion thread (Part 2)

This is what I was thinking as well, with all the nice speedy bass and details I feel like it needs a little bit of omph in treble.

Unfortunately I feel like the Candeza 12 is too expensive for me.

What´s your max budget?

I´m also eying Custom Art Fibae 7 Unlimited and intend to demo it sometime.

CA is a polish brand with strong price/performance ratio.

1500Eu is still very expensive though :see_no_evil:

Realistic just around 600ish US hence I am waiting for a sale, I can push to 700-800max however I just got a new DAP yesterday so I need to wait till for the next sale.

Hey, just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about you and the NAS writeup, im doing a lot of actual tests which can take a while to find issue with software as you might know.

I will give a teaser though, I managed to find something way less demanding in resources than something like Jellyfin/Plex which means I also have some more budget hardware recommendations, take a look at Navidrome and Symfonium. :wink:


The exorbitant HDD prices in my country has spilled water on my NAS fantasy! However i am enjoying vicariously through your experiences. :slight_smile:

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Maybe of interest to any of our eu community brothers?…


I received the Kefine Delci yesterday, was hoping it would replace the EA500, but it’s not my vibe and it’s for sale for my UK people.


Am I the only music loving dude here that thinks we’ve moved further away from the very reason we plug in our sets to enjoy music…just to kickback and get lost in our music and not worry too much about the tech, the new, new whatever train. IEM’s have come a long, long way since I first used them for sure but I’m not sure the new generation understands that…Tech, Driver count, dubious Waifu’s are what scores more views on the tube…and here’s me an old cunt listening to my @Rikudou_Goku buds and loving the music :loud_sound::+1::peace_symbol:



You’re a man after my ear canals. My three daily drivers are ZMF Aeolus, Sennheiser HD 6XX and Aful MagicOne. All musical, all tuning, tone and timbre, never accused of being microscopes or detail monsters.

Cohesion and musicality still reign supreme for me over ultimate detail or driver count/construction.


With you man, preaching to the choir lol. Its always what music does to/for you. I listen to japanese music from youtube so I know its compressed trash, but it still sounds great and moves me to do what I want or feel what I want to feel.


Ohm…tellin these youngins that they seem to forget what this whole crusade is all about…

The fuckin music.

hybrids…tribrids…quadbrids…fuckin octobrids…who gives a shit…

Baba O’Riley…to the butch of teenage wasteland ne’er-do-wells…does it sound good to you…if it does…that’s all that matters


6XX gang! I switch between copper modded 6XX, Thieaudio Ghost (with non stock pads) and ISN Neo 3. Nice and smooth and musical, no more thin analytical stuff for me. :slight_smile:

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Custom Cans driver weight mod on my 6XX, too! :slight_smile:


You are not alone)


These are the drivers that are used on the Aurora and possibly the Ascension…almost 30us on AliExpress but these can be bought for about 3 or 4 a piece when bought in quantity.

And yes they are , well Nicholas is a very ungrateful individual, always talking down on people as if he is the man.

No wonder no one stands his guts in Singapore…hell I get he won’t even show up an Canjam just to avoid people asking him questions.

26,40€ | IE900 Repair Dynamic Driver Diy Earphone accessories 7.5MM Earbud Dynamic Speaker Unit HIFI iem graphene Drivers


How much would you guys be willing to spend to setup your own private “spotify”?

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might not be the right thread for this, but imo probably nothing beyond what I already have since there are self-hosted solutions like navidrome, jellyfin, etc. used to use google music’s free music hosting until that got shitcanned.

Right, probably not the right thread except I want to have the opinions from iem users which are more likely to use them outside and not right at the pc where all your files is likely to be at.

been experimenting with navidrome and discovered that it is possible to run it on even something as cheap as a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W (15 usd).


Nice. Myself and some other music traders used some subsonic web-based thing a couple years ago where we had our own user accounts and could upload our own libraries, but we’ve all gone back to just soulseek, mega, or physical trades.

I think the most important factor is a good mobile client for android and iOS users.


Navidrome is subsonic based.

On android I use it with Symfonium, mainly because the UI is clean/modern, EQ is only missing q-value adjustments to be PEQ-level (and also missing low/high-shelfs) and because you can download the files on the server to your phone and save it as cached memory for offline use.