IEM discussion thread (Part 2)

Here’s my 30 minute thought after getting Titan back.

Singularity definitely punches more and punches harder. Titan digs deeper and “rumbles” more. Funny though Singularoty compared to Titan is a more refined elevated bass approach. Titan is more like a subwoofer cranked in the car approach. It has more emphasis of a sub being present. Singularity is more even in the mix like if you put an amp on your speakers without a 12” Sub. Loving them both but, from a bass head perspective they’re not redundant in any way.

Singularity also scales better to multiple genres. Titan struggles on certain genres like rock and metal but, gives that special sauce on genres like EDM and Hip-Hop. Where as Singularity can do it all but doesn’t necessarily shine bright on any genre. My take away would be that Singualrity’s special sauce is just how good it is at everything without lacking but, also not being great. I don’t mean that as a knock to it either. To date it’s the set I’ve enjoyed the most because my library and playlists are all over the place with genres and I love bass.


Guys I finally did something and risen a broken IEM set back from the dead. My Moondrop Kato that broke years ago is now alive again thanks to a seller that provided me a new 2pin female connector as a replacement for my Kato’s right piece for its stock 2pin female connector broke.

I gotta admit, the soldering process was fucking tough and there were some frustrations along the line when I was in that process, for I didn’t have the right equipment for soldering, the solder I have used was shit, and there were some few burns. In the end, it’s worth it for I have finally fixed it.

Currently in my ears right now, and what can I say, after not using this set for a long time, this is still a very good IEM, though I know my EA1000 are the more superior set than this, doesn’t mean this IEM is no longer good. Now all I have to do is to get a new cable for this, close the right ear piece’s faceplate and some new tips as well.


The sub-like presentation is no gimmick. I’m kinda the same as you since my library is a mix of stuff but the party trick of the bass hitting my sternum doesn’t get old


My review of the Simgot SuperMix4 is up in my thread:

I’ve been using my Mext since I had it back, I really really enjoy it but like Paul Wasabii stated in his video, it’s a really high level EDC

it does everything well but there’s no wow factor for my ears except maybe that even with only one earbud on, I have trouble talking to people because it’s so encompassing but it’s not as big soundstage wise to me

I know this because I’m using my UP right now and this bass slam is literally something I would kill for. I absolutely love it.

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oracle mk3 looks good. oracle mk1 graph from hbb’s database.

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FiiO FA19

First impression: sucks to photograph them :woozy_face:

Let’s have a listen


FiiO FA19 really impressed me when initially hearing it but turned out to be somewhat of a mixed bag.
I´ll keep it pretty short as I´m not too much into writing long reviews

  • midbass is a bit too much for my taste. impacting/veiling the midrange. It sounds bloaty and not as clean/punchy as it probably could with better tuning.
  • bass texture could be better, i guess it also suffers from too much midbass
  • midrange is slightly recessed, vocals are a little veiled and lacking emotions (especially female), definitely not a vocal set when there´s also a rhythm section going on. Vocal tracks with only guitar or so are better. Still missing that last bit of bite/emotion in order to being grabbed by it though.
  • treble is very detailed and at least to me never harsh or piercing but there´s quite some spice (10k upwards) that could be uncomfortable for some. To me it just sounds unnatural on certain songs, disjointed from lower treble, maybe brittle is the right word here. Treble air definitely could be reduced a bit (same as midbass) to let the midrange shine. On other tracks its perfectly fine and helps with microdetails.
  • What I like most about FA19 is how open and technical it is sounding. Separation is really good, just as imaging. All that in a decently wide stage - really nice!!!
    With the right tracks it can create a nice wrap around your head type of sound ( Max Cooper - Repetition 3D)

To conclude FA19 can sound really impressive with a lot of songs but also you can hear its flaws on other songs so therefore it is a mixed bag for me and i personally would not spend that amount for it.
Technicalities are great though! I dare to say just as good as Grand Maestro.
The midrange, to me, is the main limiting factor.
I will probably get a chance to demo Penon Voltage soon and i guess it is a direct competitor and probably fixes everything I would change on FA19. (based on graphs/reviews)

PS: I did not really bother using the switches to try out the Hi-Fi mode.
All my testing was done in monitor mode.
Looking at the graphs and what I don´t like it does not make sense to flip the switches…I did for a moment but instantly went back to monitor mode.
Even more bloat and veiled mids? no thanks

I have not tried it yet but i would probably increase subbass by 1-2 db and reduce midbass by 1-2 db.
Also reduce 10k by 1-2db



I experimented a bit with EQ and realized that the midbass is the biggest culprit and messes up the entire midrange. Reduce it by -4db at 250Hz and it becomes a completely different midrange. Voices become clearer and come more to the fore. Reducing the air frequencies also benefits the female vocals. A touch more sub-bass rounds off the whole thing for me.

I’m very impressed with the sound right now and can now enjoy the technical capabilities even more.
I now also perceive the bass as much more structured and less of a one-tone bass mush

To listen and compare:

Bass structure
Nesad Vasilic - Bass Drops
Lake Street Dive - I want you back

Woong San - Too far
LEA - Mutprobe
Blind Pilot - One red thread

Air frequencies
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams 2001 Remaster
FALCO - Zuviel Hitze 2023 Remaster



So many new IEMs folks and I have decided on an another pair. This time, my Heyday needs a fellow planar set of IEMs, and that is the Letshuoer S08 for I have heard and saw some videos about it and so far it has been good most of the part. Also apparently, it has a weird tuning to some, and me being curious right now wants to hear this “weird tuning” and it has been a while since I have bought an IEM that is not a Dynamic driver one. Time to give this one a try.


Not THAT weird, but since the Panda tuning got revised, S08 is a great bet


I just got the Artti T10 as a planar. Very solid for $50. Not too bright, not excessive planar timbre.

A solid all-arounder. Enjoying it, even with stock tips.


The past few days I’ve been enjoying the BQEYZ Cloud. It’s got a single 10mm dynamic driver with a passive radiator, retailing for $170 USD. Thanks to AudioGeek and the EU tour group for sending it along for me to try!

The sound signature has mild bass with a midbass focus and forward mids. It’s not the last word in resolution, but offers a nice smooth presentation. Vocal presentation is intimate. Despite the lower bass levels, the midbass still has a nice, satisfying tactility to it. It’s sort of the opposite of a U or V-shaped set, with little subbass or upper-treble/air. This made it a big contrast coming from the TSMR-X which has warped my brain over the past few months and is closer to my personal tuning preference. In spite of the very smooth presentation, mids/treble forward tuning may be tiring for some in longer listening sessions.

I like the build, with a light and small shell. The included cable has good earhooks, and the case is nice - just big enough to keep a dongle in alongside the IEMs. The nozzles are pretty short and not too wide, making them easy to fit. However, I found it hard to get them to seal initially. After trying many, both Penon Liquor Black and Moondrop Springtips worked great. A word of caution: because the nozzles are short and the IEMs are small, it’s easy to push them too far against your inner ear and block the port for the passive radiator, which affects the tuning. Just make sure you’re not blocking that little hole!

The IEMs are sensitive and easy to drive. They work equally well from various sources I tested, including the iPod 5.5, Qudelix 5k, Chord Mojo, and Venture Electronics RA2B-FE.

Worth considering if you’re looking for a small, comfortable IEM with a smooth, midrange-focused, and intimate sound signature. That said, at this price point and below, it’s a competitive space. Notable options (albeit with different tunings) include the similarly single-DD Meze Alba ($160) and the quadbrid Simgot Supermix 4 ($150). And for even less, single DDs like the Simgot E500LM and Kefine Delci. While I haven’t personally heard these others, they’re worth keeping in mind based on what I’ve read!


Has anyone looked into the akg n5005 recently? I’ve had my pair for a few months now and have been enjoying them. You can get them directly from Harman on ebay for $160. I’m not sure how they stack up against the current mid 100s market but the value for money is very high with these. Comes with a 2.5 cable, 3.5 cable, bluetooth neckband, full set of spinfits, and swapable nozzle filters that actually work.

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Man, so many cool stuff but for real though at some point I need to take my savings seriously for I got warned and reminded by my grandma yesterday xD I love her though and she’s not wrong, for I think she has noticed that I have been wearing different IEMs for each day lol.


Hey, any one who have softears iems can talk and discuss about them in this thread.

Just started it few days ago. Would love to see you guys show some love to this thread.

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Letshuoer S15 - The King of Planar Iems


  • Very punchy and dynamic sound for a planar
  • Excellent Fit and comfort
  • Good Stock Cable
  • Laid back yet detailed sounding


  • Sub-bass roll-off
  • Some people may want more vocal presence.
  • Price to performance ratio
  • Stage fells 2D lacks front and back depth
  • Imaging performance can be better

Specs And Driver Configuration

  • 3rd generation 14.8mm planar + 6mm R-sonic 6mm passive filtering module
  • Impedance: 35Ω@1kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 106 db

Unboxing and Accessories Package

Let’s start with the unboxing experience, which I have to say is very good. The accessories provided in the box are good. Things provided include - 1. Hockey puck style case 2. Modular Cable 3. Eartips 4. 3.5mm, 4.4mm and 2.5mm termination, and 5. Iems itself. The cable feels very premium and sturdy, which is always expected from Letshuoer. The hockey puck style case is well built, but I find it too small to fit the iems properly. Letshuoer could consider enlarging the charging case slightly to make removing and inserting the IEMs more convenient. The eartips provided are average so I suggest you to tip roll, I will highly suggest divinus velvets and dunu s&s tips with this iem.

Design, Fit, and Comfort

Lately, Letshuoer has changed the design language and color schemes of their iems. They are now opting for a more understated and professional look instead of a flashy and blingy look. We saw this design language in cadenza 4 and we see this continue in S15 as well. The iem has 3d printed resin shells with aluminum face plates. The shells are on the lighter side with a grippy texture. Despite the light shells the iem feels well built. This lightness also provides excellent fit and comfort. It sits flush in the ear, so this can be a great option as a sleeping iem. The isolation provided is good, but not the best.

Frequency Response

If I talk about sound, this is the best planar I have ever heard. It is the most dynamic and punchy planar that has been released to date. The tuning is opposite to its predecessors S12 and S12pro, they have a V-shaped signature with a lot of treble emphases where whereas S15’s sound signature is warm and laid-back yet detailed sounding.


It is the most dynamic, punchy, and tactile bass that I have ever heard on any planar iem. It still has planar characteristics like speedy bass but the decay is more natural. I don’t what Letshuoer did to achieve this, in my assumption it is the 6mm R-sonic 6mm passive filtering module at work here.

The sub-bass is slightly rolled off, but you can put tape on the top vent to fix this. Without the mod, the sub-bass is good with decent rumble and texture, I wish Letshuoer did something to fix this sub-bass roll-off. The mid-bass thumps and slams come across very authoritatively. After reading this you might ask. Is the bass comparable to a good DD iem Bass, I still have to say no but when compared among planars this is the best bass I have ever heard.


Mids are the part that can make or break this iem for you. The lower mids are on the warmer side plus the pinna gain starts at 1k and peaks at around 1.5k and then starts taper off. This tuning leads to female vocals sounding dull. Male vocals sound good tho, they are hefty and meaty sounding. Due to the upper midrange dip, the instruments also sound a bit dull. But due to this tuning choice there is no hint or harshness and fatigue present in this iem. Extended music sessions are a breeze on this iem. Now people who like warm back sound will love this iem but people who like lively vocals and listen to a lot of K-pop will not like this iem.


The treble is good, it is non-fatiguing yet detailed sounding. The air region is well extended, which helps the iem to sound more open and detailed. This is the region that needed reduction from s12 and I liked the direction that Letshuoer has chosen. People who didn’t like planar iems due to its treble should definitely try this iem.

Technical Performance

Now, let’s talk about technical performance and detail retrieval. The detail retrieval is good for the price. Maco and micro detail pick is good despite of the tuning. The technical performance is average thoo. The staging feels very 2 dimensional, side depth is good, but it fails to present front and back depth well. Instrumental separation and layering is also decent but i feel it lacks a bit in instrumental imaging, I was unable to exactly pinpoint instruments. Overall the the technical performance is good enough for the price.


So, what’s my conclusion, letshuor has released a very good competitor, in planar iem space. It takes a radically different tuning approach from its predecessor. This is my favorite planar iem currently. But, It is a bit on the pricier side for me to straight up recommend it. I would suggest you wait for a sale and try to give it a listen before pulling the trigger.

I will also release a video review of this iem, so if you want to watch that please subscribe to my YouTube channel -


Hey guys, looking for Reviewers for my upcoming collab :slight_smile:
Limited review units so will most likely be using tour groups, but if you’re interested please PM me ^^


Just a heads up
If you are negotiating money for vids these folks are sharing it by forwarding your replies.
I’m not going to out the folks asking for $500 per or $5000 for 3…you know who you are.
They are sharing that stuff
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FAIR :laughing:


Thanks for putting this out HBB.