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Didn’t find any thread where people can share their love about softears iems. So creating this thread. Feel free to share your first impressions, have discussion with other people and review softears iems.


I love vocals and perhaps that is the reason why I have most of the HPs in Senn Line up and the ZMFs. Twilight for me is an endgame IEM for vocals. In fact most of the Softears IEMs are vocal centric

Twilight is the only warm iem that I love. When I listened to it for the first time, I fell in love with it immediately.

I had the pleasure of demoing the whole lineup of softear iems. Three iems stood out to me Softears RSV, Studio 4, and Twilight.

First the RSV, I have heard a lot of great stuff about the iem, so my hopes were very high and the RSV did not disappoint. The vocals oh the vocals, they were perfect. Both male and female vocals were excellent sounding. Vocals have enough heft and body with great extension. Timber if the instruments was also very natural. Treble was good, but I found the 5-6Khz region to be a bit forward for my liking. Tip rolling might solve this, but I didn’t have the time to do so. Bass was there to complete the sound signature, it did not take your attention away from the vocals, Bass has typical BA characteristics, it was fast and snappy but lacked dynamic and punch, but it was not a deal breaker for me.

Second iem I tried after RSV was Studio 4. Man, this impressed me even more than the RSV. The iem was neutral sounding. The bass was very good for a BA, better than RSV. Bass had ample dynamics and punch. The mid-range was very good as well, some may find it on the drier side but for me it was okay. Male vocals sounded decent but female vocals sounded awesome. The instruments sounded good as well. The treble was smooth and well extended. It was was very detailed and incisive sounding without sounding fatiguing. The stage felt very open. Studio 4 is the kind of iem that I would want to add to my personal collection someday.

The last iem I tried was twilight. I tried this iem a few months earlier at a friend’s house, it was love at first sight for me. Let me say this out right, Twilight is the only Warm iem that I love. So, I was excited to try twilight again. And let me tell you, I still love this iem. I love its laid-back yet detailed sound signature. Let’s start with bass, the bass was excellent. It was rumbly, well textured with great slam and punch. The mids were tick, warm and lush sounding. Male vocals sounded fabulous they sounded heft and powerful. Female also sounded good without sounding too husky. Twilight provided a thicker replay for instruments, they sounded very warm and lush as well. The treble was the icing on the cake. It was smooth and well-extended, but it didn’t take away from the bass and vocals. It struck the perfect balance for this kind of tuning. The soundstage was on the intimate side.

These were my impressions. I was thoroughly impressed by softears lineup. My only feedback for softears will be that they should release a new iem in 200-250 dollar segment. That brings softears house sound and performance to lower tier as well. I hope I get to review these iems someday.


I tried the RSV for an extensive amount of time. Liked it most from the Aune M1P. I did found the Voice too forward but never theless, nothing ( specially 5/6khz ) was sharp for me.


I agree with you 5-6khz was forward for me too.


My review of the softears twilight

Lush sound redefined

Pros: • Constructed with high-quality materials, including metal components, ensuring durability and a premium feel.
• Vented shells give an open and airy presentation
• Lush Vocal presentation
• Bass quality is great, mid bass emphasised sound
• Tonality is excellent with a slight emphasis on clarity and detail retrieval, delivering a transparent and accurate sound representation
• Natural timbre and good dynamics

Cons: • Treble could have been better as it lacks sparks in certain tracks
• Lacks sub bass extension
• Price?


Softears is a Chinese audio brand that focuses on technology, research and development, and innovation. Although relatively young, the company has substantial experience.

The founder of Softears began working in the audio industry in 2014. The studio was officially founded in 2017 in Shenzhen, often referred to as China’s Silicon Valley. In 2019, Softears expanded by establishing an independent lab for research and development (R&D) and its own factory in Chengdu, a city known for its rich cultural heritage. Softears specializes primarily in in-ear monitors (IEMs). Their products are designed to deliver high-quality sound and comfort for extended listening sessions.

Softears Twilight is a 10mm Single DD iem

This review reflects my personal and subjective listening experience with the mentioned audio gear product. I would like to thank Conceptkart and @gadgetgod for organizing this review tour in my country and allowing me to share my thoughts on the product, it doesn’t influence my review in any form and nor I am compensated.

Before I start, I would like to mention that most of my impressions of the gear is based on the source and test tracks mentioned, so YMMV.

Sources: Mojo 2 + Poly via AirPlay, Apple Lightning dongle


Bollywood 60%, Indian Classical 25% and Western Pop 15%
Before I start, I would like to mention that most of my impressions of the gear is based on the source and test tracks mentioned, so YMMV.

Sources: Mojo 2 + Poly via AirPlay, Apple Lightning dongle


Bollywood 60%, Indian Classical 25% and Western Pop 15%

Listening preference

I like balanced sounding sets, particularly with good vocal and lower frequencies, I love bass Smiling face with smiling eyes :blush: but cannot sacrifice Mids. Stage and Imaging do wow me but that’s not something I keenly go for in the set, comfortable listening takes priority. I love Single DD iems Smiling face with smiling eyes :blush:

Listening preference

I like balanced sounding sets, particularly with good vocal and lower frequencies, I love bass Smiling face with smiling eyes :blush: but cannot sacrifice Mids. Stage and Imaging do wow me but that’s not something I keenly go for in the set, comfortable listening takes priority. I love Single DD iems Smiling face with smiling eyes :blush:



Sensitivity: 116dB/Vrms @1kHz

Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4)

Frequency range: 15-40kHz

(1/4’ freefield, -3dB)


Housing: 5-axis finely engraved anodized aluminum alloy

Driver size: 10mm

Diaphragm: PU suspension diamond-like dome

Build and package

Constructed with high-quality materials, including metal components, ensuring durability and a premium feel.

Since it was a review unit, I didn’t get the complete package, so the experience is limited to what I received.

It comes with a soft and supple 2 pin cable terminated into 4.4mm balanced, the shells are rectangular in shape which looks different than the competition for sure and the nozzle is a bit slanted for better fit, I got a very good fit with the Twilight. Tips used during my extended listening of these iems were Lacquer black tips which have become my recent favorites.

First impressions The Softears Twilight in-ear monitors provide a an extremely lush kind of audio experience with exceptional detail and precision across the frequency spectrum. This goes neck to neck with my Beyer Xelento in the production of the lower shelf. The open vents give it an open and Airy presentation, vocals are lush, and bass will satisfy your craving however wanted a bit more sparkle in the highs.


Starting with the bass, the Twilight delivers a controlled and articulate low end that strikes a balance between depth and accuracy. Bass notes are tight and well-defined, in my view, twilight would suit various genres as the frequencies don’t overshadow each other and maintains good balance. However, to note the sub bass takes a back seat here and the mid bass takes the center stage in terms of presentation. Bass has weight and good depth.


Moving to the treble, the treble is airy and detailed, adding brilliance and energy to the instruments. It maintains a smooth and non-fatiguing presentation while still capturing intricate nuances in the music. While detailed, the treble extension lacking a bit of sparkle and it is one of the aspects I desired for more in this set, the resolution in the highs could have been better.


Vocal presentation on the Twilight is captivating, with lush and expressive midrange reproduction. Vocals are rendered with intimacy and clarity, allowing the emotion and subtlety of vocal performances to shine through. Vocals and instruments are captured with lifelike clarity and emotion.

Male-Focused Track:

The Twilight brings out the nuances and emotions in male vocals exceptionally well. There’s no nasality or harshness in the midrange. The clarity and lifelike quality make it a joy to listen to Bollywood melodies.

Female-Focused Track:

When it comes to female vocals, the Twilight maintains its naturalness and musicality. The midrange captures the richness and transparency needed for soulful Bollywood songs. Glowing star :star2:

Instrumental Track:

On tracks with strings, cymbals, and other instruments, the Twilight carries the energy with aplomb. Its articulate presentation ensures that every detail shines through.

Stage and Imaging

The soundstage of the Twilight is both expansive and immersive. It boasts impressive height and width, creating a spacious sonic environment that enhances the overall listening experience. Instruments are well-placed within the soundstage, offering a sense of depth and dimensionality that draws you into the music. During my first listen, I was quite surprised with the openness of the sound and the height of the stage, in my experience the stage is taller than wider. Especially due to ventilated shells, the presentation is airy and open.

Imaging on the Twilight is precise and accurate, allowing for precise placement of instruments and vocals within the soundstage. This level of detail and imaging accuracy adds realism and immersion to the music, making each track come alive with clarity and separation.


Overall, the Softears Twilight in-ear monitors deliver a refined and sophisticated sound signature with emphasis on controlled bass, expressive vocals, expansive soundstage with impressive height and width, precise imaging, and intricate details. the Softears Twilight offers a balanced and refined sound signature, making it a great choice for music enthusiasts who appreciate clarity, depth, and an immersive listening experience.

Whether you’re enjoying soulful Bollywood melodies or energetic instrumentals, the Twilight delivers. They are a superb choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled listening experience.

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Thanks for sharing a detailed review :handshake:. Excellent read.

I appreciate that you liked the review.

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Softears Twilight - My #1 recommendation under $1000

(The only IEM under $1000 which made me lose track of time)

Disclaimer - This IEM is provided to me by Concept Kart for review. No one paid or influenced me to write anything good or bad about this product. All thoughts and opinions are mine and true to my findings.


Softears is my favourite company in Audio right now. I love their philosophy towards neutral sound. Not only do they avoid releasing products left and right saturating the market but they also make every IEM with care, and it is very prominent when you listen to their IEMs. I loved Studio 4 and adored RSV. Now it’s the time for Twilight to prove its stand and I am so glad they passed the test with flying colours.

Philosophy Of the Tuning

The main aim of the tuning of this IEM is “neutrality packed in a fun and expansive experience”. I love neutrality and Softears excels in this tuning. This is why it resembles so much with my taste in music that I had to give it a 5 Star and nothing else.

Let’s discuss the tonality in detail.


The sub-bass of this IEM only exudes itself if the songs are asking for it. If the music contains deep extension it reaches deep to extract every bit of detail in the subbass. The most exciting thing about the sub-bass is the Room Feeling experience it has. It is not huge/high in amplitude but the delivery reminds me of a subwoofer in a large room. If we go into the specifics, we can hear extremely textured sub-bass in action. The initial attack is good, not too fast not too slow. The authority is above average for a neutral IEM at this price. But as I said the authority increases when songs ask for the authoritative nature in the songs. The rumble is there but it won’t feel physical as such.

In one word the subbass is “excellent” for a neutrally tuned IEM.


The attack of the bass is very good. The deep extension that we can hear in the subbass section beautifully retained its qualities in the midbass too. The decay of the bass is very natural. There is no bleed in the mid-section because of the bass. It’s clean and separated through and through. I will talk about the power requirements later on but the more power you give to them, the more fuller it sounds. It exudes slight warmth in the mids which plays excellently to my liking and my library.

To conclude, I would say this won’t produce bass with extremely high amplitude but it is more than satisfying to me at this price.


Now come to the most important part of the frequency response, The Midrange.

Lower Mids

This IEM produces very neutral lowermids with a slight tilt towards warmth. It won’t sound warm/lush with every song you throw at it but if the song demands warmth it provides that to the fullest. There are a few genres in Indian music which sound extremely breathtaking for this nature as well as more popular genres which require opposite expertise/tuning methodology in the lower midrange.

The textural information is above average for the price. It won’t sound extremely textured not it will sound underdetailed. But definitely, it balances the resolution in the micro-contrast and micro-details, where it won’t sound too upfront not too pushed away from portraying the details and the intricacies.

The timber on the set is well done. No artificial tonality of any kind of instrument can be noticed here. Everything sounds super natural and engaging. Although I will talk about its timber later on in the review.

To conclude this section, I can say that this IEM is among the best IEMs I heard under $1000. I lost for hours and hours while listening to music, which is not something I achieved at this price point in the past.

Upper Mids

To take things a bit further, the upper midrange contains all the qualities of the lower mids but a little bit better, more refined & more controlled. The upper mids made the presentation even more engaging and lively.

Mids on Twilight is breathtaking, to say the least.


On the last piece of the puzzle, treble. Where with no surprise, twilight scores very high.

Lower treble is as beautiful as it gets under $1000. It flows beautifully, with no sweat. There are no peaks/sharpness that can be noticed whatsoever. It resembles borderline neutral to my ears. The treble is full of intricacies, details and resolution. The control and refinement are excellent. No cheap tricks they did to make it seem a bit more resolving than it is.

The upper treble also resembles the same attributes. The speed is very good, it feels very snappy. This part of the treble is full of air yet no amount of sibilance can be noticed. The upper treble is Refined, well controlled with excellent transparency.

The one word that came into my mind after hearing this IEM is how effortless it sounds.


The percussion instruments like Snare & Drums sound well in this IEM.

Other than that, String and Air Instruments sound very good along with cymbals and instruments that contain a lot of high registers. The bite and attack I search for in every IEM are there with all the fanciness. The instruments don’t sound claustrophobic with low extension in both extremes of the FR. They sound like, they are recorded in a well-spaced room.


This IEM has the best technicalities I heard for under $1000.

The soundstage is huge and holographic (I don’t use this term lightly). The 3D representation it gave me is unlike anything I heard till now in IEMs below $1000. The spaciousness and air it produces is simply jaw-dropping. The scope of the stage is huge and kind of resembles a 1:1 project, which is incredibly lifelike.

The imaging complimented this soundstage with full confidence. I can pinpoint every instrument on the stage with no confusion and incredible precision. It wraps 360 degrees around my head and makes well-mastered tracks sound phenomenal.

This IEM is the king of the technicalities.

The resolution on this set is good. It resolves less than something like IE900 but it excels something like Monarch MKII.

The dynamic range of this IEM is very high. It can go from lows to highs very quickly, and exhibit a very natural feeling towards the transitions. I am very amazed by the dynamics it can produce with a single driver.


This IEM is my #1 recommendation to anyone who likes the neutral bass-boosted sound. It says it all, I can’t find even a single thing that I disliked about this IEM


Thanks for sharing your review. :handshake:

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