IEM fit & comfort nightmares

Has the fit/comfort of an IEM been so bad it was a total deal breaker for you?

I would enjoy hearing your stories about your favorite and worst fitting IEM experiences.

Share your horror stories!

Tin Hifi P1, tried all my tips and only the Azla sedna and the Symbio W (foam + silicone) worked but fit is still bad and when I pull them out of my ears the tips stay in my ears most of the time.

Blon BL-03, O-ring + JVC spiral dot still very finicky fit but once it is in and sealed, it is just ok.

Sony EX800ST, very weird fit but actually works for me. Sadly the stock cable´s memory hooks are making it worse.

Audiosense DT200 and the Fiio FH3, feels like they are melting into my ears. Basically perfect fit on both.

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While not a nightmare, the pure weight of the oh10 just didn’t work for me, any tip I tried just wouldn’t hold it in my ear, like it was comfortable until it would inevitably star to fall out of my ear lol, don’t think I’ve ever had an iem that was too heavy since then lol

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X2 I still use and love them but it does take awhile to get a good fit and try not to move about too much.

yeah, they sound amazing with EQ but the fit just makes me want to throw it away sometimes…

Luckily it looks like the P2 at least fixes the fit issue…

I’ve been struggling with two IEMs, trying to get them to fit comfortably. The ISN H40 and the Mangird Tea. They both insert quite deeply into my ears.

Somehow, the Mangird Tea has worked its way out, but I was about to give up on it quite a few times. At first, I couldn’t wear silicone tips without the DD freezing. I experienced inner ear suction that made it feel like my eyes were getting sucked into my head. Somehow, it is great now.

The H40 hasn’t been as bad as the Mangird Tea, but it doesn’t seem to be improving like the Mangird did with break-in. The H40 shells are large and deep. It feels as if the tips slowly just suck themselves deeper and deeper into my ears. I have to re-seat them to keep them comfortable. I hope they break in.

The worst experience I’ve had was partially due to my inexperience with IEMs and why I hate the Tin T2. I bought the Tin T2 on Zeos’ recommendation. I tried everything I could to get them to sound good but they wouldn’t stay in my ears. They pushed their way out. It drove me crazy. I didn’t even know what IEMs were supposed to sound like since I had to force them so deep into my ears to any bass.

I wish more reviewers would describe their experience with IEM’s fit, comfort, if there is driver flex and inner ear suction through insufficient venting. It would help listeners steer away from earphones they want nothing to do with if there are fit issues they already know will be deal breakers for them.

The Fiio and Moondrop IEMs fit me extremely well. The FH7 and FH3 are my favorite fitting IEMs. Unlike most, I have no issues with fit with the Blon BL-03 or Urbanfun. I just need to use large tips with them. I wish they pushed a little further into my ear but I really have no problems with either of them.

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Do keep in mind that since everyone has different ear canals, some might get driver flex while some dont depending on your ears. Along with size, if the iem is too big or too small.

I believe you should know that though :joy:

I know, but it would be nice if reviewers kept these issues in mind. I want to hear if they think there isn’t proper venting for the DD creating “possible” suction issues etc…

Here HiFi Dreams does a fantastic job talking about this issue with the Mangird Tea…

Just a suggestion to keep in mind that consumers may value in a review. I know I would.

yeah I know, thats why I include them in my reviews.

Fortunately for me I rarely get driver flex.

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For me the first was the zsx… Simply too damn big and put pressure on my outer ear. Next was the Tape with its odd shape it stabbed my ear among one of its edges. Same for the T2…that machined body is,good and all until a sharp 90 metal edge feels like its cutting into your ear LMAO. The EX800st was Wierd, but not uncomfortable, still look dorky with them sadly lol

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Why do people get stressed about driver flex?..about half of my IEM’s that have DD’s suffer from it to varying degrees, but once fitted there’s no problem.


Well since I rarely get it, IF I do get it, it stands out more from the other iems.

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Damn! That sounds like torture. Have you found IEMs that fit you well with no pain?

Because the only IEM I recognized it failed. IT00. Now I’m paranoid if I hear anything inside the IEM while insertion.

My Vega’s can flex, so does the IT00 of course and the Springs do depending on tips and all them have been used a lot…the FH7 doesn’t neither does the E4000 so :man_shrugging:

I had no idea what driver flex was until I heard it on the IT00. It was horrible. Now that I understand what it is and what to listen for, I can hear it in many IEMs. The Urbanfun being another pretty big offender.

I don’t hear it on the FH7 either, but I think I heard it with the FH3 strangely. It was very subtle, but I think it was there.

6-7 years ago, I made a run through multiple models of Earsonic IEMs. (an aside: this is also when I learned I am not down with all-BA setups…unless tech has made huge strides since then).

Something about the shell shape + short nozzles = could not even get good shallow insertion. Universals that go for CIEM-esque shape cause me issues UNLESS the nozzles are atypically long’ish. A more current example, I assume, would be the BLON-03 (based on description…I haven’t actually tried these).

Hell, I tried rigging-up Franken-tips, using cores removed from Comply foams, but that just caused other issues, like the eartips ALWAYS getting stuck in my ears when removing the IEMs. I just gave up and sold/traded. Cost me a decent chunk of money to learn the lesson that I simply won’t buy an IEM if it is clear the nozzles are short.

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I just received the Moondrop Starlight, but can’t stop thinking maybe the FH3 was a better option. As I find the Moondrop a tad heavy for long term use. Do you have any experience with these in terms of fit and maybe sound?

I’m now having doubts about the Fiio FD5’s I just bought. I got them to replace my FH3’s as I read the FD5’s were great in regards to imaging and separation. And they are, but the sharp edges of the shell become uncomfortable after a few hours of use. Not terribly so, but enough to negatively impact my listening enjoyment, to the point I’m not sure the FD5 is that much better than the FH3. Sucks, cause I really enjoy their sound.

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A shame, the FH3 does have a more conventional “custom-like” shell so it is very likely to fit more people than the FD5.