IEM recommendation sub $200

Hi, I’m looking for a sub $200 IEMs for music to chill, relax and study to. Wanted to get a pair of really nice ones for the price so I’m set for a while.

I don’t really have much experience in iems and the selection is even more overwhelming than over ear headphones.

Sound wise:
I’m not a fan of m50x’s v-shape where the vocals get drowned in the bass and treble. I rly like my HD58X and HE4XX and down for something similar to these sound wise. I also am using the Tin T2’s and kinda dig the sound. I’m not a crazy basshead, so something with decent bass is fine (felt like SHP9500 wasn’t enough). Vocals are pretty important for me.

I use the bus almost daily, and I’ll be really happy to block most of the engine noise as much as possible.
It’s gonna be powered by a Fiio BTR3, so i guess it needs to be pretty efficient.

I did some research on these two, what do you think? Not gonna lie, they caught my attention cause to me they’re pretty sexy looking haha. Perhaps there are even better options for a cheaper price that I’m not aware of.

  1. Moondrop KXXS/ Starfield
  2. Ikko OH1/OH1

Thank you!

2 Likes just want to drop these as the starfields are looking super promising. others Ive seen call it the direct upgrade to BLONs


I just ordered these, but I’m hoping it doesn’t come with a side of coronavirus. Not sure when I’ll receive them, but they sound promising from what little info that’s floating around in the internets.


Thanks! I’ll do some more research on these.

They sure look rad and classy as all get out.

OH10 is more V than the OH1 when you compare graphs from crin. So the OH1 is more chill per that standard. Outside of that all of my iems have been on the intense side, but if you lower the volume the shuoer tape will prob treat you well and sound pretty good.

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Aren’t the tapes an electrostatic iem and thus needs a lot of power to drive? Will a btr3 have enough juice

They are actually incorrectly described as electrostatic, its actually a magneto static driver(or something) from what someone else described, something entirely different. It takes so little power its not even funny, they get loud so no power issues.

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You should give the TRN V90 a try, its a nicely balanced but lively sound.
Best part is that it’s easy on the wallet!

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Huh, might have to do more research on these then. Im guessing they’re very detailed and narrow? How’re vocals on them?

Forward vocals, almost shout hence the slightly lesser volume. Incredible detail in the treble. My only complaint is that the bass isn’t quite as tight as say a p1, but it does have good presence and punch so it is a more full sound imo. Also soundstage is wide except for vocals which are stepped in front, fantastic imaging as well. They inspired me to get electrostatic headphones and I’m glad i did lol :slight_smile:

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I own the Ikko OH-1 and they are amazing. The only IEMs that I own that sound better are the Campfire Audio Orion, and they only sound slightly better.

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If you like the sound of the Harman curve then you could save a few bucks and go with the Shozy 1.1?..

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Haven’t read reviews, but from the fr chart the mids look pretty recessed.

These sound rly interesting, how do they fit? Do they isolate sounds well?

I was complaining about harman fatigue back when the akg k371 came out it was a legit concern for me as I didnt like the direction everyone is going with going with the same tuning.

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@RiceGuru Apparently the Starfield have the exact same sound signature as the KXXS?

@hazi59 what do you personally like about them?

according to crin, for the most part. he apprently like the starfields a little more


For me I had to add some soft material to the outside to keep it from bothering my ears, those edges are smooth but in bad positions for my ears, no issues now. Isolation is good, but not the most I’ve ever had out of an IEM.

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I like a lot about the OH-1. They fit my ears very well. I ordered the ikko memory foam tips and they are very comfortable. They are easy to drive. I love the bass response and the separation. The soundstage is very good for an IEM. The price is very fair, and the build quality is spectacular. There is not a lot to dislike about the Ikko OH-1…