IEM Tip Discussion

I hope someone can point me towards some tips that are the same shape, bore diameter, and most importantly material as the Tin P1 stock foam tips.
I’ve tried dekoni tips which I like but they don’t always get the best seel and are a little bit rough of a material.
I love the material on the ikko i-planets but the shape isn’t for me and they don’t always fit on the IEM nicely.
Comply foam tips are crap. The material is rough, sticky, and feels like it will disintegrate in a week. At best they have a similar fit to dekoni but just feel horrible.

So in short, I want Tin P1 stock foams or dekoni tips made out if ikko tips foam material.

Thanks for any help and feel free to discuss any tip related topics/issues here.

I’m using INΛIRS AIR2 which work for me on the P1’s, I also use comply but they are grippy and don’t last long …

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Is it just me or are these ikko i-planet tips?

Also the M430s size might be what I’m looking for. I’ll see here in a few days.

So I ordered these

The red ones I got both medium and large since the size is so similar. Hopefully these MUCH cheaper options will be better than comply.

I couldn’t find those on Amazon USA. But they look like a good option for Europe.

Let us know your thoughts when you get them :+1:

So all of these are definitely better than comply. The red ones are a more foam like texture, similar to dekoni tips, but are also a rather firm memory foam. The large size is close to the medium, but when in comes to things stuffed in your ears that ~0.5mm makes a difference. Overall I like them.

The Misodiko ones are the real winner. They are a VERY similar material to the ikko i-planet tips but are shaped like dekoni/comply/Tin P1 stock tips. This means that they fit GREAT and DON’T rub your ear canal and cause irritation. The bore size I got it pretty tight on the Tin stuff and Shouer Tape but still fits on more easily than comply tips. There are also like 4 different bore sizes so this is a non-issue. These are the only tips I’ll be get from now on.


So I was looking to see if I can snag a cheap P1. I dont think I’ll grab a P1, but I did find on AliExpress that TinHiFi sells their tips now.

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Awesome! I remember seeing somewhere that they intended on selling Tin HiFi branded accessories. Maybe this is the start of that?

You know what, I think I saw these on Amazon. I’ll have to look for them again later.

It’s probably what they will ship with the T4’s.

I got 2, so 8 pairs of tips for <$9. I was about to pull the trigger on the Dekoni tips on Massdrop, but I figure I want to receive them sooner.

Found them plus another ikko i-planet like tip

Edit: also found these

Ikko like tips

These seem a little off but are similar enough


Ok. So I bought the fist two I linked in my post above. The ALXCD tips and the Zisure tips seem to be the same material. The material is very similar to the Tin T2 stock tips. The ALXCD tips are a bit to small to fit on my P1 but fit the Tape and T2 without much trouble. They are also a touch smaller than the Zisure tips (which fit everything fine) despite all being medium. I still need to try them out for an extended listening session but first impressions are good. I was worried since the actual T2 tips made my ears itch but that seems to have been the large size rather than the material.

The ALXCD tips came with a useless cleaning rag that did little more than get little white bits of fuzz all over them. The Zisure tips where clean but had some thin rubber flaps inside the bore on only the blue ones than I had to peal of with some tweezers.

Also I did the math and the Zisure ones are $4 cheaper if you get one of each color (each one comes with 2 sets of tips).

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I’m trying to find foam tips that fit the GuideRay iems. They say they are a 3.3 mm nozzle, and I’m having no luck finding any that are for that specific size. They’re all larger. Anyone seen anything that might work for me out there?

Ive got these in the 5.5mm size, and they do a 3mm size. No complaints, they fit well on my ZS10pros, don’t come off when removing from my ears and are damn comfortable. They aren’t the super sticky type and i just kinda wiggle em’ in which is nicer than compressing them IMO.

And…they don’t ship to the US. Oh well, am trying some Dekoni tips right now because reasons. They haven’t fell off, like I expected them to.

Been using new bee foam tips no complaints so far cheap and has the best fit so far for my small ears . I’ve tried comply and dekoni

Try these. I personally live the smooth exterior of the foam and fit the best of any tip I have tried. The M300/M300S should be the right size boar.

Dekoni also makes a smaller boar tip if that’s not what you are trying right now.

The Dekoni look like what I’m looking for. Shame I can’t order a 3 pack of just large. Oh well.

Just order directly from their website, just happens Pastah posted some discount codes for them on Zeos’ unboxing channel a few days ago

They also go on drop for like $10 every now and then.

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