IEM tips for TINY EARS


Throughout my life my choice in headphones has been completely dictated by the size of my ears. I love the seal and portability of IEM’s but there simply seems to be no size of over-the-counter earbud that will fit in my tiny ears, with smaller than normal ear canals.

The solution I found was to buy a pair of Custom Item’s molded to my ear: I elected for 1964 Audio’s A3’s at a decent enough price.

Looking through ZeosPantera’s reviews on more recent Item’s such as the Tin P1, I wish I could try them… And it appears I may able to, but only with the emergence of ADV Custom tips.

Is this the only option? Am I missing widely available high-quality universal tips for small ears/ear canals?

hey there…I know the problem of having small ear canals, which is why I looked at the Final Audio E2000’s. they are a small 6.3mm driver and they come with 5 tip sizes and the two smallest fit. so take a look at them :slight_smile:

You’re not the only person to have this issue. Is it only the ear canal diameter that’s small? What about the outer ear? Some IEMs will support smaller tips better than others.

Another similar post:
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Outer ear has never been uncomfortable for me. Rather, the issue is that the tips continually “fall out” of my ear as they cannot enter all the way after a very short time listening (I.e. less than a minute).

This post looks helpful, thank you for the link.

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As I mentioned in that post, the Shure series will potentially support small ear canals better than the Tin P1. Look at the photos of both without the ear tips and you’ll see what I mean.

I think the idea I’m going for is: Are there an after-market pair of tips that are ludicrously small out there? I already have a pair of custom IEM’s, so I’m looking to be able to replace the tips of future IEM’s I want to buy. That’s why I mention the P1’s: I’m interested in trying them (not the Shure’s, unfortunately) and if there is no way to buy a pair of universal tips that are small enough I will probably resort to the ADV Custom silicone tips I mentioned.

a lot depends on the diameter of the driver tube that goes into your ear. once you know that, check out comply foam’s website.