In-ears for freakishly small ears

The freakish small ears belongs to my wife, I’ve stopped counting how many earbud and IEMs and tips I had her try on either without success or some success accompanied by freakishly small bleeding ears. I’m sure there’ll be a wise ass who’ll say “Duude, you should try on-ears”. Yes, thank you! I got her a pair of PortaPro which she likes but I’m still hoping to find some in-ears that will fit. So anyone out there who shares their life with a freak like mine who found something that fits in those pinholes?

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Check out Etymotic ER3XR or the more flat sounding SE-Version.
But not so many people like the very deep insert IEMs they produce

Is it the ear tip max diameter the specific problem? If the smallest ear tips on the market still don’t fit, your best option might be getting some custom tips. Of course that probably won’t be cheap. Maybe you could DIY something? You’ll also want to focus on IEMs with particularly small ear tip stems. Take a look at the Shure SE series.

The Shure really doesn’t fit, at all. IT’s the tip size but also rthe size of the earbud itself, it just won’t stay in there

I brought up the Shure SE series as example of something that had a small ear tip stem. The “Universal IEM” form factor it has is not that universal when compared to the straight form factor like in the Final E4000. Athletic earbuds often come with extra clip to help them stay in; but I doubt those would work . Without more info, I can only assume custom IEMs are your only option. But those are expensive, so I’d just stick with headphones.

I think you’re right, customs might be the solution. But before I go and spend all that money on customs, I might first try Decibullz custom molded (but not really) earbuds so she can get a feel for customs before going all in.

Well, after 5 months of arduous searching, I can report that I have found the best in-ear earphones for people (like my wife) with freakishly small ears. The Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-K sound great and cost only around 10.00$. At that price, I’ll let you try them out yourselves. I included a pic of my wife wearing both the KZ ZSN Pro with Dekoni Bullets Tips Small (Mercury) and the Panasonic ErgoFit.


Have a friend that has tried many many IEM with his very small ear’s and i recommenced Bose SoundSport to him. They probably have one of the smallest tip of them all? Tiny tub like sound delivery tip. Stay Hear tips as they call them, fits the shape of your ear.
Package included 3 different size tip’s, the smallest being really small.

My friend has liked them very much, since they fit and stay in. Also the “sport” side brings sweat and weather resistant so you basically can go swimming with them.

Her ears look really small lol, specially on the left with those iems looking massive. Thankfully your journey came to an end!

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Wow, there is no way those would fit in her ears. She would consider that a torture device. Thanks for the suggestion

You may want to look into the KBEar F1. It’s a single BA iem with a very minimal housing and straight-down MMCX cables.

You probably did not understand.
The very small “tube thing” that “goes” inside the ear is smaller than a cotton swab and shorter like 1/3 of the swabs tip itself… How it cannot fit !?
This is not the small tip so the tube part is smaller and the “shape part” also much much smaller.
Hole tip (white part) is super soft silicone/gel thingy? that shapes with ear so it’s kinda perfect fit for anyone. Smallest tip fits for 7 year old…

There are also change tips that do not have that tube thing, never goes in the ear tube… so it only hangs on outher ear. C’mon now…
Not a torture device the very opposite of it. :wink:

Does she fancy True Wireless? I have this problem but I got SpinFits with my ZSN Pros and added an hour or two before my ears get fatigue with the size. I’ve been wanting to try TWS buds but they all look so gigantic as well!