IEM under 270 that has good vocals and midrange

I’m looking for an IEM that can play midrange super well, have good imagine, soundstage and vocals at a sub $270 price point. I like to have that realism too. I hate bright, and harsh highs, I also dislike thin bass. I would like the IEMs to be comfortable since I wear them a lot during the day, so a more enjoyable tonality. I also would like if it were easier to drive since I would be taking this IEM outside. Thanks in advance.

If I were to really stretch the budget than 300.

Here are a few to check out in your price range…

TANCHJIM Oxygen, Fiio FH3, Mangird Tea, Thieaudio Legacy 3,4,5

I second the Oxygen, FH3 I dont think is in the running if he has issues with bright iems.

Btw how does the Tea sound like? I havent being able to get my hands on one yet

Both the Oxygen and the Mangird Tea would be my suggestions for best mids. The Oxygen will be more neutral and the Tea will have a larger sub bass focus.

The FH3 is generally just a great recommendation overall and will come in considerably under budget.

Are the tea’s sensitive I plan on just using the iphone dongle ngl

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The Mangird TEA fits your preference description. And yes, it is driven easy with phone dongle.

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I’m at 50% right now and they are quite loud.

Same here. :+1:

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I haven’t listened to these in a while because I’m always trying out the next thing, but every time I come back to the Mangird Tea, it always shocks me how good it sounds. This is one of the best IEMs I’ve ever purchased.

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May I ask what dongle you are using on your iPhone?! I usually use the Apple lighting to 3.5mm dongle, but it is very fragile!

TRI Starseas, I heard those are good for the price that you are getting with those, especially when it comes to vocals according to some of the users who have it.

Take it with a grain of salt though for I have not heard any of its sound nor do I have my own set, but the reviews I am seeing from it are overall positive.


I would remove the Oxygen from your candidate list as well, that one is bright and doesnt have much bass either.

I use DDHifi dongles.

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a lot of people say that I should save up for the moondrop blessing 2, what is your opinion and how does it compare to the Mangrid Tea?

I’ve never heard it primarily due to suggestions from this site. Poor timbre is what I’ve heard but a lot of people seem to like it for its price. It’s over your price limit though.

Oxygen >>> B2

But still, I doubt you like either of them. They are both on the bright side and not very bassy (especially the B2).

Rad - thanks!

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I’m considering buying the tea’s but how does it compare to the lokahi since I’ve heard good things from BGGAR

I owned the Lokahi and sold it.

I prefer all my other IEMs with dynamic drivers more. The Lokahi comes closer to the imapct of a DD than other all BA IEMs but it still wasn’t there for me. It’s very good for (an all BA set). I also had inner-ear suction issues with the Lokahi even though it appeared to have a large vent. I also felt the Lokahi was cheaply built. Currently, the Lokahi is completely unavailable.

I suggest you take BGGAR’s advise anyway (as I usually do) and check out where he ranks the Mangird Tea in his tier list. He ranks it S-.

I bought these because I’ve been interested to know how these stack up vs my other IEMs and to be able to answer this question.

These are quite good and are in competition with the Mangird Tea. It’s just the difference between a VERY neutral/flat tuning vs one that’s a little more laid back with a sub bass emphasis.

Both the Tea and the Blessing 2 are worth their asking price. The Blessing 2 are larger and heavier, so I’d suggest the Tea if the size scares you. I’d also rec the Tea if you want a more enjoyable listen vs analytical.

I like both of these IEMs quite a bit for this price range.

Hope this is helpful.

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