IEMs that are considered upgrades to Fiio FH3

It’s been quite a while since I listened to the FH5, but if memory serves…

The FH7 and FH3 sound similar with their beryllium DDs and BAs. I feel the FH3 is the premier bass performer and the FH7 is more treble focused. The FH5 sounds the most different from the other hybrids.

I feel Crin did a great job of describing the FH5.

“Neutral with bass boost - Stellar bass response and decent technical ability, not much to fault.”

FH5 does not have the beryllium DD the FH3 & 7 have, so it doesn’t have the bass technical performance but it’s not bad. Like I said earlier, many genres of music probably won’t even benefit much from that level of performance. The FH5 is a nice sounding, inoffensive listen. When I first heard it, I thought it sounded similar to studio monitors.

From what I’ve seen/heard, the FH5 has been a popular IEM with a following that love it.



I am thinking about to change the standard cable
on my fiio fh3 with the fiio LC-RE

I ask myself if there is really a benfit

Did you ever run the cable with your fh3



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To be honest if you’re spending that money you might as well buy the FiiO FD5, that way you get a nice cable and a very good IEM to change things up. I bought the FAAEAL Litz for my FH3. There is a topic dedicated to cables which has some good recommendations and @Rikudou_Goku has a Google drive linked in his thread (first post) where he has a nice ranking for cables.


Hello Martijn,

thanks for your feedback. Sounds good and makes sense.
I am very happy with my FH3 but the FD5 are very interesting.

I think I will go with a new pair of Fiios

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Have the FD5 and love them, curious how soundstage on the tea compares to the FD5.

I ordered both FH3 and FD5 and returned the FH3 cause everything it does the FD5 outperforms it, can’t recommend them enough. Rolling spinfit cp 100 tips and felt an increase in bass and soundstage.


Hi. This is my first comment in HifiGuides. Just signed up 10 minutes ago. I am using FH3 + Q3 + phone now. I’ve read all comments above, thought FD5 is good upgrade yet few concerns. FD5 has recessed vocal/mid than FH3. FH3 has better imaging and more detailed mid (but less natural).
Currently FH3 i need to EQ and MESB (Hiby Music app), to make it sound the best to my ears. Basically from default FH3, I need a little bit more bass thump and extension, more forward vocal, a bit more airer and crispier high vocal. Detailed vocal is a must, I like the tiny vibration of vocal. If possible, wider soundstage. Price erm… maybe 1.5-2X times of FH3. Other brand also can. Any suggestion?
For MESB setting, I set a lot less for bass extension and texture (make bass lighter and faster, because Q3 bass mode gives too much bass, creating unpleasant vocal resonance). Then I set vocal more detailed/ crisp, to counter the bass mode. Unfortunately vocal become more recessed. Also set air more crisp a bit.
For EQ setting, so I up a bit on 1-2kHz to make vocal/ mid more forward. That’s it.
Thieaudio Monarch is out of budget. Maybe I should try buy secondhand 4.4 balanced cable first (FiiO LC-4.4C) .Currently stock cable is LC-3.5B. Just worry sound difference is too little.
I also got Tin Hifi T5 as a free giveaway. FH3 is definitely better, no competition.

I think Tri Starsea and KZ AST are both better than FH3, depending on taste. Starsea for a very studio type sound, AST for monsterous bass and fantastic space, separation, speed, smoothness. I could also see OH10 being better, but by a smaller margin.

Starsea treble is just SLIGHTLY hot, otherwise no problems. AST bass is definitely overkill, but isn’t as fatiguing as hot treble. FH3 has very good mids & bass(still the most realistic here, I think), but too edgy/aggressive treble, and the fit is the worst of the 3 for me(none are bad). I’m super happy & impressed with AST. Starsea has great resolution & transparency, but has an underwhelming sense of space compared to AST. Right now, AST is my #1, and Starsea #2. I got rid of my FD5 because of the treble sharpness, even with copper cable + fomes.


Has anyone tried dk3001 pro yet?

U should try tips Spinfit CP100 for Sony N3. Because its long straight nozzle , SF can tilt a bit inside ear canal, hence good fit and seal. At first I listened to N3, the sound is really bad due to wrong tips.