🔷 ifi GO blu BT Dac/Amp

Custom cable for the iFi go blu, 11" dual 3.5mm ending in a 4.4mm balanced connector:


I must say the GO blu is really nice and I appreciate it more and more the longer i use it.

It is a perfect match with the kinda lava and I use X-Bass, X-Space and both of them combined A LOT!

These features are perfectly implemented and not overdone and make the kinda lava a better and more versatile IEM.

It also easily drives my Denon AH-D9200 from time to time which profits from the X-Bass the most.

I don´t miss an equalizier function at all and prefer making small adjustments by pressing a button instead of using my phone.

All in all I must say I highly recommend the ifi GO blu!

The additional leather case or at least some sort of clamp or hook that you glue on is mandatory though.

This should or better MUST be improved in the next generation as it is not a big deal to attach a tiny hook or whatever :wink:

edit: The bluetooth reach sucks. no problem for my usecase though

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Yeah I really like it, I usually keep my phone on me… or nearby so havent really run into bluetooth reception issues, I just really like the convenience of not being tied to a desk, even with a set of high performance headphones… Its a small thing but having decent wireless makes me use some of my headphones quite a bit more…

It doesnt quite compare to my other cabled dac amp setups, but it sounds decent


Just my thoughts on the Go Blu. I love that cable posted above for it!