🔷 iFi Hip-DAC

This is the official thread for the iFi Hip-DAC

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 4.4mm BAL and 3.5mm headphone out, type A audio in, type c charging
  • 2.0V/400 mW @ 16 Ohm with PowerMatch:
  • Burr Brown dac, xbass, MQA and DSD support, small

:red_circle: Headphones.com link


Z Reviews…

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the petrol had me with the first look


This seems pretty dang nice imo, curious to hear it soon at canjam


I can’t tell, is the ifi Micro still more powerful and natural?

Dac/amp/hip-flask now that’s a first.


I would say so, but I have to hear it first. If it sounds like a portable zen dac then yes the micro is still a step up imo

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This seems to be a good budget dac/amp for portable usage. If the 700mW power output is correct, it could be suitable for desktop usage.

I’m curious as to how this’ll stack up against the XD-05

If you want that desktop capability, I would just go for a used ifi Micro IDSD regular imo. Most likely way better for the price.

Ifi has one on the way for us to review.


Nice, curious to see what you think of it :+1:



May you compare it to the xDSD when you’re there?


Will do if I can find the thing lol


In all honesty I don’t really have a use for this but I still want it and will probably get it haha

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Considering this as an alternative to the BTR5. Bluetooth is not my biggest concern, just need something I can throw in my backpack. This might fit the bill, won’t make sense unless it outperforms the BTR5 on the sound front since it costs a little more. It’s definitely an attractive looking piece though. Might just buy it for that volume nob.


Knowing iFi I’m sure it will, but I will report back when I get a listen lol

Under NDA for reviews until the 2/15. Can post pics etc, just not a full review

I’ll be very curious to read your findings. I’ll keep an eye out.

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I’ll post an unboxing soon, and full review on the 15th.