iFi Micro iDSD Diablo

Hey guys,

Does anyone know anything about this rumored iFi product that’s apparently been rumored for the past year or so? I don’t know much about it outside of the leaked product photos and the photos seen from that one show in China where you can see people listening to it.

I’m currently eyeing an endgame portable upgrade since I’m going to be back in the office again next year, and the top pick on my list is the Signature. I just grabbed a set of Andromeda’s with an end of year bonus to complement my 6xx and love them, but the current zen dac is a bit hissy without IEMatch.

To be honest, I’m very happy with the zen dac and a separate iematch as accessory until then.

Would love to hear your thoughts and if you know anything more!

where did you see something about a Micro iDSD Diablo?

my Google-fu turned up nothing…

Scroll down to post #4145 and there is some discussion around there (sorry if I’m not allowed to post head fi links here)

Curious to see when it comes out, really no info out there at the moment outside of the minimal images. I am waiting for the AMR Diablo dac to come out as well, saw it at rmaf


Is the AMR product the same as the Diablo? Or is the Diablo something from iFi that used the tech from the main AMR product?

This is confusing for a complete (ok, I’m learning) noob to the hobby lol.

They mention the amr diablo here, AMR is the parent company of iFi, a higher end company for sure. There will be both the AMR diablo and the iFi diablo, generally iFi gets the trickle down of AMR

that is curious. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, a nice read, and I’m very intrigued.

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Welp, looks like we’re getting something sooner than later since this was just posted by iFi on other forums:


that video is so short and devoid of information it actually bugs / angers me. <_<


It took longer to load than the actual length of the video lol, this is literally something that could have just have been an image


Found an old link that was taken down. I guess they posted a little too early.

also there’s an article written about it at the 2021 Audio event in Shenzhen

still no Bt? maaan…

Idk why you were expecting it. Not like it should just be a given in 2021…

EDIT: Any word on how much power and what DAC its using?

dual core Burr Brown, doesn’t specify more than that or what output specs are.

as for Bt…if it’s got to do with audio and involves the word ‘mobile’, it needs Bt…

ifi in general

The honest truth is that ifi view this line as something you put in your backpacks and take out whe you sit down, not something truly for otg use

but ‘true’ mobility involves a lot of wireless.

I get you though…this is more of a mobile product in that it’s easy to move between sites but not really otg, like you said.

still…almost everyone else is providing it. ifi is seriously behind the curve on this.

Oh, I am 100% with you here. My first comment was pure sarcash. The fact that it wasnt on the BL on release was understandable. Not having it on this or the sig is not. Just pointing out where they are (dumbly) comming from. Hell, even just an add on module like the XD-05 for like $150 would be acceptable at this point