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Would a micro iDSD Black Label be a worth while upgrade over the nano?..or any other battery powered options?


Yes imo, its an absolute beast lol, but you do lose some portability. An in between imo is the xDSD, but the micro bl is just great

Thanks MON…Portability is not an issue as I’ll be using it on the barge (keeping the nano for otg)…the less 240v the better :+1: …I’ll decide on my iem purchase this weekend then save for the Micro bl and hopefully get it in the New year :beers:

I should say that the micro bl is a somewhat colored amp with the ifi sound (little moreso then the nano bl)

Warmish?..if so it should work well with either FH7 or S8F both being a quite detailed iem’s…oh and my beloved P1’s :smiley:

Yup, it should make the p1’s sing lol

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Great that’s £1k iem dac/amp financial hit :grimacing:…iem’s first though :+1: just as well I like my work lol.

But would not having a balanced output like the Nano be a deal breaker?

IMO not really, as a well designed single ended out is just as good as a balanced imo


Is there any difference between the Black Label and the silver iDSD Micro that you know of?..as I can’t seem to find one :thinking:

The BL uses higher quality components, which imo leads to a better quality sound (but the silver ain’t bad either)

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Cheers buddy :+1:…20 characters blah blah

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I can get an exdemo silver from a hifi shop for £275 with original box, cables etc but the BL is circa £500 used what a decision lol

Here is something that might be helpful lol


Cool seems it’s worth saving for the BL then…how come this hobby costs so much :moneybag:lol


I have no idea and I wish it didn’t lol, I would be a much more financially responsible person lol

Aye me be like this at the furnace of the never ending pursuit of audio excellence lol…


Might be worth remembering to not take a single review as absolute truth. For example BGGA said he didn’t hear a difference (except in the XBass effect of course, which actually changes the mid-bass in the Black Label whereas it’s a sub-bass only effect in the silver).

Also true, I personally thought the bl was better sounding, but I did know someone who preferred the silver

Highly doubt it’s twice as good, and since there isn’t overwhelming consensus on this among reviewers, I happily saved my money, got a 270 EUR used silver, and I’m not looking back. :slight_smile:

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