🔷 iFi Zen CAN Signature 6XX

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  • 4.4mm BAL and 1/4 inch headphone out, RCA, 3.5mm, 4.4mm BAL in
  • 600mw BAL 1w SE @ 16 ohms, 750mw BAL 200mw SE @ 300 ohms
  • Xbass and dedicated 6xx eq

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Before anyone makes Zen Dac comparisons, it’s worth noting this amp probably has another DAC coming to pair for a full stack.

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And here it is:


Okay, it’s been a while since Zeos has been THIS excited for a review…
fuck do I really want to buy this?..


I’m seriously considering it. Escpeically since I have 650s. Be aware. Drop is charging $89 for the 4.4mm Male to 4.4mm male interconnect if you buy the stack.

:open_mouth:…this shock must be at least 10 characters.


Maybe the conductors are 24k gold, but it’s more likely they are charging a huge markup on that cable to fleece people already buying their stack.

Don’t know if this is long enough, but if it is appropriate stack length save yourselves $65:



I’m holding off any purchasing decision until there’s more info. Like, how different is the Drop Zen Dac from the normal Zen Dac? And that 4.4mm to 4.4mm cable is outrageously priced.

@Brux aka James at Hart Audio would do one for a similar price if you ask him for a 4.4 to 4.4?


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Is 4.4 the only way to connect these things?

lol, Zeos straight called him out in the video too.

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Gonna watch the vid now lol.

anybody know when/if this is gonna be available separate from drop? i’m u.k and don’t wanna get fucked by shipping/taxes + wait 3 months to even get the amp

Probably not would be my guess…iFi selling themselves to the Drop massive…Should’ve just done their own thing and stayed real imho…AMR > iFi > Drop :worried:

And welcome to HFGF :beers:

Sounds promising honestly. Though $89 for a cable!? Surely theres somewhere you can get those cables for cheaper?

not sure when but zeos did make a comment on ifi selling it themselves eventually

This is exactly the cable i just bought LOL

My understanding is that he said they would but there is no firm date. Probably next year sometime would be my gues.

Think I will hold off on it personally till more people get their hands on it for review. Zeos was very rushed it appears on this one which somewhat alters my decision That plus the charges on just the cable really put it up there. They want $85 per cable off drop. Less someone can find a much more respectable price on the cabling then maybe I will see it more worth while to me personally. Dunno about the dac though cause your in the same price range at the modius there but atleast the amp here sounds very promising.

@Falenkor Hart Audio or Periapt would make one I bet. There is also one that @WaveTheory and myself found on amazon, but apparently others found it too. LOL It’s gone.