Ikko OH10 New Flagship

This is the intended thread for the new flagship of Ikko Audio the OH-10. Now available through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T7KD8BR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
This should not be an affiliate link, if a mod needs to clean it up that is fine I just want everyone pumped for this company’s second outing. :smiley:

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I just got my pair today, I’ll try to throw up some impressions once I put them through their paces and can make some comparisons (definitely going to compare/contrast with the OH1). There’s also been some mixed word on whether they come with a case/pouch in the retail release or not, and I can confirm that my pair came with the same style of pouch that comes with the OH1. It was rolled up inside of the “Musical Parchment”, which is an odd but unique form of instructions.

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Nice, I ended up grabing some and have been using them daily, I’m very intrested in hearing your feedback. :smiley: I may have to put up a comprehensive review as well. Also I will really value your feedback regarding the oh1 comparison as ive not got a clue regarding how much better this sounds etc.

Can’t wait to hear impressions. The product alone looks very well put together, especially that cable.

The unit is pure copper so you could kill a man in a pinch with it Lol. It’s really heavy but is still more comfortable than my isine 10. Sound is interesting, I will try,to wait for Zeos to tell all unless the other gentleman here gives me what I’m looking for in sound. I dont want to spoil it if I can help it. :wink:

Here is one review I’ve found so far::

My impressions:
The 2 sets of provided eartips affect the sound, but nothing bad, the darker tips tilt to being a sub bass monster with crazy width and still present highs that are clean but never offensive. The clear tips increase the high mids and low treble. So you lose some width but they actually sound fairly balanced and smooth. No offensive treble ever, smooth mids with good timbre with either tips. Bass quantity is elevated overall, but more towards sub-bass and also has VERY good definition. It doesn’t really bleed into the mids either so it’s very well controlled in my opinion.

I’m still breaking mine in/getting used to them (been a busy week), but so far I can say that I really, really like them. They are indeed heavier than the average IEM, but as long as you have a secure fit with your tips of choice, I don’t think it’ll cause any undue discomfort (I’ve worn them up to an hour at a time with no problem so far). They are definitely on the warmer side, but the bass is clean and well-defined. I don’t find that mids or highs lacking, and they feel a little bit more detailed than the OH1, but I think that could just be in my head. They image very well, and the soundstage is wiiide, yet feels natural (made me turn my head unexpectedly a couple of times during unfamiliar songs, lol). Will report back more once I get more time with them (I don’t believe much in physical burn-in, but I believe whole-heartedly in mental burn-in).
They are definitely prettier and feel more substantial than the OH1, but I don’t think that they’re all that different overall. If you have the money, I would personally choose the OH10 over the OH1 right now. That said, I don’t think you’re screwing yourself by getting the OH1 if you don’t want to spend that extra money. You can take a look at graphs of the two and see how similar they are:
It makes sense when you consider that the driver setup (down to the individual units) are exactly the same, and the only difference is likely tuning and the housing (which share the same shape/vent setup, too). I would say that the OH10 is more like the OH1 ver. 1.5, and it’s a worthy successor but not necessarily an upgrade.
Additional note: It’s nice that they include that pouch as part of the accessories, but I always prefer a hard case when I can get it. For IEMs that don’t come with a case, I like using this style: https://www.amazon.com/GLCON-Rectangle-Protection-Enclosure-Lightweight/dp/B00KRURIEO
I use them for both my Ikko OH1 and OH10.

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Thanks, I wasnt for sure how they stacked up in Ikko’s own lineup as far as the level of upgrade. Oh I think they coated the dynamic driver on top of what you already said. I use mine at work for monitoring and for fun when at home. Ive had small issues with tips so I’m going hunting, got 2 types of spirals, some spins, some symbols etc. Cant wait till they all get in :smiley:

Regarding tips, it’s worth noting that I’m only using Sprial Dots and SpinFit CP-100s, as those are my go-to tips for both sound and comfort. While I’m sure that the included tips are fine, I never even tried them. Regarding the drivers, the wording on Amazon and elsewhere is a touch odd, but they are identical between the OH1 and OH10 (1BA + 1DD Hybrid:Knowles 33518 balanced armature and 10mm polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic). It’s a great combo in either implementation :slight_smile:

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100s fit on there? Nice, I got 360s coming in and I think the spirals will be my favorite but you never know. The stock tips are good but I just need a little more control on size than what they offer. Foam is rough on my ears too so I typically dont prefer that. Also they are sending me their foam tips so hopfully I like then more than dekoni ones.

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How does the extra weight affect the comfort for long listening sessions? Do you think you’d be comfortable with these for multi-hour sessions or even travelling and long flights?

I can only speak for myself, but it is a slight problem for me, I did some tip hunting and so no I have no canal fatigue. Occasionally my outer ear will hurt, but its typically after a couple hours. I use them every day about 4-5hrs a day becuse I like them, they are functional for work, and I want to get used to them. So far its working out pretty good, I’ll trade outer ear pain for canal pain any day after using them so frequently.

Interesting. I may have to wait for more people to get them and more reviews to come in. I was considering buying them as a pair I can travel with given that it seems they would be very durable and produce incredible sound at a decent price for me, but was concerned if they’d begin to weigh on and fatigue my ears keeping them for several hours. They do seem to be very sleek though, do you think they’re a pair you could lay on your side and fall asleep with?

Yes they are fully in ear due to shape, so unless you have an ear so small they dont fit at all, then your good. I have tested with my head on a pillow and no issues to report. :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know! Well maybe once they’re back on Amazon I’ll have to get a pair to try for home use that I possibly make my travel pair. I’ve been looking for a solid sub-$200 home pair anyways, had it between these, their little brother, iBasso IT01s, Moondrop KXXS, and the TFZ No.3. Just haven’t seen enough reviews of these yet. But if they work for home and can also translate into a good for travel pair, that is perfect.

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Yea if your unsure of it then wait for Amazon stock due to their return policy. I would in your situation. I bought them blind and was so blown away by the sound that I’ve worked through any remaining quirks. 90% of my problem was canal pain so since I got that done any remaining discomfort is not an issue for me. I’ll try to post some stuff on tips here once I get my symbio tips and the foams ikko mentioned to me. I can report cp360 and spirals work great, spirals are soooo good for the sound on these, very good at accenting some of the treble and air. Very open sound out of these puppies :smiley:

Does anyone have these and the fh5s? Very curious to see what other people think.

Was bored a started looking for a cheaper iem and I am stuck between these and the tin p1. I currently have IT03s and FLC8s.

Edit: I just bought them anyway, I have no self control

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I dont have that comparison, but did you see Zeos’s review, they should be as good or better… So since they are back on Amazon you can return them if you dont like the sound, I cant rec them enough though, happy to answer any questions and I can compare to over ears and isine 10s.

What tips have you tried on them? My it03s are super sensitive to tips and that caused me to prioritize sound over comfort, are these also very tip dependant?

I would like to use foam if possible, but if not I have a Ziploc bag full of various silicone tips from like everything

Also sorry I meant FH7