I'm completely lost

I am in the search for a good pair of gaming cans rn. My budget is 120 €.
I do tend to play competitive games here and then, but in the last couple of months I kind of laid back and enjoyed some racing games, single player games (I just finished Red Dead Redemption 2, a masterpiece of a game), and just some not so competitive. I do kind of feel like going back to fps games and something more aggressive, so I am not looking for something casual but also not really competitive, somewhere in the middle. I am from Eastern Europe, Romania exactly, so I tend to find 3/10 headphones I’m recommended, and I will most probably not purchase something from outside the country. I listen to rap sometimes, but most of the time, I listen to what Cloudkid uploads and then some chill music as well, but I would really like a pair of cans with good bass, but good overall sound quality is a bigger priority.
I have a found some cans which I would be able to buy, but the problem is that I have no money left for a mic, and I really need one. These are ones I am talking about (they are placed from lowest price to most expensive):

  • AKG K371

  • Audio Technica ATH-M40X

  • Yamaha MPH-MT5

  • Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7

  • Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X

I have no DAC or AMP and am not looking to buy one, just because they’re well outside my budget. I also have another pair of headphones which I am currently most keen to getting, but as I’ve heard, they’re not really in a good view from people of this community. I am talking about the Sennheiser GSP 500’s. They just seem like the best pair of headphone at this budget just because they have everything I need (a pretty good mic, decent bass, incredible audio performance, mostly thanks to their open back design) and they don’t require an external device to make them work better. And they also are one of the cheaper ones.
The Hyperx Cloud Alpha/Alpha s also seem like a good pair of headphones, I mean, after all, they’ve been awarded the best gaming headset award for quite some time now.
But looking at the studio grade headphones I’ve been recommended, the Audio Technica AD500X seem the best, but I won’t have any money at all left to buy a mic. After that, the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 seem like a good and solid pair of cans, but again, I’ll be left with no money.
People have also recommended me the Philips SHP 9500 with the Vmoda Boom mic. They seem like a good and solid combo, and in my budget, but I can only get them from AliExpress or Amazon for a little more money.
So, I’ve come to this place after a nice stranger suggested me the channel Z Reviews and then here I am, asking other people who most certainly know more about headphones than I do.
I would like to point out that I do own a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless, which are a blast for music. I was just thinking, could I get a good AMP/DAC and continue to use those?

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Be aware that these type of headphones audio technica sells have no clamp.

Yes, I am aware of that, but I heard that there are some pretty easy fixes for that matter, and the headphone itself sounds fantastic.

Meh, I have the 900x and the sound is ok but not that great. Id go for a DT880 600ohm first.

With 120 euros and no amp?


The DT880 600 ohm version doesen’t exist in my country. And I’m pretty damn sure I need an amp to use that.

What about the CoolerMaster MH751/MH752? I don’t own them personally (though I am considering buying a pair) but they are supposedly very good and very comfortable with a nice Mic for less than $100.

For sure and if you can get the 880 600 ohm version it would be circa 170 euros + shipping + amp :slightly_frowning_face:

The CoolerMaster ones also seem tempting. I’ve seen a few reviews about them and how surprisingly good they are, considering that they’re from a company that makes coolers. The only problem, is that they are only available on Amazon. And, just like I said, I don’t really want to buy them from outside my country. Maybe I’ll look into more to see if there is anyone selling them second hand or something


  • postage + import duties + the 880’s…120e budget???

I wouldn’t go for the dt880 600ohm without an amp. The 880 is above his budget already and the amp wouldn’t cut it. It pushes 37 mw into 300 ohms. It’s barely got more power than your average phone if that.

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Do you guys know anything about the Sennheiser Game One and Zero?
And how they are compared to the GSP 500?

I haven’t heard them but they’ve seemed okay. At your budget if you’re going with a “gaming headset I’d personally go for the cloud alpha.

You’re playing on pc right?

Yes, I am on pc

Then cloud would be decent for strictly gaming. If you want sennheiser, have you looked into the 37x? It’s on drop not sure if it’d fit in your budget though.

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I thought I would the normal headphones a go, just because I’ve heard so much talk about them and how much better they are compared to the falsely named gaming headsets.

True. Well the 37x is basically a sennheiser 598 with a mic on it.

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I think the 37x are the same as the Game One? Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just what I’ve heard.
And also, that would imply buying them from outside my country, which I don’t really wanna do unless it’s totally worth it and the shipping time and warranty are fine.