In search of advice for an Amp

Hi there! Recently I have been looking for a new amp to change this up, but I have been a little overwhelmed in the process, so I would like to hear some suggestions.

I currently own:
Denon D7200
ZMF Aeolus
Topping A90
Singxer SA-1

I was looking for something in the 350/500 euros price range (wide-ish range) that could pair nicely with the Aeolus. I have had an eye on both the RebelAmp and the FA-12S. From what I have read in the RebelAmp main thread (🔷 RebelAmp - #413 by Mat) this is what I have been looking for, but I have also seen some comments that have made me unsure about it saying that “it is a capable amp, but nothing magical”. I want something “fun”. Do you think the RebelAmp could be what I am looking for?

I know this is not a question you can answer with a straight yes or no, so I’m asking about your opinions/other recomendations I haven’t considered.

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Have you used tubes before?

Yeah, people like to recommend higher-impedance tube amps as good pairings for the HD600 and the ZMF headphones. I haven’t heard it myself, but I know a lot of people like the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball as a fun option in that $500-ish range.

It just seems like such an easy answer to someone owning HD600 and ZMF who already has two SS amps - one of which I think is known to have warmer sound and higher class A bias?

No I have not. I have been thinking about them since I first got the 600, but I have read conversations about either messing with them and/or changing tubes to tune them just as you want them to sound to the point where I just discarded the idea. It could for sure be my ignorance about the topic.

I really don’t want to mess with DIY things. For audio I just want something that pretty much works out of the box (in terms of assembly).

I know you’ve read my comments on it lol, but I do find it fun. Absolutely. It’s silky smooth, warm, and comfortable, and between my tube amp and vintage amps, the Rebel is my daily driver still

but that said, maybe it’s just my chain synergizing well together? I’m an EQ and tweaker guy

Oh! Your comments are the ones that made me think of the RebelAmp as a great option. The way I phrased it may convey otherwise now that I read it again, but rest assured that it is the other way around.