Inexpensive headsets for kids

my BiL wants to get some headsets for his kids…they’re like 10, 7 and 5. they constantly walk away from their PC’s with them on and break the cables / connectors. so something with a detachable cable is preferred. I’m just thinking standard headsets won’t fit well.

that said, he found deal on some AudioTechnica headset that sells for $160 CAD going for half price at 80 CAD. can’t find the deal though…but I suspect they’ll be way to big on the kids head, even though they do come wiht detachable cables.

This might be what you are looking for imo


These audio technical headsets are always going on sale. i got the 900x which sells for 300$ for 150$ but they lack bass and body and they have zero clamp. it would be good for kids who walk away from the computer with them attached lol, they would easily come off the head. but i dont see them fiting on the head to begin with

is there anything like that with a removable USB cable?

They used to be around 110-120 bucks a few years ago but have been going up for some reason :thinking:

The Teenage Engineering M-1 could work

You could get a cheap soundcard adapter, you might be able to find a cooler master mh752 on sale, or a

NGL their stuff is pretty cool but it is pricey for what it is

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That style of Koss headphone has a load of reviews on Amazon saying the comfort strap broke.

Yes that’s the one caveat but it is easy to fix with some simple glue

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Not surprising. all the Koss stuff is built so cheaply

BiL send the link to the one’s he’s looking at:

But many of them sound so good and they have a lifetime warranty.

I’ve actually sent a couple of pairs of Porta Pros in for replacement. They stand by their warranty. At least in my case they did.

Did you have to pay for shipping?

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I did. It was about $6 for two pairs.

Worth it imo.

i would assume its good to get cheap headsets for kids. i heard these are really good:

then get a extention cable for them like this:

hey Ant…headsets, not headphones. :wink:

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pretty sure the kids want headsets, to be a cool kid like the others.

…fuck knows