Is anyone building a shopping list for when this is over?

My biggest concern ordering stuff atm isn’t payment so much as availability of shipping. All bryston stuff ends up being in store only purchases. There’s questions of whether international shipping is available for stuff. Delays etc

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I want this and the associated Tube Buffer from Tortuga


Nice, that should be pretty sweet


i dont play much gaming so i might just get the Zendac and then get something like a fulla for my brother who is a newcomer for audiophile stuff but needs good headphones for his computer (his music taste is usually stuff like alt rock and pop rock but he also plays a lot of JRPGs and Strategy Games so something good for orchestral stuff will work well)


The fulla3 is cheaper and since you’re worried about cost, I’d got with the fulla3 for now and then pass it down when you get your zen dac or whaterver the replacement should be.

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eh thanks but its only 30 bucks more for a zen

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unrelated but hifiguide headphone source thing calls the zendac a desktop only solution but its not that much wider and longer than a smartphone and i can put that on my bed just fine… and its not so high that you have to move it around to avoid it if you had it next to you… i think my definition of portable is different from theirs because to me portable means “it can fit on my bed no problem and i can take it to places in my suitcase”… not that i can use it on a phone

i just dont want a huge ass chord qutest or something

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Yeah whatever, everything’s portable if you got a backpack. :stuck_out_tongue:


But portable = battery powered. I.e.: Even the big XD-05 plus/non-plus is “portable”.

Or Zeos’s 1000$ big red dac/amp thing… Quloos

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Is that like a very expensive volume controller?

New headphones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, if you’re not happy with your headphones right now, change headphones, that’s all. Spending 200$ on a DAC won’t even make an immediately noticeable difference. Maybe if you got like 1000$ headphones? Zeos spent years saying “paying more than 100$ for a DAC is useless”. That’s definitely true if you only have, like, 100$ headphones or IEMs. If you want more of a concert experience, go for speakers… or maybe open-back headphones with a wide soundstage.

In front of me, I got 150$ HD58X (dynamic drivers). They’re just excellent all-around except maybe if you want to be “slammed” by your music. I also got 150$ Fostex T50RPs (closed-back planars). Modded a tiny bit, to sound warmer. And if I want to be slammed by techno drum kicks, this is impressive. I also got 30$ KZ AS06, a 100% balanced armature thing. And I’ll order something with beryllium drivers soon, for 100-150$-ish.

Get it? When I go to the electronics store, to try Beats, Sony, Bose headphones, they all sound the same to me. Same for the few IEMs a girl I know bought. Probably because… well, they all are. They’re all just dynamic drivers voiced slightly differently.

You want to hear an immediately noticeable difference? Try a completely different technology. Yes, I can hear the technology is different in all of these. Yes, I could in a blind test. 100%. No, I could probably not hear the difference between 320kbps mp3s and CDs in a blind test. So forget about differences between 100$ DACs or amps – unless these DACs or amps are “completely different”. Like tube amps, class A amps, or 350$+ R2R dacs, maybe.

The only amp I got is a JDS Atom. Because my T50RPs planars need 1 watt of power. And right now, my DAC is… my PlayStation 3. I’m still having way too much fun with inexpensive headphones to care about DACs.


Yes. It will be part of a mixed use system for professional use and personal

As M0N would say, the analog in a lot of DACs make a difference. I’ll admit, before trying a real DAC/amp setup I didn’t understand before. Now I do. Glad you’re happier with cheaper gear, keep that going AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.


Lol :laughing:
I try I try, this forum won’t help. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for this, but its more something about feeling bad about not being able to hear those major differences and not having money to buy every single headphones for every single feature and emotion i have… aka i’m spending to numb the pain

I mean, despite what Zeos might say (because with his “headphone wall” he might as well use one headphone for each genre of music he listens to – and often does), if you want to hear different feelings and emotions, search for different bands and music genres, not different headphones.

You’re lucky, because HD58Xs are very well recommended because they’re “all-around” great for everything. Just spend a few hours on youtube and spotify (etc.) discovering random music and enjoy – look at some threads here “listening to tonight”, or “Unusual music and artists” – for me, if my headphones aren’t good for everything in my playlist, they’re defective (I’d say it’s definitely not how a lot of people think here) – But that’s why being a musicophile costs way less than being an audiophile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also said that because you wanted to buy a 100$ DAC and a 100$ Amp… My advice is, you already got an Audioquest (…something), get new 100$ headphones instead.


I could agree with this, if I don’t find enough emotion in a track, a better headphone isn’t necessarily going to replace that lack of emotion and feeling in a track. A track that gets me emotional will be amplified on a headphone more suited for it though, as it’s more effective at conveying that existing emotion


Still, I don’t think @duke86fan got closed-backs. It’s a good idea for… your own personal natural noise-cancelling cocoon of bass.

Not sure if that’s 100% english but you understand I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

i actually dont have that audioquest anymore

it broke

like a year ago

and i dunno about buying a new one like a dragonfly red or going to the IFI land

have i gave myself a reputation of a basshead like that… i’m more the lower mids and warmth person…

i might get some meze 99 classics soon after someone recommended me them and they seem to have a sound i’d want though

Nah :slight_smile: closed-backs just sound different and do bass better than open-backs (and mids, and warmth, IMO, just because they’re closed – closed-backs doesn’t necessarily mean more bass either). As far as I know you only have open-back HD58Xs and KZ ZS10 Pro IEMs, so that’s why I said that would be a good addition. Maybe even something cheap like the “Creative Aurvana Live” (apparently they’re good too – and less bassy than – and four times cheaper than the Meze lol).