Is anyone building a shopping list for when this is over?

Well, typically they have more bass quantity, but being closed back doesn’t always give them quality. I have heard some awesome bass headphones that were open, but typically they couldn’t reach the quantity of a closed back

It’s just easier to have a feeling of smoothness and warmness when you shut off the outside world :stuck_out_tongue: And apparently Creative Aurvana Lives got good soundstage too – even if they’re closed.

actually i dont have those…

i AM getting urbanfun IEMs in the future tho… the KZ were on my list but the coin flip said otherwise (though i tried it again and i might just go with KZ instead)

Shopping list?? Forget the list I’m buying now. Recession be damned. Borealis just came in the other day and I pre ordered a Burson Conductor 3xP.

3…2…1… let’s jam.


Dac + Amp. Portable. 113dB SINAD for 40$.

Says “AIMPIRE” (Aimpire sells… lo-fi re-branded crap, but “ship and sold by shenzhen audio” ?)

If you want to try tubes, there’s this:

If you want to go bluetooth, there’s this:

And the CALs.

Just a few ideas of inexpensive hi-fi.


Also interesting for you, maybe, if you need to have something that shows the Khz of what you listen to…

But that’s a weak amp.

Niceee, the conductor 3xp is pretty dang sweet, also I have been enjoying my borealis as well, curious to hear your thoughts :+1:

will buy an earstudio in the future but not until i get a new phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack… i dunno about having the little bear with the pretty lackluster battery life (only 4 hours)…

maybe i’ll go with the topping though im not the most caring for ASR (he seems way too detail focused and there is no real idea of things like features and how it sounds) so it will be that or the zen

The Little Bear is just a fun thing that “messes with the sound”. Well, that’s how I see it, to each their own. I would not “tube” everything I listen to.

Considering CDs got a maximum range of 96dB (of “data”), I’d say a 100+ dB SINAD is a sure way of knowing “this dac or amp does not suck and will reproduce music with high fidelity”. Obviously you definitely should not choose a 120dB dongle over a 110dB dac-amp full of features for the same price.

Under 100$, the Topping is probably your best choice.
Obviously you’ll have a ton more choice if you search for used dac-amps.

i thought the zen was good for the price… i can do up to 150 but i just am a perfectionist who kinda feels like spending all their money will fix the issue… i mostly just want to understand why everyone loves things i dont like and hear new things in things i like… (also maybe intense boredom)

I mean, screw it, focus, and spend money, on the things you like instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

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it was mostly about music btw

i have argument with friends about the fact i dont like fishmans or the new yves tumor as much as everyone else

meanwhile i listen to the same shitty pop for hours

Well, you get it now, if even HD58Xs (200$ headphones sounding like 500$ headphones according to some) doesn’t make Yves Tumor sound better than pop for you nothing will. Keep enjoying your “shitty” pop and let them enjoy their “shitty” Yves Tumor music. :stuck_out_tongue:

To each their own, that’s all.

Still looking for a temporary amp that’s affordable in the interim between when I am able to purchase my bryston when the stores reopen

Does anyone know if this site is legit?

Pretty sure it is, know friends who have bought from it

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Cool theres a 135 wpc power amp I’m interested in from there

This one particular.

Theres also an 80 watt class A power amp for about the same price but I dont know if it can power a 90db sensitivity speaker

Oh yeah no problem imo. Is that all class a?

I’ve heard good things about the unit you linked, I personally haven’t tried it but it does look solid
This is the one. I think it’s all class a. You can get it without the preamp.
They also have a deluxe edition for the cost of the bundle but I’ll be damned if I can tell you what the difference is. They say despite it looking the same the internals are all upgraded

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