Is anyone building a shopping list for when this is over?

If your down for risking it all market place on fb people are getting rid of shit so cheap I picked up an old marantz 2 channel for 15 sold for 80 lol I drive for grub hub so I’m making a killing right now my stimulus is going straight into audio half in my car half in my home

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I’m trying selectively patronize certain businesses since I’m so far and planned to be unimpaired by financially. Does anyone know if ZMF is really hurting or doing well?

Ziricote Eikon ordered, any particular amp recommendations here?

I exchanged email with Zach when I ordered my Verite C an pendant a few weeks ago, they were open and working with a reduced staff.
The number of open orders, which you get to see on the email he sends out seemed to be about as long as usual.

What price range are you looking in?

I’d like to stay below for $1k but can argue above. I’m probably not going to get anything else for an amp until Fall since it looks like my desk needs to get bigger and better organized + need to look into storage/show casing not used audio equipment.

I’m not opposed to getting a Mjolnir 2, Lyr 3, or Liquid Platnum Spark. The thought crossed my mind of “What obscure little gems could M0N know of?”

Can you buy used? Also are you all going for hybrids then (from what you have listed, well the m2 isn’t one)?

I checked out the google sheets, simple and effective queue’s.

Used, new, pure tube… don’t know. I went from not considering tubes to now having a fantastic headphone FOR tubes on the way, time to research!

Well, I mean if you could stretch your budget these are solid picks. Honestly I like the eikon on some solid state amps too, gives it some extra punch that you might otherwise miss out on.

I think this would be a good balance of tube and solid state (and it’s not a hybrid)

I would haggle this guy down a few hundred if you can

Bidding so this could go anywhere lol

Zmf pendant (kinda) for a good price

This is also a pretty solid amp (even though it’s solid state)

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Really silly question, thoughts on this current deal?

It’s ok, but personally my preference leans towards a tuba or cayin ha-1a in that price range (for the zmf at least)

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My Eikon’s are on my Tuba, very good match.

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Yeah the tuba is a good match (and more flexible than the 339 imo). My main preference with the eikon would be towards the microzotl MZ2 but that is more money (it can be had for 1.3k new though with the base power supply)

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If you can get an ZOTL for a good price I’d probably agree.

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Much appreciated. So the search begins and I’m already REALLY liking what I’m seeing with the LTA MZ2.

Also, thoughts on this? I’ll admit, the aesthetic with the Ziricote Eikons sitting on this amp side table next to a Herman Miller Eames Lounger + ottoman (replica probably) is a possibility.

Yeah you just have to keep your eye out for one

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Ok so the euterpe is nice but imo for that price you can get a fair bit better performance. And the dac in there is just ok as well. Not something I would personally rec unless you really wanted an all in one


I would not be using the internal DAC on that particular unit.

Yeah, then imo it’s not something I would personally steer you towards

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