Is Edifier T5 worth it for R1280DBs / Any alternatives?

I’ve been enjoying my R1280DBs for few months by now. Ever since I bought them I was thinking about buying a subwoofer some time in the future. I even looked on for the T5, which looks like a good match for the speakers I have, but I couldn’t buy it since they did not ship it to my country of Czech Republic. I checked it today and it’s available now.
I’m here to get some advice about the sub.

My main questions are:

  • Is the T5 good for the price (140€ - About the same as the speakers themselves)?
  • Is it a good match for the R1280DBs in terms of sound and will the improvement be of any significance?
  • Do you know about some alternatives? (Please keep in mind that I am living in the EU and the audio market is a lot different from the US)

I mostly listen to EDM, but sometimes also other genres such as rap or rock as well. Therefore, I am looking for a subwoofer, as bass is quite essential for the genre.

Thanks for helping me

bumping the thread

should be a decent little sub for desktop use and defenitly help the speakers with bass if the room isnt to big
if the edifier arent available this Magnat Sub should do the same as the T5
only question is if its worth investing more into a sub then in the speakers :stuck_out_tongue: but if space is limited it will do :wink:

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It is for a desktop PC setup in a small/medium sized room.

I heard that there are some problems with the T5. There have been reports of the auto standby mode kicking in too often, for example when listening to not so much bass heavy tracks. You then need to raise the volume to wake it up again…
Don’t know how exactly that makes it unusable, but would like to hear from someone who experienced it.

or leave it on ON all the time XD

That’s the problem…
There is no option to leave it ON. It’s always on auto-standby.

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Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer (

Is this available in your country? Here in the US, it is $122.98 with free shipping.

No Daytons here at all.

bummerrrrr :<

What about the Elac SUB1010?

I think it’s US only brand. And yeah, it’s a bummer.

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Don’t see it for sale. Can see only the 3010 and a few above selling here.


AmazonSmile: S 808 SUB Black NA : Electronics

That one sells here, but for ~240 euro. Way outta the budget and about twice the price of the speakers I have lol

fuck!! this is rough


AmazonSmile: Rockville Rock Shaker 8" Inch Black 400w Powered Home Theater Subwoofer Sub : Everything Else

Also not selling here.
Maybe fire up so you can see for urself what’s selling here and what is not.

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Alrighty, i’ll give it a try

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Mivoc Hype 10 G2 HiFi Subwoofer, Black, 300 W, 20 to 180 Hz: Electronics & Photo

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I was actually recommended the Mivoc on Reddit a few days ago. It looks good for the price and it’s a ten incher. Only problem is that there aren’t really much reviews of it and I don’t know how I would connect it to the speakers, since it doesn’t have RCA, but speaker cable ports (dunno how that’s called). The sub-out port on my Edies is just a coax.