Is it just me, or does this look a little sketch?
I’ve never heard of larrycloth before, and this is priced on the lower end of used 2nd gen solos… However this is claiming to include the solo, an xlr cable, scarlett branded headphones, and a cardiod mic.

It could be a older generation studio bundle that didn’t get sold. The headphones are not good. The mic is aight

I figured the extra crap was mediocre.

I think its a scam site. It’s a newer site that sells yoga pants. Then there are indexed links from Google to $90 modern gaming machine, but not available through the sites search. Also the graphic for the Scarlett is from Austin bazaar, a store in Austin Texas.

There is still little information on the site. The news article link to 2017 but random news providers, but according to some website stats that site is a scam.

Some recent site reviews are negative.


Yeah, seems pretty sus tbh. I would look on reverb or ebay to score a deal on a mic interface

Yeah, I found a second gen model for $67 shipped

Same seller has a PreSonus Audiobox USB96 for $59 shipped

Yeah, that’s a pretty good deal tbh for the condition it’s in

Know how the Audiobox compares to the Solo?

The focusrite has better audio quality imo. Also better driver support

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I am legitimately curious how well the USB audio interfaces and mixers compare, quality wise, to most DACs used by audiophiles.

Well it depends on the specific unit. But I think that in some cases it can for sure

I banged my head into the PreSonus shitty-driver-wall for a solid 2 days before returning the thing and getting a focusrite.

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Sounds like PreSonus in a nutshell lol. I’m glad that I only have one usb interface in my studio setup and everything else digital is just aes/ebu

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Eh, decided to cut the BLONs and Solo from my list of items to purchase. I’ve got 3 IEMs that I’m relatively content with for the time being. Good to know I’ve learned of a company to stay the fuck away from though.

I personally have just not had good luck with presonus stuff tbh, something just always happens. Also yeah if you are content with your iems I don’t see a reason to buy more imo

Eh, some people just have that one company. My father’s is Samsung.
I don’t a have a problem with what I have, but I like trying new shit. I guess this would be more of a “let’s not spend money where we don’t have to, or wouldn’t necessarily be a benefit”

gotcha. Regarding the interface, personally my favorite budget interface is the Audient iD4 (if you can call it budget). I think it just has great sound for sure and also even has a class a headphone out I think. Its got burr brown adcs and class A mic pres that are super clean for the price. Really like the sound out of that thing for the money

Yeah, we’re also talking almost double what the solo cost. I don’t really have much if anything I can do to make my space more friendly for recording, and people get noisy at some inconvenient times. That’s why I’m forgoing the interface for now.

Yeah, you want to prioritize your recording space first and foremost. That will yield the greatest improvement imo. Also what mic are you using again?

I honestly don’t remember. It was some cheap mic off Amazon. Haven’t used it in maybe a year.