Is my Aune X1S too bright for headphones

Good day to all,

This is my current setup, PC - SPDIF - X1S - Headphones. I also recently got the line outs from the X1S hooked up to my Mackie MR524.

Im fairly new to the game, and Im not sure about how I feel about the HD6XX running direct from the headphone amp of the X1S, as I cant stand to listen to it for more than an hour as I feel my ears are fatiguing, they’re not painfull really, but there I think Im pushing the amp section to loud for me to be able to hear enough bass to complete the whole sound stage. But I’ve also tested out a friend’s Chord Mojo, using the same tracks, the HD6xx sounded magical to my ears.

Now using the MR524’s, I can get the exact sound that I want, even when gaming, and my headphones are now seldom used. I still want to use them equally, but I think because I find my setup too bright, that I subconsciously lean towards the Mackies more?

I’m still looking for that “bloom” that I felt from the Mojo, and my questions for you guys are as follows:

  • Is the X1S DAC section bright to begin with, or is it just the amp section.

  • Would getting a tube amp or any warmer amp solve my problem. If so, what would you suggest.

  • Finally, has anyone else experienced that “bloom” characteristic that I got from the Mojo, and would I be able to replicate that sound? Not keen on the Mojo because I want a desktop setup without the battery degradation factor.



I also have SHP9500 and M50x for headphones. Sorry for the long post, its my first time here.

I think a tube amp would be something you would enjoy imo. The x1s might be a bit bright amp wise because the 6xx is kinda picky. You could get a warmer sounding amp too, but o think a tube is what you might be looking for

Wow, that was quick! Thanks!

Can you suggest anything under $250-300? Right off the bat I was thinking Little Dot or Dark Voice, but I’d like your “professional” opinion. :smile:

I personally like the darkvoice 336se for that price with some nice nos tubes

If you can get an Eddie current zst jr that’s also a great option

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there is also the loxjie tube amp. it has balanced output for 99$.

edit: not the most powerful though if you plan on getting beefier senn’s down the road.

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Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind, maybe next year on Drop as I have other gear planned out for the holidays.

Bottlehead amps are good as well depending on budget. You can find great condition used ones for a good price if you are patient and look. Also look for used eddie current’s. used market is generally the best value market for midfi equipment.

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Yeah, I have my eyes on Argons as for my next headphones, would that be enough to drive it?

Bottlehead amps are pretty sweet as well. The used market can definitely yield some great deals

the lojxie would ride the struggle buss on argons, the rest would be fine.

I don’t think you would want to drive the argon’s on a tube, as they might sound a bit strange and not be powered properly. Most tube amps I have tried a pair on didn’t sound as good as a powerful solid state

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planars tend to not like tube amps, but they can be driven by them. hybrids can be decent. I love my t60 argons on my lyr. But i also have the tungston tube wich is a very neutral tube. your aune x1s would most likely sound better with the argons than the senn’s

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Looks like my like strategy would be to fix the brightness issue for the 6xx first with a Tube amp, then get the Argons, then an nicer solid state amp.

Should I get another DAC for the Argons as well?

I think the x1s is a great dac so I would just keep that. You could get a sp200 or something like that for the argon’s though

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you could also get an eq to fix the brightness for cheaper than a new amp.

Also true, you could just use a software eq and see if that does what you like if the treble is your only complaint

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the new schiit asguard is another potential option to drive the argons. emotiva a100 will drive anything on the planet for 250.

I would recommend the Asgard 3 over the emotiva because I think it’s a higher quality output that sufficiently drives the argon’s. I think the emotiva isn’t as clean in comparison

Also the basx a100 can’t drive my he6 to good quality levels lol. Not can it drive the raals either

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and with the asguard, you could get the mutlibit dac upgrade if you wanted to try a different sound. its schiit’s version of r2r dac.

Also true, it’s a very good dac. I don’t think it’s necessary since he already has the x1s but it he wanted a more fun sounds its a good idea